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Charlie Sheen

Persona Non Grata at 'Men'

4/13/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are reports out today that Charlie Sheen might come back to "Two and a Half Men."  TMZ sources directly connected to the production of the show insist ... Charlie will NEVER be invited back.

Two and a Half Men
One report suggests CBS honcho Les Moonves has been putting pressure on Warner Bros. to take Charlie back.  "Absolutely false," say our sources.  Moonves has not even weighed in.

Charlie has been almost pleading for his job back, even making the pitch during his show.  And behind the scenes Charlie's people have been making calls, but Warner Bros. has closed the book on Charlie.

As for the future of "Two and a Half Men", no decisions have been made on what to do with the show.  Warner Bros. has until May 18, when CBS announces its fall lineup.

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Chuck, Lee and Warner Brothers should put the whole cast back to work even if its without Sheen. Why have the cast suffer and lose monies for Sheen's actions. Bring them all back Alan (Jon Cryer) and Herb (Ryan Stiles) would be hilarious along with the rest of the cast. Have Herb move in with Alan since Judith divorced him. Age the kid and make him a little boy. Say Charlie is on one long vacation. There is no need to fill Charlies spot because no matter what an idiot Sheen has made of himself the audience is not going to accept a substitute.

1286 days ago


Sheen Team is doing an awful version of a Sara Palin Media Blitz: "If you say stuff that is not true enough times, some people will think its true" I would replace that with the original historical reference, but that would be invoking Godwin's law.

Folks, it is Hollywood. The show will be canceled. Everyone will find work in other places (including Jon Cryer and everyone on that show. The television world does not revolve around Two and a Half Men). If its not canceled there will be another replacement for Charlie Sheen. Some might watch or not. It's really no skin off of the producers or writers noses as they have made a bounty of cash already and for every one guy named Carlos Estevez, there are about fifteen Jose Rodriguez's who changed their names who want the opportunity.

CBS will put out a new line up of other shows with other people on it that everyone will love. Warner Brothers will continue on seeing how often they can do Reboots of Batman for the summer and their indy period piece movies (probably starring George Clooney) for Oscar Season.

Sheen will continue to work. If reality shows can make people stars? Charlie Sheen will keep working. He will most likely do a Major League 2 followup. If that does not occur... There will always be someone in the underbelly of The Valley more than happy to continue to have that man work for the right amount of money to have the adult film community watch him "Do it" with his goddesses. If he doesn't OD first, he will probably die of lung cancer. People will pontificate on why people let that happen. On every major network station and online newspaper around the country.

The world will keep spinning on its axis if Two and Half Men gets axed from the schedule. I mean...I'm still standing when they got rid of Dabney Coleman and Buffalo Bill. We will all survive. Including you, Mr. Sheen. So buck up and let it go.

1286 days ago


Sheen, Dah, backfired. Fired. Sheen can badmouth everyone all he want's he's still fired and not wanted back. Sheen is missing that easy money that is no longer comming in.

Who's the real troll.

1286 days ago


They need each other. Charlie gets a nice pay check and the show makes millions.

1286 days ago


CBS would be hypocrites for bring him back, but money is money.

1286 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

I'd like to see him maybe eventually come back, with a paycut, counseling of some sort it might be able to work.

After all it's business when alls said and done.

1286 days ago


Sheen can get a good paycheck anywhere. The show has already made millions. Chuck Lorre has other shows and is a millionaire. Warner Brothers as an entity are multi millionaires. So is CBS.

The only person who is begging for anything back is Sheen who wishes to continue to be a millionaire.

Do you know how many pilots are currently in production right now on every major network/cable station? A lot. This does not even include online webseries where actors are doing these popular series where they are making less than most workers at Starbucks. CBS/NBC/ABC/Comedy Central/Funny or Die and FOX are making millions off of that without ever having to sign a two million dollar check over to people like Charlie Sheen.

