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LeBron's Mother -- The Valet SLAP FOOTAGE

4/13/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained security footage showing LeBron James' mother slapping a parking valet at a hotel in Miami Beach last week ... but the video shows Gloria James may NOT have made the first move.041211_slap_v2_still

During the encounter ... Gloria walks up to the valet, Rockfeller Sorel, and gets in his face over the parking situation. As Gloria verbally unloads, Rockfeller takes an advancing step towards Gloria and bumps her.

Gloria quickly recovers and unleashes the slap heard 'round the world with her left hand -- and then swings her purse at the guy's head with her right hand.

Sorel, clearly upset, takes several aggressive steps towards Gloria ... who then slips and falls while retreating.

Gloria gets off the ground and tries to go after the valet -- but several bystanders get in between the two and break it up.

Gloria was eventually arrested for battery and public intoxication -- and then, according to police, she started talking trash to one of the officers.

We called Gloria's Miami attorneys Christopher Lyons and Sandy Becher -- they declined to comment on the video or the matter at this time.

Meanwhile, the valet has made it very clear he intends to go after Gloria in court.

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This is awesome. I love when she falls.....hahahaha

1288 days ago


SHE got in his face first! I don't care who you are; you get in my face, I'm not backing down either. I don't care who YOU are and I don't care who your child might be. You've got no business disrespecting anyone.

1288 days ago


looks like the guy knocked her down, not a slip and fall

1288 days ago


Maybe she will learn from the unfortunate enounter. Maybe she will learn not too drink excessively, to be courteous and not to hit others.

1288 days ago


Lynn, your 100% correct. If white people would just let every other race walk all over them, life would be fair. Why do white people stand up for themselves? Let's flip this. Valet is any other race....Labrons mom is a drunken slob....what would happen? Hmmmm you brought it up.

1288 days ago


First, the issue is whether or not Ms. James felt that the valet attendants initial contact with her was harmful or offensive.

Generally, common law battery requires that the actor have intent to cause harmful or offensive contact with another that does in fact cause harmful or offensive conduct without her consent or other legal justification. Intent is defined as actively desiring the proscribed effects of ones act or failure to act. Harmful or offensive contact is defined as contact that is likely to cause alarm and/or invade someones personal space in a way that is most annoying.

Here, the valet attend appears to have advanced towards Ms. James in an aggressive manner. Thus, indicating his active intent. Further, the attend appears to have acted first by physically 'bumping' Ms. James. Thus, indicating harmful or offensive contact. The facts do not indicate that Ms. James proffered her consent. Therefore, the valet attend would be liable for common law battery.

Self Defense principles would apply for Ms. James subsequent conduct. D.A. should dismiss in the interest of justice, and bring charges against valet attendant for filing a false statement and battery.


1288 days ago


what the hand say to the face charlie murphy SLAP!

1288 days ago

drake mallard    

Gloria James look like LeBron James in drag

1288 days ago


Wow, you Americans are showing your true racist colours now. I don't think this would happen in Canada. We're just more civilized, that's all.

1288 days ago

alice smith    

Although they were both wrong in some respects, to me, I think he is more to blame because it's your job to be courteous when dealing with the public. After all they are paying for a service;in this case to park their car...hopefully with a smile and some common courtesy since they're paying your salary. I also think he should have not made any aggressive moves towards her whereas she might have felt intemidated. He was unprofessional and should have been reprommend for his actions by personnel...he's no victim.He's taking advantage of a situation because she is who she is. Clearly with him being so quick to jump to rudeness and aggression, he's done this before.

1288 days ago


Anybody in their right mind knows that the valet should not have touch her.and it shows he has issues with women. I feel sorry for any women in his life.He could have just walk away called the manager and been done with her even if she was mouthing off.

1288 days ago


First, I agree with the person who said if she was white he would have called for assistance.
Second he appears to me that he shoved her not bumped her for once she may be the one with the case in her favor.
I hope she gets help aftr this, for herself first because she has to be want it to geet. Sad situation this is someones mom.

1288 days ago


Intitled BITCH!!!

1288 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

She's just low-rent. Money can't buy class. She should be staying at a Knights Inn...probably more her speed.

1288 days ago

Buck Warner    

He started it by bumping into her and pushing her back he got what he deserved,now he's gonna sue, bulls***

1288 days ago
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