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Two 'American Idol' Contestants Are Frontrunners

4/12/2011 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two "American Idol" contestants have consistently placed at the top of the voting heap, and our  "A.I." spies say -- as of now -- it looks like one of them will get the crown.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have been the top vote getters ... so we're told.  And, we're told James Durbin is consistently scoring in the top three.  Two other contestants have also fared well in the voting -- Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.

As for Pia Toscano ... our sources say -- based on the voting -- she never stood a chance of winning.  Pia placed in the murky middle until she was booted off.

But don't feel too bad for Pia -- We're told it's a "certainty" she will sign a deal with Interscope Records.


Sexy Supermodels Then and Now!

Christie Brinkley resurfaced last week in NYC -- and she looked just as runway ready now (right) as she did back in 1983 (left).

We decided to take a look back at some of the other classic supermodels over the years -- Cindy, Naomi, Twiggy, Janice and more ... see if you faves still have what it takes the hit the catwalk!

Rachel Uchitel -- Bikini Makeout Session

Tiger Woods isn't the only one back in the swing of things ... so is mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel ... who busted out her tiny bikini and her new man for a beach day in Miami yesterday.


Rachel says her 25-year-old BF Matt Hahn is,  "The best thing that's happened to me in as long as I can remember."

Apparently, she's having trouble remembering the time she got a $10 million check from Señor Woods.

Guess the Baby Bump!

With all the pregnant celebs in Hollywood right now, it's hard to keep track of all the growing baby bumps -- can you guess which star's black dress is bumpin'?


Guess Whose Burly Bodyguard

These ginormous dudes are responsible for keeping some of the biggest celebrities safe and sound -- can you guess which celebs these men are keeping out of harm's way?

Cue the Whitney Houston song...

Inside the 'Scream 4' Premiere & After-Party!

Separated couple David Arquette and Courteney Cox hit the red carpet together last night for the premiere of "Scream 4" -- where they smiled and hugged it out for the cameras.

It's no surprise the couple -- who met filming the first movie -- looked happy together, as the two have been nothing but complimentary of each other lately in the press. David told Ryan Seacrest just yesterday that he still considers Cox his "best friend."

Famous Faces -- Flippin' Out!

Check out whose famous faces have been turned upside down and given a whole new look on life!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Amanda Seyfried's got some strange differences going on in this picture -- can you see 'em?

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photograph!**

Guess the Grampy!

They are bald and beautiful and that's why we love 'em -- can you guess which stars were pictured with their gorgeous grandpa?!



No Avatar


Pia is laughing all the way to the bank.By being eliminated early on,she can focus on the multi recording contracts that are waiting on her.They are salivating to sign her on.Look out Celine,Whitney,Jennifer,Kelly.By the way American Idol lost me as a die hard fan.

1254 days ago


AI sources said all that to save their asses. They are afraid their ratings are going down the toliet tomorrow night and trying their best to make it seem like she didnt have a shot at the title. That's crap, I don't believe a word of it!!

1254 days ago


Scottys only good if you like country music, I happen to despise it! The apparent would be winner is gone. Would love to know why Paul is there, or, how he even got there in the first place! Sure, seems like a nice enough guy, but, he cant sing!! Too bad everyone is so focused on looks, personality, etc. People fail to realize it's a singing competiton!!! As far as the singing, it's all about Jacob-hands down. Nobody even comes close to his talent. I don't particularly like him, am only going by his singing! Also, Abrhams? Yikes, he hasnt a damn thing going for him- singing, looks, etc..nothing good!

1254 days ago


Pia was good but she just stood in one place and sang, I think it was what she wore that night that got ther voted off, Pia was the only girl that wore what that Gwenn Stephani picked, and that was an awful outfit. Also that fat gay guy has to go not because he's gay but because he's just plain scary!!!!

1254 days ago


So the whole program is rigged. I guess that is why I never watch it and never will. Just like Dance with the fat ass stares that can't stay up.

1254 days ago


HEY HAVEY(IM A LAWYER)you guys keep saying PIA wasnt a front runner..i don't believe it the voting system sinks there should be 1 vote per person i couldn't even get though to vote that night..if your going to tell me SCOTTY OR LAUREN voice is as good as PIA your smoking something..look how american is acting over this ...even movie stars are saying there done with idol this year and so m I!!SO EP AND HAVEY PLEASE JERK SOMEONE ESLE BUT AMERICAN IS NOT STUPID OR BLIND!!!GO X- FACTOR!!

1254 days ago


Besides, In the history of AI, they have never put out there who the top 2 contestants are! They always say in the show its random . What the hell kind of crap are they trying to pull here. Sounds like they are worried to me. BOYCOTT AI!!!

1254 days ago


There are 4 differences in the Amanda Seyfried's Sneaky Peepers pictures NOT 3. 1) Phone 2) Pocket zippers on jeans 3) small dot on wall at top 4) large dot on wall right below the small dot difference

1254 days ago


This was all designed to et those three off the show. If people think they have a lot of votes no one would vote for them, hence- get kicked off the show. Theose three are my picks as favorites

1254 days ago

Sarah B.    

Lauren Alaina is the only one in the competition who is versatile. That girl can sing anything like a little star! We still can't believe she is only 15 or 16 years old! Our family has been watching for years and we have never been as impressed with anyone as we are with her. We hope Lauren Alaina wins this season, she's darling.

1254 days ago


Pia is right where she needed to be, unable to perform and VOTED OFF!!!!!

1254 days ago


YAY!!!! lauren is my favorite girl and scotty is my favorite boy!! yay!! either of my favorites r gonna win!! but i hate james so he betta not win

1254 days ago



1254 days ago


OMG who are scot loreen? I don't remeber ever seeing them perform on idle. At least Pia showed up every week and performed.

1254 days ago


Pfft. Casey has probrably been in the top 3 every week (other than the fixed elimination/save) and Haleys's following close behind. Haley has an amazing voice, and so does Casey. Everyone else is good too, except maybe Stefano. I think Pia should've beaten Stefano, but whatever.

1254 days ago
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