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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hospitalized for Bipolar Disorder

4/13/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Catherine Zeta-Jones has reportedly entered a mental health treatment center for a bipolar disorder ... despite her rep squarely denying the story to TMZ.


One of Catherine's reps now tells, "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II disorder."

We're told Catherine had been in Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for treatment, but she has checked out.



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Western Guy    

Did the shrink ask her how much sleep she was getting and what was causing her stress (her husband's sickness, for example)? In many cases, bipolar disorder has become a hypothetical ailment that the psychiatrists use to generate repeat business.

"What's wrong with me, doc?"

"You're bipolar. Take these $500 pills, check in to our $5000 clinic for 10 days, take a weekly $200 blood test and come back weekly to talk to me for $360... a pop." Cha-ching.

Her husband is sick. She's under stress. She doesn't have 'bipolar disorder' but a psychiatrist has her money.

1289 days ago


Many creative people in this industry suffer from some sort of mental illness be it bi polar disorder, depression, etc...not unusual. If she was under a lot of stress it probably triggered it.

1289 days ago


Big Whoop. A ton of people have some form of bi-polar disorder. And, whatever happened to medical privacy??

1289 days ago


i thought they call it bi-winning now?

1289 days ago


Silver Hill in CT is the same facility Nick Nolte checked into for GHB addiction at a DUI arrest.

1289 days ago


It's about time that this mental illness (Bi-polar is actually a medical illness of the brain as is depression) stopped being stigmatized. As a matter of fact, it's high time all mental illnesses stop being stigmatized. Believe me, no one who suffers from one, WANTS it and should not be shamed for trying to live with it and get help for it. If she does in fact have it and sought treatment for it, I wish for her to feel more stabelized soon.

1289 days ago


I really don't understand cruel posts related to this story. I think it's wonderful that she is letting her rep. say that she has a mental disorder. So many people live in shame, probably afraid of the rude and cruel comments posted here! Mental illness needs to come out of the closet. It is no different than having say, diabetes. It is something you treat with medication, and if you don't, well, then there are effects from that. Sadly the effects of not being treated from a mental disorder are those that are a lot more noticeable and easy to pick on. I will bet that most of you know mentally ill people, and don't even know it! They are medicated and live a normal life. She probably went in to adjust her medication, just like if you had any other illness and needed to have hospital treatment. Nothing anyone does makes them have bipolar disorder. Again, it is like any other illness, just something someone gets! I have an friend with it, so I know. Also, calling someone with a mental illness crazy is equal to calling someone with down syndrom "retarded" or using a racial slur. It is not social acceptable and is cruel! To those making cruel comments, educate yourselves before you post on a subject you know nothing about!

1289 days ago

Blue Lake    

She is bipolar on top of being a nasty lush. I'm sure Mike would have dumped her years ago if he didn't fear leaving the kids with her. Serves him right. All the signs were there from the beginning. Don't impregnant a crazy evil person.

1289 days ago


Everyone has their breaking point...even the rich and famous.

1289 days ago


When I saw the headline on this story, I knew CZJ would be freaking OUT and WOULD INDEED BE POSTING HERE! She is probably the celebrity most obsessed with keeping up appearances, and I know she is absolutely MORTIFIED that anyone would know that she or her life is anything other than perfect.

And yes, I too have always believed that she married Michael Douglas to further her career.

Give it up Catherine. It takes too much effort to pretend to be something you're not. People know now. You can drop the act. Get yourself well.

1289 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

NO DEPAKOTE. A large percentage of users experience muscle loss & coordination, tremors, & some of those who took the drug while pregnant have had children with birth defects. The muscle loss is irreversible.

1289 days ago


If I were a hot 41 year old married to my grandpa I would be bipolar too...

1289 days ago


....All should know that the Surgeon General has recently issued out a warning in conclusion to a twenty year case study. The conclusion to this comprehensive study is definitive-- being rich by way of marrying an uber-rich man, and therefore doing much of nothing with exception to multiple daily shopping excursions, receiving more than 20 pedicures and manicures per-week, undertaking more than 52 cosmetic surgeries per-year so that your rich husband will stop lusting after/or f#cking 19 year olds, can/will cause stress and/or bipolar disorder.

The results of the Surgeon General's study has already been confirmed by a number of top mental health authorities, as to the proclamation that when women marry rich men just for their money, then become useless, bored, shopaholic, pill-popping, purposeless gold digging leaches, bipolar imbalances may/will ensue.....Artofwar

1289 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Why the eff should anyone feel sorry for CZJ? How about feeling sorry for the COUNTLESS OTHER NON FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO DID NOT GOLD DIG THEIR WAY TO THE TOP WHO ALSO HAVE BI-POLAR DISORDER?

Can't stand CZJ. Can't stand Michael Douglas. Chronic illness is terrible and wouldn't wish it on anyone but...really...CJZ and Michale having it...who cares? I feel MUCH more sad for people I know who have it than I do for these spoiled rotten greedy people who think they are better than everyone else. Bet they are SHOCKED their money, fame and Hollywood connections can't get them out of bi-polar disorder or cancer huh? Is CJZ going to blame the doctors again? Greedy nasty biatch.

1289 days ago


Lots of creative and talented people have mental illness. I feel bad that she got sick enough to require going to the hospital. Hopefully now she will get back on track. There should be more sympathy for her and others with these disorders.

1289 days ago
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