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Kim K Lines Up

NEW Photo Shoot with Cosmo

4/12/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness -- TMZ has learned she's already agreed to do a brand new photo shoot for Cosmo ... putting aside her problems with the mag after they splashed her picture on the cover of the Turkish version.

Sources close to Kim tell us she struggled with the decision to work with Cosmo again -- because even though she has an "amazing relationship" with the magazine ... she's very passionate about her Armenian heritage.

Kim was upset because Cosmo didn't ask her permission to run the controversial cover -- it's controversial because Kim is Armenian and the Turks committed genocide against her people nearly 100 years ago ... and still refuse to acknowledge it.

Fact is, Kim didn't even know about the Turkish magazine cover until TMZ posted it yesterday.

We're told Kim's team and Cosmo talked things out Monday and Kim decided to let bygones be bygones ... and another photo shoot could take place as early as this week.



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Come on,,,,this is a Kardashian,,shake a buck in front of thier big noses and they will do anything!

1268 days ago


TERRIBLE "journalism" on Harvey's behalf!!!

"Kim was upset because Cosmo didn't ask her permission to run the controversial cover -- it's controversial because Kim is Armenian and the Turks committed genocide against her people nearly 100 years ago ... and still refuse to acknowledge it."

If Harvey did some proper research he would see that the Armenians cannot even prove this claim...and they refuse to even try and prove it!

Kim K knows nothing, Harvey knows nothing. What a sad day for TMZ showing how uneducated they all are!!

1268 days ago


the bitch just wanted a bigger paycheck. she probably doesn't even know what genocide was.

1268 days ago


This frickin ho --------- forgive cosmo--------------she knows what she is doing, like sue porn co. for 5 million, like scamming kids with debt cards, if she can make a buck that's all that counts. Like lets play I don't know what happen she is disgusting slut that will do any black guy. Look at her history of going from man to man. Can u image that big ass when she is 50

1268 days ago


This chick and her mom only care about money. She and the whole family (with the exception of the step-dad) are pathetic. And I blame it all on the mom who whores out her kids.

1268 days ago


I don't think she "forgave" anything. It was probably already in the contract . BS.

1268 days ago


Money talks.. money is the bottom line... way to be a hypoctire there Kim. If you are going to stand up for something, then stand up for it... don't let the greed for money & prestige come to the forefront. Job well done (insert sarcasm here).

1268 days ago


she's nothing. (pornstar?) the armenian always talk about turks. 50 years ago, last year, this year, this morning... this is their only goal. the only thing they care. because armenia is underdeveloped. sorry but this is aimlessness. and the turkish don't even mind. because what they say isn't true.

1268 days ago


I love you, Baby K :)

That was on, actually. Well played, sir, well played.

1268 days ago

who dat    

Phony ass bs publicity for the urinal.

1268 days ago


i dont think she or her mother were concerned about her being on the cover. just had their people write a statement that they were upset when ( dont think she or her mother, wrote her reply) outrage surfaced. they will do anything for money and of course they will continue to work for cosmo, its all about money. kim was in dallas, promoting a lip gloss and the reporter asked her what her interests where,she didnt know what to say and one of her people said she would only answer questions pertaining to the lip gloss. the reporter implied that she was dumb. but they arent to dumb, the are millionairs, off of just promoting their bodies.

1268 days ago



1268 days ago


Fame and money trump values for that bunch.

1268 days ago


Don't you think it's about time we just forget about some of this crap? I, personally, have NEVER EVER owned a slave and neither has ANYONE in my family - we came from Germany long after the Civil War but because I'm white, I am still, supposedly, a racist simply because of the color of MY skin. So...guess what...nobody is even alive anymore that had anything to do with the Turks 100 years ago. We don't want to forget it happened as history will only repeat if we don't remember but for crying out loud! Quit blaming the current generation for the sins of their fathers or grandfathers or great-great grandfathers. Get over it!

1268 days ago


Sell out. I doubt that the woman knows anything at all about anything at all with the exception of money, shopping and undressing.

1268 days ago
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