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Gay Basketball League -- We Want Kobe!!!

4/14/2011 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's presence has been requested at a gay and lesbian basketball league in L.A. -- where league officials want the Lakers star to PROVE his support for the LGBT community by showing up for a game.


TMZ spoke with a rep for the Lambda League -- who tells TMZ, "We have seen Kobe's apology and hope that it's sincere.  If he really wants to show us he means it he'll come to our next league game."

And get this -- Lambda reps tell us if Kobe takes them up on the offer ... they'll comp his tickets.

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No Avatar


TMZ is all up in this story, when will it end.....

1289 days ago


People lighten up! It was a slip of the tongue. I'm sure everyone mis-spoke once in awhile. Get a life-PEOPLE!!!!!

1289 days ago


so where is my comment you bundle of sticks?

1289 days ago


These bundles of sticks are so annoying! You have been apologised to - move on! Seriously - that is why no one takes anyone serious anymore!

1289 days ago


I mean, his comment was not even directed toward homosexuals; these gays are simply 'choosing' to be offended. It's almost as bad as the lesbian lady on the commercial attacking a group of teenage kids for using the word 'gay' to describe a little figurine... I guess the homos now own these 'slang' words and no one can use them as slang lest they should 'offend' the homos... give me a break

1289 days ago


You opportunistic pieces of sh it. It was ONE outburst at a highly emotional moment. Tell me you've never said anything you've regretted in a moment of anger. Go ahead and say that's true and I'll call you a damned liar. You are using one incident to try and weasel an appearance out of Kobe for free (you'll pay for his tickets my ass - you should be paying an appearance fee if you want him). He doesn't have to prove anything to you ***s (ooooh, too bad I'm just an ordinary person and you can't fine me for exercising free speech) and you are just making yourself look bad and losing the support of people who WERE on your side. Grow up and get some perspective.

1289 days ago


Bordering on extortion.

1289 days ago


Oh and if you jerks really wanted equality and to be the same as everyone else you wouldn't have YOUR OWN basketball league. Morons.

1289 days ago


Let me start by saying I could care less if you are gay, oh wait, nobody else does either. However, lets face some facts.
Weather you believe in evolutionism or creationism men and women were put here to procreate!!! You cant procreate by sword fighting or clam shucking!!! The only good thing is that your corrupt genes cant make it into any society which is a good thing. By the way, I am not homophobic and did I mention I could care less if you were gay, oh yes I did so quit trying to throw your gayness in everyones face.

1289 days ago

Bill Johnson    

Nice move by the LAMBDA league. Very smart. It goes to show that Kobe should not have apologized. Now he has to back up his words, which he won't. This is fun!

1289 days ago


I must say I'm not a Kobe fan at all, he's a great player but I think the character that we see (at least in the media) is quite a jerk off (hah.). But now I think they're just trying to make money out of this whole situation which is superbly stupid. If it really meant that much, you'd make him pay the fine, apologize, and never talk to him again. Now that you're trying to be all friends and crap with him pretty much is making it seem like "it's okay to call us that as long as you befriend us after"

1289 days ago


F.....U, Kobe keep it movin blackmailers cannot win!!!!

1289 days ago


iIm so damn tired of co*k sucking dudes trying to push there views on straight guys! Is it really wrong to be a guy and like girls in America these days...keep your comments and co*ks to yourself...damn im sick of homo's and all their sensitive B.S. so...with that being said..go enjoy your ding dong in the booty hole and us real men will enjoy and say what we want :) have a nice day :)

1289 days ago


Yeh sure. He will show up. This invitation is more like a dare.....just as dressing up like a drag queen and flaunting gayness in everyones face like ***s have been known to do.

He called a referee a ***.......BFD! they call eachothers mothers biyatches while on the court too. No ones mommy is demanding them to stop by for dinner now are they?

Wonder what would of happened if he described the referees penis size as tiny.......would the ***s demand they compare to see who has the bigger ****?

1289 days ago


They are going to Comp his tickets??????

What does that mean Harrr harrr harrrr!!!!
Way too funny; Pay for his tickets so Kobe can make them money and take pictures.
Okay Kobe; next challenge---we challenge you to come to a Heterosexual basketball game--your ticket PAID!!! My wife and I are celebrating heterosexuality this month.

1289 days ago
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