In the world of Hollywood there are two things producers know since the invention of the flickers: People can be replaced and audiences attention spans are short. Sheen knows this too. He knows this more than anybody. That is why the dramatic about face from riling up everyone to hate this trying to convince them to love it again. From burning a bowling shirt to proclaiming its the best (expletive) show in the world in less than six live performances. He counts on the short, drunken attention span of the audience.

So he can hope get that two million dollar paycheck to continue to hire security to keep the same people away from him.

It's a massive ego that won't let it go with a depression realization that he messed up begging for it back. Yea. You can call that Bi-Winning, I guess.

1286 days ago

Rik Little    

Charlie Sheen would never work for trolls and losers and will go on to be a five term President of the United States and own that entire network.

1286 days ago

John Grey    

Of course he won't be hired back. HE PUT PEOPLE OUT OF WORK! This was not Chuck Lorr's fault or anyone else's for that's SO obvious, it's incredible to think otherwise.
Charlie Sheen is a mediocre actor that ill self-destruct before he can right himself. No one would take a risk on that idiot!

1286 days ago

Zach Swan    

Maybe Charlie was right. Maybe Chuck Lorre and his little gang of scoundrels really are the bad guys. Maybe they just used Charlie's issues as an diversionary excuse so they could save themselves a few million bucks at the expense of Charlie and the cast/crew. After all it cost a lot less to show reruns...

1286 days ago


Cha Sheen is the biggest loser and joke in the entire television world!!! He's gone from being the highest paid actor to zilch. He
has lost his cash cow, he's lost his kids, he's lost his teeth,has to dye his hair. Wonder how long until he loses those
nasty bimbo porn ''goddesses''? Warner Brothers has much deeper
pockets than he does and they'll litigate him down to his last
dime and he won't be able to afford his beloved cocaine!!! That, my friends, describes a sad and pitiful LOSER, one who won't even
be able to afford his own hair dye!!!Poor,egotistical,Charlie

1286 days ago


Maybe Charlie was right. Maybe Chuck Lorre and his little gang of scoundrels really are the bad guys. Maybe they just used Charlie's issues as an diversionary excuse so they could save themselves a few million bucks at the expense of Charlie and the cast/crew. After all it cost a lot less to show reruns...

Posted at 3:29 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by Zach Swan


And it gives Chuck a lot more time and energy to work on his two other "babies": "Big Bang Theory" And "Mike and Molly".

1286 days ago


"Charlie should get his OWN show..the world IS his oyster now if he wants it!"

Posted at 10:24 AM on Apr 13, 2011 by bring back recent posts!

Oh really? And WHO WILL WRITE, DIRECT AND PRODUCE HIS OWN SHOW? Not to mention who WOULD BE WILLING TO WORK WITH HIM IN HOLLYWOOD now that he has alienated himself from his colleagues because of his lunacy and obnoxious behavior?

You're as delusional as your idol.

1286 days ago


"Charlie should get his OWN show..the world IS his oyster now if he wants it!"

Posted at 10:24 AM on Apr 13, 2011 by bring back recent posts!

You as well as those who bought tickets to crazy Sheen's "tour show" are as crazy as him. Just because there are people who supported and patronize his current tour doesn't mean the rest of the world are in agreement with crazy Sheen and his supporters. You and the rest of your likes are not even 1% of the entire population of America, THE SANE, DECENT, RESPONSIBLE AND SOBER AMERICA.

Get a grip.

1286 days ago


That would be a dreamland conspiracy. It's not. Every once in a while even a massive money ride needs to come to end for whatever reasons. M*A*S*H lasted longer than the actual Korean War. They could have still kept that money train going. But they stopped for legit reasons (everyone was tired and well..the war needed to finally end...well it never did in reality...but yea. It sorta needed to end in Hollywood's version).

People can only put up with so much. When your lead star is overdosing ever other nine months and decides to go on a talk show spree to trash it? Yea. That ride is pretty much over. Time to move on to the next drunken D-Dag Actor who can bring in profit. Actors have been let go for less. Charlie Sheen should consider himself lucky to have lasted for this long.

Same with the cast and crew. Time to get back put out the resume television grips...and time to update your resume on Actors Access, Day Players of Two and a Half men.

1286 days ago
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