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'Idol' Fan: They DID Say I Was 'Too Big' for Front Row!

4/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fan Ashley Kauffman is sticking by her weight discrimination story -- saying she was told flat-out by an "Idol" employee that she was "too big and too heavy" to sit in the front row during last week's show.

Kauffman appeared on "Good Morning America" this AM, where she explained how the whole ordeal allegedly went down ... and also took the time to correct a few parts of her story that are circling around that AREN'T true.

Kaufman admitted she WASN'T forced to sit all the way in the back of the studio -- more like six rows back from the stage -- and that she DIDN'T have to sit alone without her friends.

As we first reported, "Idol" honchos are calling BS on Kauffman, saying, "We always strive to assure that every audience member has the best experience possible, and these allegations are simply untrue."


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i will say TMZ has the most harsh, irnorant fans of all. I do not ever read comments as they are rude and distatsteful, judgemental ppl who are only concerend looks and weight and hollywood wanna be ppl who will never be noticed or famous, so they sit behind their computers and call a "chubby" girl OBESE OR FAT OR UGLY because they are so uneducated and too ignorant to insult actual characteristics but only physcial; if it is so bad to be on tv if you are a bit overwight; then kick off half of the AI contestants, kick off randy, and most of the producers since they are unattractive..oh wait, you'd only be left with like a handful of ppl because beauty if in the eye of the beholder and weight is not important unless you are talking obese ..not a mere 15lbs overweight..its dumb..but no one on here will ever realize, might as well be raised by animals..ignorant and judgemental ppl only exist..what is she was asked to move to the back because of the color of her skin? could you all defend that too? probably i said tmz audience is disguisting and tmz employess feed on it and love it..

1254 days ago


Big, greasy hungry girl wants attention and is getting it. Saw her interviewed on tv and she is a very immature girl, with low intelligence. Stupid hungry hungry hippo

1254 days ago


Eat less, move more.

1254 days ago


How about a little tact? Is she over weight, yea. Is she so huge that you assume she eats 2 plates of food or would ever have to buy 2 airplane seats, NO. Since when did so many people have the ability to know everyones personal life story? #42 is right, and every comment on here about Fatty fatty fat fat, or chubba or fat're all bullies and I would bet you're either overweight, ugly, socially retarded, or Mommy/Daddy didn't love you enough. Get over yourselves. Call her out on her BS story rather than rip into someone you know nothing of. For the record I don't support this girl as this is one of the biggest national shows on television...what were you expecting? Going to the press only portrays you as a fame whore, as plenty of people are told daily that they're too big to do things. Suck it up and appreciate the opportunity to be at an AI tapping in the first place.

1254 days ago


I'm appalled! No wonder we have so many teens killing themselves. We are a nation of bullies!!! I came here expecting to read some posts bashing Hollywood for being it's usual plastic self but instead, I see these disgusting comments misjudging some innocent girl. Where is the understanding, sensitivity?? I'm guessing you think your perfect. What you are is a bunch of narrow minded idiots! You should be ashamed!

1254 days ago

Why not IDOL, its ok for teachers

1254 days ago


Unless you're perfect, none of you have a right to say a word. It's because of this society us women already feel like we have to be a size 0. I think it's disgusting. Looks fade away and if you have the personalities you all have, shallow, then I feel sorry for you. It's what's on the inside that matters. If you're beautiful inside, it shows on the outside. It's unfortunate that with AI it's all about looks but that doesn't make it right. Who do you think you are to call that girl fat or ugly? Do you know her personally? You're judging from the outside like people always do and it's sad. If that's all you're going to do is judge by the outside you'll miss the amazing story inside. It's so sad what society is like these days. Go ahead, bash me. I don't care. Just shows your ignorance even more.

1254 days ago


The problem isn't so much her weight as it is making a "newsworthy", public spectacle of it.
Everyone, at some point or another in their lives, gets discriminated against, even in the slightest of ways.
But not everyone goes on GMA to cash in on it.

1254 days ago


It's obvious to everyone except this heifer that television audiences are cast just like for the show they are watching. If she had PAID for the ticket, she might have a case, but sorry, "Free, but not good enough" seems kinda greedy.

1254 days ago


Sounds like a bunch of Idol employees are posting comments so as to keep their tush out of trouble. Bottom line is.....Idol telling her to move back for appearance sake was absolutely wrong and now that we all know what kind of folks run the show there.........well, we can just move on to other programming. I cannot see the Idol judges agreeing with this as they have been so supportive of the young people that have tried out that have been overweight, look less than glamorous or have some sort of issue.

1254 days ago

Why not IDOL. its ok for teachers

1254 days ago


Bullsh**. They let fat people sing on American Idol all the time. Why would they care if they sat in the front row? Also, what idiot goes on a media tour to proclaim they are too fat for the AI audience. Of all the pathetic ways to get your 15 minutes, that is the most embarrassing by far. Unless you have tiger blood of course.

1254 days ago


My wife and I always commented on how they placed good looking girls and young girls in the front row and never any fatties. America knows that they do this, and this story is nothing new.

1254 days ago


This is the kind of **it that perpetuates eating disorders in women. I'm not talking about just what happened with AI, I'm talking about the comments I read here and on a couple other blogs. Society as a whole has become so full of hatred towards overweight people, it's disgusting. Everyone is acting like it's her lack of self control that caused her to become overweight...really?? So there's no possible way it could be caused by any number of medical issues, like hypothyroidism or PCOS? I'm not saying that's the case with her, but I am saying that you can't just assume an overweight person is a gluttonous pig. I'd also love to see some of you that are may be thin, but I sincerely doubt any of you "fat haters" are model material.

1254 days ago


something like that does not surprise me when ryan seacrest had his on air with ryan seacrest show on fox i went to it and they were discriminating on placing people to be seated. they actually had the nerve to place a handicapped woman who was on crutches in the VERY back row. after the show was over she had to get on her butt and scoot down the steps to the bottom luckily she only got a few steps down before an audience member close by helped her out. the security and people working for the show saw this and did nothing to help her but of course they put her in the back row i guess they felt her being shown on tv would be embarrassing. so what this girl said about american idol is not a shock.

1254 days ago
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