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LeBron's Mother -- The Valet SLAP FOOTAGE

4/13/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained security footage showing LeBron James' mother slapping a parking valet at a hotel in Miami Beach last week ... but the video shows Gloria James may NOT have made the first move.041211_slap_v2_still

During the encounter ... Gloria walks up to the valet, Rockfeller Sorel, and gets in his face over the parking situation. As Gloria verbally unloads, Rockfeller takes an advancing step towards Gloria and bumps her.

Gloria quickly recovers and unleashes the slap heard 'round the world with her left hand -- and then swings her purse at the guy's head with her right hand.

Sorel, clearly upset, takes several aggressive steps towards Gloria ... who then slips and falls while retreating.

Gloria gets off the ground and tries to go after the valet -- but several bystanders get in between the two and break it up.

Gloria was eventually arrested for battery and public intoxication -- and then, according to police, she started talking trash to one of the officers.

We called Gloria's Miami attorneys Christopher Lyons and Sandy Becher -- they declined to comment on the video or the matter at this time.

Meanwhile, the valet has made it very clear he intends to go after Gloria in court.

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First, none of us were there, so we don't really know what happened or who did or said what. But I'm guessing that Gloria was at fault based on her history. All we know is what was stated in the article - Gloria James was drunk, she asked the attendant to retrieve her car, he did, he waited with her car in the pick-up lane for approx. 30 minutes while talked to some-one then had the car returned to the parking lot. When Gloria finally asked for the car, she started screaming and cursing at the attendant, in his face. He pushed her aside, she slapped him and fell. Commentors, please don't ask Gloria to return to Ohio, we've had enough of this drunken disregard and violation of the laws here. Her drunk and disorderlies and DUI's are legendary. And you are correct, LeBron did NOT learn his manners from his mother, he grew up in foster homes, some of them black and some of them white. That's why he turned out so well. Not because some of the foster parents were white, but because he was away from his drug addicted alcoholic mother. She needs rehab, lots of it.

1256 days ago


Don't blame him..why not cash in on the incident. All of you goody two shoe commentors would do the same if you were in his shoe.

1256 days ago


So how is it they figured she was drunk. Drinking doesn't always lead to drunkness. They're both in the wrong. If he was out of line report him to his employer. As a customer who was unreasonable, he should have called his supervisor. Why is sueing the choice he's making.

1256 days ago


That Bitch was Drunk. there is video where she Hit him first. Sue that ghetto bytch so that she will think twice before she slapped someone else. shes lucky he didnt back hand that cow! and all you goonies on here would Sue as well so Stop Lying. Yall worst then that cow of a mother lebron got. Money cant buy class. fame cant buy class. take the bytch out the ghetto cant take the ghetto out of the bytch. sorry cow

1256 days ago


LeBron's mummy seems to have a history of unsavory behavior and just like stated earlier she has developed the attitude of entitlement, because she birthed a child who grew up to become a celebrity and now she's being rewarded for her labor pains. Clearly the valet acted out of haste,but was wrong on many levels including him being a man and her being a woman, because physically he could do her serious harm if he chose to. Hopefully she will take this as a lesson on how "NOT" to act in public and realize that other people have their own issues going on and don't necessarily care who u r or who u r related to and will proceed to whoop your ass when you cross the line with them.

1256 days ago


He did not handle the situation very well. She was wrong, but he needs better customer skills. He does not deserve to be compensated, he is trying to cash in on Lebron's money. Too traumatized to work, he says? Please.

1256 days ago


The Comment From # 13 Is EXACTLY CORRECT When You Have A Job Dealing With The Public You Always Have To Take The High Road No Matter What. He Could Have Easly Walked Away From That Woman And Made Security/Police/Her Friends/LeBron (WHOEVER) Handle Her!!!!

1256 days ago


#52 bklyshepard go Fck Off U A S S WHIPE

1256 days ago

Old Dude    

Just goes to show.....money does not buy you class, and respect is something that is earned.......her son is an unbelieveable athlete.....but that is where it stops. The only thing she can take credit for, was giving birth to him, as she had very little to do with his upbringing.

1256 days ago

Al Diaz    

I don't feel sorry for anything that she gets! I used to work at Universal Studios Hollywood/Citywalk Valet parking. Over the course of 6 years that I was there I personally dealt with many celebrities of all walks of life. That type of behavior happened very very often, but Universal being a family theme park, news cameras were never allowed on property so you never knew what went on. Country music & Spanish artist folks were the absolute best to deal with and some of the best tippers. Athletes were eehhh, the Rappers. Good lord, not even black people wanted to work nights when a rapper was performing. I will tell you this, we were told and trained by management that if someone attacks us with violence. We had all the rights in the world to defend ourselves so as long as we let the other person throw the first punch. On 2 occasions members of the valet staff knocked some drunk silly because he was drinking liquid courage, but we had to do it in front of the camera though so we can prove that we were attacked. So like #52 said, LeGloria James (lol) should have gotten the ghetto slapped out of her dumb as*.

1256 days ago


Geod! This is terrible security footage. Put the camera where you can actually SEE something other than a support pole in the way. This is a big hotel they should be doing a better job with security cameras than this. I've looked at this footage over and over and it is very hard to tell what all is going on.

1256 days ago


i think he knew exactly who she was & decided 2 persue arguing! It doesn't matter who it is men shouldn't put their hands on a female! he was a valet & he should've went & got security.....HE WAS WRONG!

1256 days ago

Joe Bagadonuts    

Who's Gloria James? Who cares anyway?

1256 days ago


Just what LJ needs now with the playoffs starting...seems his Mom certainly needs an attitude adjustment and this valet worker sees a Rainbow. This will never see the inside of a courthouse, he will be offered a pittance and he will take it. Slime comes in all shapes, colors, ages, etc.

1256 days ago



1256 days ago
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