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Katherine Jackson -- MJ's Executor STOLE From Him

4/12/2011 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mother says one of the guys in charge of the MJ Estate is a crook who stole from the singer ... and to top it off, she claims Michael never even liked the guy ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.


Katherine Jackson just filed a declaration in a case involving MJ's old charity -- the Heal the World Foundation.

According to the docs, Katherine is FURIOUS the estate is going after HTW for using MJ's image and likeness without permission ... and insists, "Michael would be very upset, if he knew that our charity was being torn down by people who say they are doing what he wanted."

Katherine then goes after MJ executor John Branca -- saying, "Mr. Branca was a man that my son was very worried about."

She adds, "Michael told me on more than one occasion that he did not like this man and did not trust him, he told me that John had stolen from him."

Katherine continues, "This lawsuit is exactly the type of awful thing that Michael said he was capable of doing."

UPDATE: We just got this from the Executors:  "We know that certain ludicrous statements were made recently that we won't personally dignify with a response.  We will continue to do our best to uphold and further the memory and legacy of Michael with the same passion we have always held for him."


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Y.W., aston, I always enjoy your posts!

1298 days ago


I agree with you re Branca not being there before MJ signed to contract with AEG.
Who ever told Michael its ok to sign such a contract should be shot if you ask me.
I too think that there are too many people whispering to Katherine ear and unfortunately I don't think she is too bright to make difference between good people or crooks.
That LaToya thing is interesting, she knows that they are fake therefore doesn't support it, good for her.

Posted at 9:50 AM on Apr 12, 2011 by FlowerPower

i thin k thome and the lawyer mj was using were really working for aeg..
that thome is a bad guy imo. he was keeping other offers away from mj so aeg would have the first shot at his comeback ...he threatened to destroy mj whole family when mj fired him but for some reason, there he was at teh hospital when mj died and his house dismissing the staff..think he took some cash he had to return also..just bad news

1298 days ago


... I see we have a "ricarnation" on these boards, LOL – nice!


Michael didn't leave the money directly to Katherine and the children. As soon as the estate has settled it will be passed into the Michael Jackson Family Trust:

"The children can apply to fund trustees for cash when they reach 21, but they will have to be 30 before they get free access to a third of their share. At 35 they get a half share and the full amount at 40".

Katherine – at least to my understanding – will get full disposal of the money immediately.

An interesting question might be who's going to be the fund trustee(s).

(Sorry, I'm one of the aliens here, so the diction might be not accurate...)

1298 days ago


Thanks ric :), great to see YOU again – hey, you're the prototype of the "nice hater", LOL.

As soon as the estate has settled Katherine will get the use of 40 per cent of the assets. But just during her lifetime. So, if all of her strong efforts to spend the money (Joe? Jermaine? Lots of Jacksons?) fail, the balance will return to PPB after her death.
Now don't ask me how much money this will be in dollars and cents. Allegedly the estate has generated 310 millions until December 2010 (more is about to follow) – on the other hand they still have to pay down Michael's debts, furthermore taxes, Katherine's and the kids' allowances etc. But I'm sure there are some experts here who are able to establish a more exact calculation...

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


typo:@ 31,32,48,60... Very well said.

1298 days ago


@#28 Nan I totally agree with you. And shady mann is using Mrs.
Jackson alone with the phony HTW foundation. She should not
have Michael's children involved.

1298 days ago


This is outrageous!katherine accusing Michael's executor?

She is accusing the wrong person,she should accuse her son randy who stole money from Michael as his business manager and getting Michael into financial troubles.

1298 days ago


Not really a typo, more like you just said "screw it" to the rest of your post. Or had a seizure and hit the add comment button prematurely... lol

Posted at 2:19 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by ric

Are you a laughing H? you keep wriing lol.

1298 days ago



1298 days ago


So basically this is not her money at all AT THIS MOMENT so she doesn't have a leg to stand on if I understand you correctly, right?

Posted at 2:17 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by ric

That's how I would understand it. I think in general an estate is not obligated to pay out money to the beneficiaries before everything has been settled.

ric v2.0, good update. Next version out at Christmas?

1298 days ago


No, I am a sarcastic H. Or maybe a thoughtful E, I've always been more partial to vowels.

As for my "wiiring" I'll need to get help for that. Anyone have the number to Wiiring Anonymous?

Posted at 2:30 PM on Apr 12, 2011 by ric

Good luck then.Oh and you know what i meant cause if you didn't,well then you aren't as smart as you think you are,laughing HYENA.

1298 days ago


Have to go ric,it's late,tomorrow we continue.

1298 days ago


Any one know if the older two children have anything to do with their so called fat slob mother? Another one that was a blood sucker.Sure she see's $$$ signs if the old lady kicks the bucket by sucking up to her kids. Get a DNA test kids.I wouldn't want anyone to think she was my mother either.

1298 days ago
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