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Gay Rights Group SLAMS Kobe -- 'What A Disgrace'

4/13/2011 11:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's homophobic outburst "perpetuates a culture of discrimination and hate" ... so says a gay rights group which has deemed last night's incident as "horribly offensive."


TMZ spoke with the Human Rights Campaign -- who told us, "What a disgrace for Kobe Bryant to use such horribly offensive and distasteful language, especially when millions of people are watching."

The group adds, "Hopefully Mr. Bryant will recognize that as a person with such fame and influence, the use of such language not only offends millions of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] people around the world, but also perpetuates a culture of discrimination and hate that all of us, most notably Mr. Bryant, should be working to eradicate."

As we previously reported, Kobe appeared to have mouthed the words "f**king f**got" towards an NBA ref last night after he was hit with a technical foul.


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I wouldn't dream of telling anyone when to get offended. I can't even think of the last time i was offended. Such a horrible use of one's time. Getting yourself all worked up because someone thinks differently than you do. Let assh*les be assh*les. If ya don't start a big media fuss, those assh*les have no power. Getting all up in arms over how someone sees you... is, imo, a big waste of your time. I mean... really, who cares? Now... if dude had lit some poor LGBT person on fire... THEN get all upset.

1292 days ago


OMG...This is really going to hurt him!!!...As we all know Gay's are major ticket holders at sporting events! *rolling eyes*

1292 days ago


I'm sure Kobe probably has no bad feelings towards the gay community, he was extremely angry and those forbidden words have some sort of cathartic effect upon the person saying them. I'm not saying it's right, but it's why non-racist and non-homophobic people repeat those hurtful words. Think Charlie Sheen in the hotel room screaming the "N word" over and over because he was angry about his missing watch. There wasn't an African American in the room, he wasn't saying it to a particular person. The F bomb has become too commonplace and he wanted to verbally express something much worse than that (again, not saying it was right and those words are wrong). We need a new really, really forbidden bad word. I propose "Kaulkon".

1292 days ago


YAWN - YAWN - YAWN... I agree - Get over it. Maybe everyone who has ever engaged in F***ing should get upset too. hahaha.

1292 days ago


So if he would have called him a bitch, would female dogs everywhere be offended?

1292 days ago



You missed my point of simple words taken from the origional meaning now used for slang.

Again, why gay? a perfectly good word meaning happy, glad and carefree now seen as a homophobic slur. Why not gayaphobe?

Why not the homosexual allience? No. Because that doesn't work with the acronym of GLAAD. Gay, glad, yeah we get it.

Enough already.

1292 days ago


BillyBurke, a TV show is not real life. In real life, fa**ot is homophobic. You nor any heterosexual can decide whether it is or isn't homophobic. Just like the n-word for blacks or Jewish-slang for Jewish believers, the f-word is inherently representing gay people. It's that simple. And it's a negative word. It's homophobia.

Thomas, I never said it was OK for Elton to use any sort of slurs. It isn't OK. However, it isn't the job of gay watchdog groups to police the actions of Elton. It's Elton's own responsibility. Elton John, from what I know, isn't even well liked among most in the gay community. He is not any poster child. He's an entertainer first and foremost. He isn't an advocate and never has been. There is no double standard. You want to make Elton John's actions about he being gay, when it's about he making poor choices, that he needs to own up to as a man.

As for this being premature, the video says it all. Kobe is saying a word that is anti-gay. Elton using c**t was misogynistic. That is a issue for woman's rights groups. This is an issue for gay right's groups. They are two different issues, and should be seen as such. If Elton does use the f-word I can assure you, he will be called out on it, like Perez Hilton was.

1292 days ago

The realist    

It's not hate speech if it's not directed as hate towards the person or group of persons identified by the term used. In other words if a white man calls another white man the "n-word" would people really consider it to be hate speech. Or further more if a white man beats another white man while calling him the "n-word" is it really a hate crime? Or is it mor likely that the person using the said term is really angry and misguided about what word to use in his fit of rage. Similarly, assuming Bennie Adams isn't gay, and assuming Kobe isn't gay and knows/doesn't really think Bennie Adams is gay, then his use of the term "fa**ot" can't really be construed as "hate speech." if one calls another persons mom a bitch but Knows she's not really a female dog does that make that person sexist? Or does it make them anti animal rights? No, it's meant to get a rise out of the person it's directed at. Really, it would be a bigger story if Bennie Adams was known to be gay. Or if he admittedly said he wasn't and took great offense to a term that wouldn't even remotely apply to him, because that would point out his "homophobia" not Kobe's.

1292 days ago


Img, actually, most gay men are, you know, regular men. They are MEN. So, yeah, maybe you should meet some gay people to learn some things and remove yourself from the ignorant stereotypes you hold.

Anong, yes, he does care when the fact his reputation to the public is already shaky and he has endorsement deals. And he's representing an organization, and they are going to take a public hit. And with the power that GLAAD has, they can EASILY tear Kobe apart, as they have with other celebrities. So, yeah, I'm sure he's going to care. It's 2011. Using anti-gay slurs puts you on the hot seat these days.

1292 days ago




1292 days ago


Flyboy, you seem really confused. Homosexuality is in fact a behavior. One cannot look at a person and say that they are gay or not. That would become evident based upon their behavior. However, one can look at a black man a definitively know that that person is a black man.

As to whether it is acceptable or unacceptable, we know that it is unacceptable because society as a whole (as throughout all of human history) has deemed it unacceptable due to laws of nature, which clearly illustrate that it is unnatural. Hence, it is unacceptable because it a perverted behavior.

1292 days ago


Elpablo, first of all, gay people are gay. Sexual orientation is a mental/emotional/romantic/affectional/sexual attraction towards the same and/or opposite sex. Not being able to "see" sexuality does not mean it is a behavior, that is a horrible argument. Secondly, sexual orientation is not defined by sex acts. And that is a perverted way of thinking.

As for "society has always condemned it", society also generally condemns women taking male-centric jobs and effectively taking the place of men. Saying what society "condemns" has no bearing WHATSOEVER on whether something is acceptable or unacceptable on it's merits. Since homosexuality is rampant in nature, clearly it is natural. And since gay in itself harms NO-ONE, it's obvious that anti-gay attitudes are unjust and irrational in nature. Which is why homophobia is classified as a personality disorder.

1292 days ago


Janet @ 54.

Actually, several. I live in FL and I see several tattooed with the words, either on their arm, or i've seen some girls with it on the back of their necks. Also, the term redneck for them too.

sorry, you failed again.

1292 days ago


Lisa, that is such an uppity attitude. Congrats, you're a strong person. Not everyone is so strong. Some people are most sensitive. Especially given the fact we aren't talking about heterosexual women such as yourself. We are talking about gay men, who are denigrated daily. And specifically, gay YOUNG ADULTS, TEENS AND KIDS. So, yeah, when your basic existence is under attack, you will be more sensitive. Gay people have that right. And since homophobia is something you can't just avoid, it's not something that can just be blocked out. It's real. The f-word has power, which is why it's used. Words have power. Words have meanings. Words kill. Instead of making excuses for terrible language and hateful beliefs, we all need to do our parts in eliminating these things from society and making the world a better place for ALL.

1292 days ago


There are still THIS many anti-lgbt people in the world? So much for crawling out of the dark ages. Carry on with your squabbling little ones.

1292 days ago
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