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Gay Basketball League -- We Want Kobe!!!

4/14/2011 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's presence has been requested at a gay and lesbian basketball league in L.A. -- where league officials want the Lakers star to PROVE his support for the LGBT community by showing up for a game.


TMZ spoke with a rep for the Lambda League -- who tells TMZ, "We have seen Kobe's apology and hope that it's sincere.  If he really wants to show us he means it he'll come to our next league game."

And get this -- Lambda reps tell us if Kobe takes them up on the offer ... they'll comp his tickets.

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If you are going to criticize Kobe, then you should be holding Kenyon Martin responsible for his homophobic profanity back in 09


1232 days ago


The way i see it, the only person who had the right to take offense to Kobe's words was the referee he was actually talking to. If he wasnt offended, then no one else has the right to cry about anything. This PC bull is... well.. bull. So ***s can take a c@ck up the a$$, but those "words" hurt?.. friggin crybabies....

1232 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What if..what if...what if............You people cannot compare race words to what Kobe said. Number one when we are discussing race, that's the topic. This has nothing to do with race, well not until some got their "what if" diarrhea.

If you think for one second Kobe has not been called a N i g, think again. When words like that are used, it is usually the media whores who bring this to the world, and pretend to be so offended, just to get their ignorant selves in the media. We are not so timid that everytime we are called the N word, we get weepy and want to sue, ok?

Your intentions could be thought of, as trying to start a race war but baby, let me tell you......Not worth our time. Know who you are, what you are, what you can do, and how to do it. Get a metal rod put in your back if you are that spineless.

If you want to call Kobe the "N" word, just remember the "N" has fame and money to prove it, even with the negative things that have happened in his life. He is not on welfare, he is not doing drive by shootings, he is not punching out every gay person he meets, so forget the race chit. Believe me, you do not want to go there.

People around the world must really be getting a kick out of how ignorant people can be.

Now, back to the subject at hand that should never have been given the time of day.

1232 days ago


If I were Kobe, I would NEVER play on a gay bb team. Gays are just plain CRAZY. Kobe, I am sure you have a lot of money. Just quit bb. Don't lower yourself to play on a gay bb team PLEASE, all those gays checking you out - SCARY. You apologized. That is enough. Gays are never satisfied, they just want more and more and more. It's part of their illness.

1232 days ago


GET OVER IT! HE SAID WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. Kobe is human. How many times a day do kids and Adults say that word on daily basis? lots and lots I hear it at least 10 times a day.

1232 days ago


Gays are freaks period. Just go to San Francisco, Polk Street, get it Polk Street. They are so sensitve just like two year old little girls. They even walk and talk like girls. Just fricken WEIRD.

1232 days ago


Playing basketball for this group is the only way to "prove" Kobe supports gays and lesbians?? Says who? Now comes the time where Kobe will have to kiss butt and jump through hoops and be at the beck and call of the gay community for the rest of his life or he will have to endure the homophobe label.

1232 days ago


I'm sick of all of these crybaby ***ots. Deal with it. You're either gay or you're a ***. Let it go. Go on to your next cause

1232 days ago


when did the wnba change its name??

1232 days ago


Every time TMZ uses the G word slur for Italian-Americans or the Jersey Shore they render their anti gay bashing bias a foolish hypocritical joke. Hate is ok for some victims but not homos?

1232 days ago


They are really off their rocker now.

So pathetic.

1231 days ago


I have a question. Do you have to be gay or a lesbian to join the bb league? If that is the case. Isn't that descriminating against straight people? I'm just saying.

1231 days ago


What a bunch of opportunistic leeches. Shameless and Pathetic.

1231 days ago


Well, I don't believe he was questioning the official's sexuality. Nor do I believe or know if it had to do w/ any insecurities. What he said was definitely offensive, as is any other word that isn't the person's name and/or not expressed as a term of endearment. If GLAAD & LambDa don't want to be linked to the word then they shouldn't involve themselves with the matter[s]. As a black/ African-American man, if I hear someone outside of my race say "n****r", I don't feel the need to get involved w/ him/her. A "n****r", or in this case, a "f****t" is the one who's dumb enough to respond to it. I appreciate what my ancestors went thru and did for us as a ppl today, but I don't spend too much " wish time" on the past. An apology was made, the NBA dealt with him, hopefully the official didn't take much, if any offense to the expression, and that should be it. I know he has one of the strongest public images in sports, but b/c of that, you have to just ignore it sometimes. NOBODY IS PERFECT!!! WE ALL SCREW UP!!! It wasn't right in any way. But how many of us really expressed ourselves the right way when we're very frustrated???

1231 days ago


Is'nt the WNBA a gay basketball league

1231 days ago
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