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Pia Toscano & Mark Ballas -- Tongue Wrestlers!!!

4/11/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano went on a radio show this morning and INSISTED she and Mark Ballas are "just friends" ... what she failed to mention is they TOTALLY MADE OUT WITH EACH OTHER FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Mark Ballas
TMZ broke the story ... Mark and Pia went on a dinner date in L.A. ... and now we know what they had for dessert -- a big, fat mouthful of each other.

Trust us, it's true.  Suck on that.


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CA Girl    

Should this story be true and accurate, then it's a GOOD THING that Pia was photo'd with someone else when she was. You know why? Because there is still time to end the engagement before the wedding ceremony/marriage contract. That's not a bad thing, either. Better now than later on when there's property to divide, money to divide, lawyers involved, children to fight over, etc. etc. (And HE gets the ring back, too.) She's already getting a glimpse of her future in the media. Good luck.

1186 days ago


I think Superman is upset he's not sucking face with Mark.

1186 days ago


you guys are saying she can do better than mark. He current bf/finance is completely scrapped from the bottom of the barrel. He looks like he has a mild case of down syndrome. I am not being funny.

1186 days ago


Her finance aint going to dump her. He is not going to find another good looking girl like that. say what you want, she is pretty. I heard she isnt even really inlove that he is more crazy about her. Supposedly they starting dating when she was 17 so he was 23? Anyway, she is probably a home-body with confidence issues so she dates him because he cant cheat. I give her the benefit of the doubt because mark was supposedly dating bristol palin which was 100% false. However, word in the industry right now is pia will be pushed to leave her bf or at least show up at shows solo and claim she is single. They are afraid that alot of the guys who like her will not if they see her with an ugly hispcanic guy. They want her with guys like zac efron.

1186 days ago


FYI, Idol is working to block her from releasing any music until after idol has a winner.

1186 days ago


NOBODY ****ING CARES! and if she's trying to get publicity you'd think she pick somebody that people actually care about. maks would have been a better option. Or Derick Hough. And those are just DWTS stars. Anybody else would have been better. I would say Ryan Seacrest but Julianne Hough (who is lovely) has taking him & her star has risen. Hell, she should date Randy or that would be interesting.

1186 days ago


and I voted for Pia until she became a Celine Dion (not anywhere close) wannabe. We should make #IdidntvoteforPia a trending topic. There would be a lot people. And to all those saddened that she left, why didn't you vote? You obviously didn't because she isn't there. America doesn't give a damn that she's gone. Please stop this bull****, hollywood. I know Ryan Seacrest is paying everybody's bill and if he says make it a story you do. But this **** need to stop.

1186 days ago


Enough of Pia already!!!! So she lost. She's pretty and has a great voice but is very BORING!!! She is NOT entertaining at all. She lost because she didn't get enough votes. It's time to move on. This is ALL RIDICULOUS!!!!

1186 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

Who the F cares? Enough of the stupid fame whores!

1186 days ago


One thing is for sure: She needs DENTAL WORK! I hate her teeth! With her money that she'll make, she should CERTAINLY fix what's going on in there.

1186 days ago


I agree with all comments above ..Im appalled at the judges reaction too ...what a way to respond when they have other awsome singers are they going to respond the same when the next one gets voted off ..she was a stuck up snob that needed to go >>>>>

1186 days ago


You've gotta admit, Pia is a huge step up from that trailer trash tramp Bristol Palin!

1186 days ago


I believe they did make out in front of onlookers for publicity and are just trying to make it look like they are sneaking around. Apparently both want the publicity right now, and I bet Pia's boyfriend was warned in advance of this plan. Wouldn't be surprised if this was set up for them by their handlers, like agents, PR people, managers, or whomever.

1186 days ago


well we know bill Cosby is a racist and an idiot but in the meantime occultists and true warlocks come here if you dare.

1186 days ago


Sick of hearing about Pia and her life!!! Nigel ( an idol producer) apparently reported according to voting results Pia was not a front runner!! Time to move on to more interesting things!!!

1186 days ago
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