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Fined $100k

'Offensive and Inexcusable'

4/13/2011 6:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant was just fined $100k by the NBA for his homophobic slur at the Lakers game last night.

NBA Commissioner David Stern says, "Kobe Bryant’s comment during last night’s game was offensive and inexcusable. "

He continues, "While I’m fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated.  Accordingly, I have fined Kobe $100,000.  Kobe and everyone associated with the NBA know that insensitive or derogatory comments are not acceptable and have no place in our game or society.”

As we previously reported, Kobe mouthed the words, "f**king f**got" after getting a technical foul during the game.

FYI -- according to Forbes.com, Kobe made an estimated $48 million last year in salary and endorsements.

UPDATE: A rep for the Human Rights Campaign -- an LGBT civil rights organization -- tells TMZ, "We applaud Commissioner Stern and the NBA for not only fining Bryant but for recognizing that slurs and derogatory comments have no place on the basketball court or in society at large."

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DrkAnjl, you sound very, very in the know with what gay people supposedly like to do. Also, you're the only person whining. No-one is forcing anyone to do anything, outside of have decency and respect for others. If you talk about living and letting live, then you have to back that up.

1253 days ago


How much will an ordinary person get fined if they say that on camera?

1253 days ago


SJH, in other countries, hate speech results in prison sentencing. So, yeah, this is chump change compared to that. As for what society is coming to, equality and justice for all, the way it should be.

zapperz, you are homophobic and anti-latino, yet call gay people perverted. It's always the most hateful who don't realize how deluded they are.

Andy, thank you for your service, but it's not sensitive to stand up for yourself when you are denigrated. It's called having a backbone and not allowing yourself to be a victim but taking action.

Richard Stiff, why do you base gay persons' lives on the sex they have? The first thing you think of when you hear the word gay is the sex they engage in, huh. Says a WHOLE lot about you.

Lisalisa, it may be common language on the basketball court, and that is an even bigger issue, because that shows the attitude of hate runs deep. It doesn't matter how many people use the word, that doesn't justify it.

Tokentaker, Kobe is a role model because he himself has taken the place of a role model. He himself sees himself as a role model. And a role model cannot say things like this. Kobe represents a city, organization, his family and fans. He failed them all with his abusive language. We all make mistakes, but part of making mistakes is taking responsibility for them and that is what is happening here.

Greg, using slurs to denigrate others is weak, unprofessional and immature. Defending the usage of them is even worse. So if anything, the weak people are the ones who are hate filled. Standing up for yourself isn't weak. THAT IS having a backbone in not allowing yourself to be denigrated.

1253 days ago


Who decided that this word was worth $100,000, is their a book. If he said butch, di.ke how much is that worth.

1253 days ago


Everyone saying that anyone is being oversensitive about this issue, tell a gay 12 year old that he's too sensitive if he's hurt and crying because his dad calls him a fa**ot. Tell him it's just a word. None of you have any clue. You are so self-absorbed, living in your own little bubbles. You have no awareness of reality, of the real world. Freedom of speech means taking responsibility of your language. Kobe is an adult. We all have the sense to realize some things aren't said in a civil society. This isn't about being PC. This is about decency.

What happened to the golden rule? What is wrong with treating people nicely? Why is it bloody murder to TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT? That is ALL that is being asked, but it seems like for some of you, that is a bridge too far. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and think before you speak. That's it. No-one is taking your words away. Just be more respectful and have a little more class with what you say.

1253 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

Listen to the squealing...The only people whining about this non event, are the Nancy Boys on this site and other sites like it. I will save my outrage for people who commit crimes, not for 'mouthing' something in the heat of the moment, during a sporting event.

So now 'mouthing' something is a hate crime? What a joke.

1253 days ago


Brasil, hate speech is hate speech. It's that simple. Words/context. Words have power. Context the words are in decide if they are offensive. It has been decided that Kobe's words, in the context used, are offensive, and he was fined. But, I'm not going to keep beating you over the head, because I don't think you actually want to listen to me, I think you have your mind decided already.

en Todo Momento, the f-word is a word that is homophobic in it's very nature. The word, in the context used by most, ORIGINALLY came from gay men being burned at the stake in olden times. So therefore, the word itself is homophobic. This is why it's an issue. This is why the gay community speaks out against it's usage. People are vehement about this word not being used, because teens/kids/young adults are dying because of this hate speech. This hate speech ruins lives. It ruins society. Gay isn't an insult. It isn't bad to be gay. That connection is irresponsible and and unacceptable. So, is it possible to make a hateful term socially unacceptable? Of course it is. The n-word isn't acceptable these days unless used as endearment. The c-word isn't acceptable against women. And now, you are seeing that the f-word is NOT acceptable to use in a civil, enlightened society.

1253 days ago

PCS in NC    

Posted at 3:03 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by MDW. "What happened the the 1st amendment?"

People kill me with their ignorance of the real meaning of the first amendment. People who immediately scream "FIRST AMENDMENT" to me are like people who like to post "FIRST" when they think they are the first on the thread. Dummys.

1253 days ago


The only people really crying are those who keep whining "MY WORDS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY!!!111!!" because I guess they have absolutely no command of the English language. It's actually hilarious to see how people are squealing because they can't use anti-gay slurs and get away with it. I never realized how drunk with power some people truly are. So hilarious, in a pathetic way.

1253 days ago


Brasil, the people who seem really obsessed with changing views are those who go out of their way to denigrate entire groups of people, just because they have power and love to raise it against vulnerable citizens. They want to force everyone into their little dictatorship. Also, people who are desperate for validation. Like those who need to justify why they use homophobic slurs. People like that live through others and live for validation, because they don't have much to live for. That's why they go out of their way to change views, to make them feel worthy and secure. Very sad.

1253 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I guess screwing some girl who you met five minutes ago is okay, but said F(*&)) isn't.

The NBA, its commissioner, the players and its fans all suck

1253 days ago


Chad, why do people use the f-word in a derogatory way if it isn't a derogatory word?

P.S. if a gay boy's dad is calling him the f-word, then obviously, it's the word itself that expresses the hate. he didn't realize the full depth of hate until the word used. use common sense please.

1253 days ago


Although I hate the word he used, I don't think it was used as an offensive homophobic slang term. It isn't as though he honestly thinks the ref is gay. It is like when someone calls another person a douche; they don't really think the person is an actual douche. I don't think $100K fine will hurt him at all, though. He should be fined that just for using the "f" word.

1253 days ago


if i was him i'd say it again. letting a word hurt you? put on your big boy pants people

1253 days ago


MD, I'm sick of bigoted people who make excuses for hate speech. Maybe you wouldn't hear so much "whining" is there wasn't so much irrational hate towards others. First amendment has nothing to do with this, as that is about GOVERNMENT. Political correctness has nothing to do with respect for others. If you say something, you have a responsibility of those words. Kobe said something offensive, and he has to take responsibility of the reaction against his own actions. That's life. People like you, so spoiled rotten, don't have one iota what it's like to be denigrated, so of course you say this isn't an issue. Self-absorbed individuals can't look beyond themselves. Hopefully you get a taste of reality sooner rather than later, to help cure you of your ignorance.

1253 days ago
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