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TMZ Live: Which Jackson Will Testify in Murray Trial?

4/12/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How the witness list is shaping up in Dr. Conrad Murray's upcoming trial ... and who from MJ's family will testify. Plus, do "Idol" judges regret saving Casey? And, can admitting your pleasure from all things TMZ get you bounced off a jury?

26 answers to your questions ... on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Halle Berry and Gabriel's custody battle -- all the latest.
(3:50) Follow Harvey on Twitter at @harveylevintmz for a chance to win some cool TMZ swag!
(4:40) The TMZ Bus Tour is the BEST TOUR EVER ... so check it out!
(6:00) The guys bitch and moan about gas prices ... and don't make ONE SINGLE fart joke.
(9:05) Will producers have to insure Lindsay Lohan for the Gotti flick? We interrupt Jason's lunch again to get the answer.
(13:45) Harvey was roasted on the show today ... again.
(18:00) Why can't Halle Berry keep a man? Max says it's because she's "insane."
(20:00) Twitter question time! Did the "Idol" judges use their save too soon? Will jurors be tossed in the Murray trial if they're TMZ junkies?
(24:30) Breaking news! "Idol" does NOT discriminate when it comes to seat location during the live shows.
(28:10) Were Rachel Uchitel's bikini make-out photos staged? Come on...
(32:10) Harvey gives Ryan hands-on hairstyle advice ... then whips out the scissors.


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The Pro    

Harvey, If you were producing "TMZ: The Movie," what celebrity would you cast to play you? Who would you cast to play the other people around the TMZ office (Charles, Max, etc.)?

1290 days ago

george k    

Tmz live: Hey Harvey if you could practice any kind of law tomorrow what would it be and why? please ask Jason also

1290 days ago

george k    

Tmz live: Hey Harvey if you could practice any kind of law tomorrow what would it be and why? please ask Jason also

any great law books i should check out

1290 days ago


What could be next for Charlie after his current shows are over, since he's surely not going to be rehired for Two and a half Men...?

1290 days ago


I have no idea why I am thinking about this now but I would love to see Harvey's reaction to the two girls one cup video. I refuse to believe no one in that office didn't think to make Harvey watch it and film his reaction.

1290 days ago


It looks like Rachel U's pics are staged for the media - what do you think?

1290 days ago

harvey is my long lost papa    

will auto tune ever die? Auto tune is cheating! support true artists. Auto Tune is NOT art!

1290 days ago


Harvey I htink you should know that Kelsey Grammer had the production of MTV's reality show Touch Enough halted and moved because at the time he hated reality shows and they were filming in a house hear his.

1290 days ago


Trump vs. Buffett

I was disappointed when Charles stated on TMZ Live he believed Trump would be a competent presidential candidate because as a businessman he would be a good at "managing" Whitehouse staff. While I agree with Charles the president does have to be a good manager, I have to question a businessman who has declared corporate bankruptcy multiple times and can't even "manage" his own hair so it doesn't look like a bad rug.
If I was forced to choose a captain of industry as a presidential candidate I would choose Warren Buffett. Harvey who would you rather see as a presidential candidate Buffett or Trump?

1290 days ago


Not including this 'TMZ Live' comment update, but, your last blog was posted approximately 2 hours ago. The site seems doomed for an epic fail. Have you and/or your staff ever considered focusing your time on the television version of TMZ and making it 60 minutes longs. Incurring minds would like to know.

1290 days ago


Is TMZ really hiring Perez Hilton?

1290 days ago

harvey is my long lost papa    

will auto tune ever die? auto tune is not at!

1290 days ago


harvey take off you shirt.

1290 days ago


Was was Beckerman's specialty in law school? I'm looking to apply to NYLS for media law...thanks!

1290 days ago


Poor Jason. But Jason, you know every day at this time they will be seeking your knowledge. :)

1290 days ago
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