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'American Idol' -- We Don't Discriminate!

4/12/2011 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at "American Idol" are scoffing at the claim of an audience member who says she was banished to the back of the studio because she was "just too big, too heavy to be in front."

American Idol

Manfred Westphal, who heads up communications for Fremantle (which produces "Idol"), tells TMZ, 19-year-old Ashley Kauffman and her party of 6 were some of the first audience members to arrive for the April 7, 2011 show.  Westphal says, "Our audience coordinator explained they had 6 great seats on the floor; however, the seats were in 2 groups of 3."

Westphal says Kauffman and her party agreed to be split up.  And, Westphal says, contrary to Kauffman's allegation, she was not sent alone to the back of the studio.  Westphal says Kauffman and 2 others in her party were seated 4 rows behind their friends, "directly in camera shot, in some of the best seats in the house."

Westphal says, "At 'American Idol,' we always strive to assure that every audience member has the best experience possible, and these allegations are simply untrue."


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That girl is not fat. Sheesh! She weighs 150 pounds. This is why women kill themselves to be thin!!!

1102 days ago


Boo-hoo! Another idiot claiming discrimination and looking for a payday.

1102 days ago

todd lee    

I know for a fact they do this, i experienced it firsthand.

First off, im not fat..just so you know. I won tickets to see a Vh1 Storytellers in Hollywood 2 years ago for a rock band. I took my nephew with me because he really wanted to go. So we got there, waited in line and they sat us in the front row to the right of the singer, about 15 minutes before it started some jerk off came and moved us to the same side but like 4th row instead of first.

We were like "what the hell? why did they move us" and they we saw they brought these 2 skanky bimbos to take our seats, then it hit us that since it was televised, they wanted the sluty looking girls to be seen on TV jumping up and down with their bouncing t!ts instead of 2 guys.

I love blonde bimbos with huge fake t!ts as much as the next person but it sucked that since we were guys..they put us 4 rows back.

Im sure we were bigger fans of the band anyway.

So the people who want to talk trash about this girl, im sure you would be pissed off too if the same thing happened to you wheather you are a big person or a male. it just sucks..PERIOD!!

so dont give me that B.S. that american idol doesnt do this...they all do it, especially a teeny bopper show like american idol, they want all the sexy 12 year olds in front, wait a second, that came out wrong...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

1102 days ago


Who wants to see that teen mom hippo up front. Its American Idol not American farmyard.

1102 days ago


Its because of some of these comments that the young girls of today are killing themselves with stupid diets. When society stops being so damn mean and heartless, maybe the youth of today will stop trying to be a beanpole! Now, as far as this lady; get over it okay? I too am a BBW and I wouldn't give a rats behind where I sit - as long as I got to sit and watch the talent. Shut up and get over it!

1102 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

How much do you want to bet a few whales will be front and center tomorrow night...

1102 days ago


Hey GBeach, you wouldn't give a rats ass??Thats because you have never seen an ass that small. I would hate to set behind your fat rump and clip on hair standing as high as a bucket of chicken.

1102 days ago


Sorry about all your bs sensitivities but Biggest Loser proves all whiners and fatees to be the same skin bags.

Less food in butt chin fat face = regular sized person

Take some responsibility for your appearance and stop with the excuses and heredity garbage.

Him last name is Kaufman. What do you know... A whiny jew

1102 days ago


I think shes a liar just trying to get the spot light get a life

1102 days ago


@Redwoodgirl - 150lb my ass. I know they say the camera adds 10lb, but just now many cameras were on her. fatty fatty fatty fatty

1102 days ago


The point is that AI is saying they did NOT put this woman in the back. The PR person has gone so far as to say she can be seen on camera in the 4th row.

Prove it.

1102 days ago


I'm getting tired of all these whinny ass attention wh*res

1102 days ago

go home!    

I KNEW this was fishy and this chick was lying. It was so obvious. What a loser. Get a life girlie. Not cool. And you better be careful because you ARE overweight. Take care of it and get healthy. Ruby started out your size too.

1102 days ago


#18, didn't Simon tell Jennifer Hudson she would not be a star because she was too fat and she didn't win on that show. Anyone who weighs more than the 150 pounds that girl weighs should not watch even at home. After all they apparently don't want fat viewers.

1102 days ago

Bob Goodden    

did she make it on air? not fat; young: let her meet Steven Tyler.

1102 days ago
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