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Pia Never Stood A Chance of Winning 'American Idol'

4/12/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano never had a chance of winning "American Idol" -- this according to well-placed sources connected with the production.


We're told before Pia was booted, America's votes put her in the murky middle -- she was never near the top of the heap.  As one "A.I." spy put it, "It was only a matter of time before Pia was kicked off.  She was never going to win."

And, our spies say, there are 5 remaining contestants who are "fairly consistently placing in the top 4."  Our sources would not reveal who they are, but we have an educated guess as to 3 of them -- Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and James Durbin.  As for the remaining 2, we're guessing Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.

As for Pia, don't feel bad.  We're told the rumored record deal she has with Interscope Records is more than a rumor.  We're told it's a "certainty" Pia will sign.  And something else -- Jimmy Iovine will ignore the judges, who wanted Pia to sing some up-tempo songs.  Jimmy, we're told, will go strictly for ballads.



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Top four should be Casey, Jacob, Lauren and Scotty. Because of size of fan base I think Scotty will win, though my choice would be Casey. love, Love, LOVE his music and personality. I think he'll have a career that encompasses both music and comedy. But, think we'll see more stars from this season than any other in the past.

1267 days ago


Again I state the voting is biased for the "cute guys." The fan base is what determines who will win/or voted off. I think Pia will be better of in th long run and only time will tell how well she will do. Someone must have thought she was good enough to sign a deal with her. I liked her and I thought her stage presence was fine. I don't see Celine Dion running all around all the time.

1267 days ago


Ha, Ha, Ha, these comments make me laugh, you know I would write something else on here to make you guys mad, but I would rather not waste my time, TMZ is this your comment post or the people looking at the website, really!

1267 days ago


Jacob SUCKS! He can not carry a tune, and has ZERO
stage presence. As long as his "homies" keep voting
for him, he will remain. As usual, it has turned into
a popularity contest, not a singing competition.

1267 days ago


Pia has a great voice, but zero personality, the girl can't entertain. I think it was too early for her to go, but she definately was not going to win. I want to see all those people who were demanding for Pia to come back to Idol buy her CD. She will be another idol who had the support during the show, but none once the season was over.

1267 days ago


During her time performing in AI I never noticed her cone head, now I can say she looks good in a conish kinda way!

1267 days ago


Pia may not have been at the top all along for the same reason she got voted off....people took for granted that she would be OK. If she had only been in the bottom three but not voted off, people would have realized that they couldn't take things for granted with Pia and they would have started voting for her. If she had gotten into the top three, she would have won... for sure!

1267 days ago


I don't watch the show anymore, but don't the fans vote? So I don't understand who gives a crap if this person wasn't good enough to stay. The fans voted. What's the big deal? Same happened when Jennifer Hudson got booted off the show & used her big mouth to blame Simon for it. It was the fans. Now look at her. She has a wonderful career. Same with Daughtry. People need to chill the f'out on these stupid shows. Fans vote. It's a popularity contest, not usually about talent. If you don't like it, then vote or shut the f' up already.

1267 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Could someone tell that Scotty country guy to hold his mic properly. He looks like a mentally challenged person the way he holds it now. I don't know why he has to do a Spock hand on one side to hold it. It seriously annoys me that I have to change the tv when he is on.

Also... When he auditioned, he seemed like a proper guy who just wanted to sing. Now he is over confident and moves and gestures around the stage stupidly. The exaggerated judges' praise has gone to his head.

1267 days ago


Pia toscano was the best talent on american Idol.the rest of the contestants suck. I will not be watching this flawed show. This show is fixed.Nigil lythgoe's comments about pia being eliminated shows a lack of integrity in the producers.His comments confirmed that this show is fixed.Every year the person who has the best talent loses.They all are males recently.None has made it big. That should indicate to the producers that something is wrong.

1267 days ago


#22 - You are taking this way too seriously. Wow. I wish who got voted off of a tv show was my biggest worry in life.

That said, I think I speak for a ton of other viewers when I one tells me who to vote for. Good luck with your little "campaign."

1267 days ago


I have not been watched American Idol this season, but just from seeing her AI videos on, I'm bored already. I'm just tired of American Idol anyways.

1267 days ago


First - this show should do like DWTS and have the judge's vote count for a % of the vote until the end then leave it to America when it is down to two.
Second - I know that Scotty has a record deal already (inside source) so for sure so does Pia.

1267 days ago


#8..who's JM?
#11....really?....that's all you can say?....she can sing better than Britney Spears...not saying much...but Britney's had a coupla hit records ;-p

1267 days ago


Who cares! Next! Kick rocks Pia.

1267 days ago
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