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'Idol' Fan: They DID Say I Was 'Too Big' for Front Row!

4/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" fan Ashley Kauffman is sticking by her weight discrimination story -- saying she was told flat-out by an "Idol" employee that she was "too big and too heavy" to sit in the front row during last week's show.

Kauffman appeared on "Good Morning America" this AM, where she explained how the whole ordeal allegedly went down ... and also took the time to correct a few parts of her story that are circling around that AREN'T true.

Kaufman admitted she WASN'T forced to sit all the way in the back of the studio -- more like six rows back from the stage -- and that she DIDN'T have to sit alone without her friends.

As we first reported, "Idol" honchos are calling BS on Kauffman, saying, "We always strive to assure that every audience member has the best experience possible, and these allegations are simply untrue."


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As you all know the back row is a great place to sit when you want a/ to get a bird’s eye view b/ when you want to hide the horrible coffee stain on your dress c/ when you’re not really interested in the show d/ tend to have a tendency to be rude and say offensive things.

1254 days ago


Standard industry practice. Casted audiences with the prettiest people in the front are a reality.
They not only discriminate on weight but age, race, and gender.
Why even deny this? It's so easily proven.

1254 days ago


TMZ followup story on hot girls in the front
This extends even to the court shows that tape in LA.
Send your camera guys down to where all the court shows tape and interview the casted front row actors union as they enter the studio with their suitcases of requested sexy attire. They are paid to sit in the front dressed a certain way and have to bring sexy wardrobe choices to get their check. Judge Judy and every other judge show that tapes in LA.

1254 days ago

I Chinee    

I don't understand the problem.. she is hot. You go girl!

1254 days ago


Why must you all put this girl down for standing up for herself..?!? I don't care if she was 300 plbs, had 4 hooves, and made oinking noises every five minutes, she is an American. What is the show called American Idol..? HELLO!! Not all Americans are a size 5 and blonde; there's a little more variety than that. I personally will not support a show that dicriminates by any means. What is she was a different ethnicity and that was the reason for moving her..? Would that be exceptable..? What if she was a midget...? There is numerous things that YOU can be discriminated by..and how would YOU like it..? I guarentee that all of you would do the same thing that she has done. This is the reason people commit suicide, and this is the reason people have low self esteem. Why kick somebody when they are down...? You are very mean spirited..

1254 days ago


Ok, I just watched the video and that girl could not get her story straight for anything. Everyone knows only the most attractive people sit up front where the cameras cn show them; television's always been that way, it's nothing new and it's not going to change. She's putting up a big stink and is only going to humiliate herself. She got to see a live show for free when many people would have loved to be in her position. I'm not going to say anything about her weight because the majority of the US is overweight.

1254 days ago


I think someone has been reading the comments here on TMZ. Her original story said *nothing* about the AI employee telling her she was "too fat, too heavy" to sit in the front row. Today she tells "GMA" that they DID say that. Sounds like she is changing her story a bit. Hmmm...
IF this happened as she says, wasn't right. BUT, she still had good, FREE tickets. This should have been taken up with AI, no need to take it public unless you WANT the attention. And when people seem to want attention, it may not always be the type of attention they want. :/

1254 days ago


It's a sad day when Americans are so fat they are calling this girl "chubby".

Also, to the person who said that since none of us are perfect, we're not "allowed" to say a word about her: if a fat girl goes on TV to complain about how a show to which she received free tickets put her in the 6th row because she looked too fat to be upfront, then I have a right to point out that she is indeed too fat it be upfront, and that I don't want to see her. I see enough fat people in the day and it's depressing and repulsive enough.

Being a bully would be going up to a fat person in the street for no reason and calling her fat. I don't do that- because they didn't ask me. I THINK it, but I don't tell them. She goes on TV and whines about being "discriminated" for being fat- she asks for people to talk about this. She just wasn't prepared for everyone to confirm AI's assertion that people don't want fat cows on their TVs.

1253 days ago


First of all it is sad the amount of mean negative comments that have been posted directed towards this young lady. We should instead show some empathy for her, what if it had happenned to you, how would you react? Maybe she is doing this for attention, maybe she is a bit 'fluffier' than the average person, maybe she is taking it too personally, but that is her right, isnt it. Ashley you have my support.

Bottom Line I have worked in Television for over 20 years and most shows with on camera audiences 'cast' or place specific types in on camera seats while trying to 'hide' others from the camera shots. (Ask Harvey about Moral Court). It is a very common practice, is it wrong and discriminatory, yes, but it is just part of what Hollywood and Television is about, it has to be visually appealling.

I give this young lady credit for having the balls to stand up, but will it change the practice, I doubt it. Best advice for all if you are attending any television taping, dress appropriate for the show, the better dressed you are, the better chances you have of receiving an amazing seat and having a great experience. The seats are FREE, and most tickets have disclaimers. So expect nothing, it is the perogative of the studios to do whatever they please. However, It is your choice whether to support or ignore their product.

1253 days ago


ya'll are f*in cold blooded and mean. being of a bigger size myself its already embarrassing enough when we don't fit, but when we do and are told we can't thats mean and ya'll are being rude for just making fun of it more. and fyi not everyone is big because they're "slobs" some of us actually have an illness, and btw she's really not that big

1253 days ago


This is crap. Idol has had heavy people make it to the top 10. Look at Lauren and Jacob. Please shut the H*** up and stop trying to get your 5 min. of fame. Also stop eating so much. You overweight people want to blame skinnies for weight issues..

1253 days ago


Where do you people get off attacking this girl? I bet you all would not be attacking her and calling her a liar if she was 90 lbs. and AI told her she was too skinny to sit in the front row. There is no such thing as outer ugliness. Remember that old saying, "Beauty is only skin deep", well guess what, it is so true.

1253 days ago


Where do you people get off attacking this girl? I bet you all would not be attacking her and calling her a liar if she was 90 lbs. and AI told her she was too skinny to sit in the front row. There is no such thing as outer ugliness. Remember that old saying, "Beauty is only skin deep", well guess what, it is so true.

1253 days ago
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