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Bieber to Israeli Prime Minister: Bring on the Kids

4/12/2011 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber claims he's very much pro-kid during his stay in Israel, despite what appears to be a pissed off Prime Minister who abruptly canceled a meeting with the pop star.


According to Israeli news reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 86'd a scheduled meeting with the Biebs, after he reportedly refused to meet with kids who survived a recent rocket attack in Gaza.

Bieber's rep is not denying Justin wouldn't meet the kids, but says it's more of a scheduling thing:  "Despite some logistical challenges, Justin is enjoying his first trip to Israel." 

P.R. guru Matthew Hiltzik adds, "Justin welcomes the chance to meet with kids facing difficult circumstances, regardless of their background, and in fact, he has already invited children from the Sderot area to be his guests with other fans at his concert in Tel Aviv on Thursday night."


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*** I'm a Jew and I don't want Israeli or Palestinian children killed. All of them are precious. The point is that any celebrity who has an opportunity to spend five or ten minutes of his time meeting some children who idolize him - the reason that celebrities exist - and does not is a total and complete loser. Personally, I don't think much of Bieber's talent - for a teeny bopper idol Luke Benward is a hell of a lot more talented and honest and HUMBLE. Lastly, Alex #23 you rock! ***

1291 days ago


Oh for heaven's sake...he is a 17 year old kid! I would be interested to see what people would say about each one of us and all of our everyday decisions. So far, I haven't met a single soul who makes all the right & considerate decisions, every day, every moment; especially when they are/were only 17.

Plus, isn't it the PR/Manager who handles all the scheduling/charity/appearances/etc? I would assume all celebrities do not keep a constant track of every single appearance request since there are probably a constant influx of them. Is it even possible the kid didn't even know about the charitable request until everything came out in the press/the meeting with the PM being canceled?

The kid just gets murdered in the media.

1291 days ago

richard pierce    

Why, in Go-d's name would the Prime Minister want to meet with this little over-blown putz? With all the problems fasing that country right now, why devote 10 seconds to his over-exposed teen age ego! Go home sonny and let the adults get some real work done! and Shalom - you little goyishe s h i t!

1291 days ago


Good for you Justin. Don't let them make you into a political spiel.

1291 days ago


1291 days ago

Tigers Wood    

anti-Semitic! anti-Semitic!

1291 days ago

Mae White    

To propagandabibi and others on this site blaming Israel; first, there was NEVER "1200 kids who died when Israel bombed Gaza"- wherever did you get that fact??! Please check your sources.
Second as for Israeli killing kids, they have NEVER targeted civilians specifically; the fact is that Hamas and other terror groups place thier rockets in the middle of populated civilian areas, thus causing deaths of innocents.

As for Bieber, he -or his management- certainly must be insensitivie to the plilghts of the thousands of kids in the south near the Gazan border who have been living in shelters over the past few weeks, including over this, their Passover spring vacation.

A little humanitym Justin wouldn't hurt your good boy image; and it would cheer up these poor children immensely.

As for Bibi cancelling, if this is true, then he was in the right.
Justin Bieber grow up, open your eyes and do somethiong for God;'s sake to help the less fortunate with your star power.

1291 days ago

Keep It Real    

Really, I think it is all of you who are verbally abusing Justin who need to grow up. How do you know that he did not wish to see those youngsters? Come on, give the boy the benefit of the doubt. Remember: No matter how old or young they are, no celebrity can be everywhere they want to be when they want to be there. Be fair, people. After all, he is only human. Or am I talking to ET or something? I bid you adieu.

1291 days ago


I think that Bieber could serve as an example for young people who love peace.

Another gossip

1291 days ago


What?? Bieber did not observe the cultural boycott of Israel (perpetuated by lefty types, ie 95% of the music industry worldwide) and is touring the country?? And the country's Prime Minister rewards this by refusing to meet with him????pfffft. Ingrate.

1291 days ago


Hey Israel why don't you do something useful for once and keep that little diva there forever.

Signed, The Rest of the Planet

1291 days ago


What a douchebag, you can't take a couple hours out of your day to go meet these kids. Do you forget the only reason you are anything is because of all those kids here, there, around the world! I am glad the Prime Minister cancelled the meeting, shows who really cares. Yeah he can go enjoy his first visit, but come on!! He did something like this a while back when a little girl wanted an autograph, he yelled at her saying it was his day off, hate to say it, but when you are a "celebrity" you don't have days off! You are a **** and have never liked you, your music, your lesbian face and your stupid @$$ hair!! Peace B!TCH!!

1291 days ago

Yu Lee    

The BIEBs didn't just "INVITE" kids from Sderot, he gave out 700 FREE TICKETS !!!

1291 days ago


No wonder why no one wants to play there. You get embroiled in this type of bull****. Netanyahu is shameless. Be careful what you do in your hotel room Justin, you might get blackmailed for it later down the line.

1291 days ago


why do pop stars (Bono) and actors want to get involved with leaders of other countries and meet with them

do they think that they are the one who will get the leader to do specific things that nobody else in the world has succeeded in

a lot have an overinflated view of who/what they are in the world
see young Bieber is strongly influenced by their exampls and trying to do the same

he should stick to entertainimg/putting smiles on the kids faces that way..and stay out of the political arena in all forms

his brain isn't even fully formed yet!!

1291 days ago
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