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GLAAD -- The NBA Must PUNISH Kobe Bryant

4/13/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA "must take action" against Kobe Bryant for dropping a homophobic slur during last night's Lakers game ... so says the head of the most influential gay rights group on the planet.


TMZ spoke with Jarrett Barrios -- President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation  -- who tells us, "[Kobe's] statement is a start, but the NBA must now take action."

Barrios continues, "No matter the intent, slurs like this fuel intolerance. The NBA has a chance to show leadership by taking disciplinary measures and sending a message that words like this have no place in sports."

The GLAAD honcho adds, "All sports leagues have a responsibility to create a safe environment for fans, employees and players.“

Kobe released a statement saying he didn't mean to offend anyone when he used the words "f**king f**got" last night ... but he never really apologized for using the slur.


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shut the f....up GLAAD you dont speak for the publice, there is sure a thing calling freedom of speak and to have a personal opinion. I tired of you homo's trying to tell society how to thing and feel.

1254 days ago


Chris, that's actually not true. Medical science has stated nothing of the sort. There has been no conclusive proof as to whether they are born that way or not. It's homosexual activists that have perpetuated that myth. The point you miss in your argument is that race is a non-transferrable, immutable characteristic, while homosexuality is a behavior. Totally different. One cannot decide to be straight as this is natural. Case in point, heterosexuality leads to reproduction. Homosexuality does not. Thus, it is clearly unnatural.

1254 days ago

t jam     

GLAAD they have something to cry about again ,, big lawsuit time i guess

1254 days ago


Just stop already. OK your organization said what it had to now quit trying to get media attention by using a superstar athlete to get your point across. Tell the camera people to get out of athletes faces. You made your point and got the attention of people....not just stop with all the PC crap!

1254 days ago


The only person who deserves an apology is the ref nobody else.

1254 days ago


Kobe Bryant comitted crime on national TV when he said "f**king f**got" towards an NBA ref last night. Kobe comitted aggrevated assault and because it was broadcast live it is also a hate crime. These are two very serious offenses, anyone who watched the event can file charges against him. When Kobe utters these hate words he is speaking for the NBA and the channel that broadcasts his speech.

Both the NBA and the channel that covered his hate speech can be fined by the FCC. If they are both fined by the FCC then Kobe can be charged federally for a hate crime.

The United States Federal Government has a duty to it's citizens to take legal action against those that abuse and break the rules of it's Federal Communication Commission Department. Your tax dollar funds the FCC and the FCC is not functioning properly when they do not fine Koba Bryant for comitting a hate crime.

There is no restriction or leway for Hate Crimes in the United States, celebrities and sports figures are all treated the same. Except in this instance, Kobe apperently is above the law.

1254 days ago


Uh oh - the report buttons are on. This thread will go from 6 pages to 1 in less than a minute. bwahahaha

1254 days ago


Suzanne, freedom of speech has nothing to do with responsibility of what you say. Kobe said something, with his freedom of speech he was allowed to make his statement, and for every action, there is a reaction.

1254 days ago


GLAAD is the biggest bully on the block, and if you say so, they will beat you up.

1254 days ago


If you believe Kobe Bryant was not guilty of a hate crime last night then try the same thing when you go to work tommorow.

1254 days ago


If Kobe was a rapper it would be an entirely different story or if he would have called the referee a white ****** it would have been a different story, or if Kobe was a lesser known player it would have been a different story.

It's only because Kobe is an exceptional basketball player for a team that people want to see win another championship that the majority of people think this is no big deal. SMH.

1254 days ago


Angel32la, there is nothing PC about demanding equal treatment.

ElPablo, sex is not just for procreation. Homosexuality is rampant in nature. People who choose their sexuality are bisexually-oriented. Lastly, sexual orientation is a result of a complex combination of genetic, biological, hormonal and individual-specific environmental factors.

There is no reason to be anti-gay. Even if it were a choice, people have the right to make choices without discrimination.

1254 days ago


You don't have to cater to the gay community, but you sure as hell can't, in 2011, denigrate them and expect to get away with it. It simply isn't going to happen. A lot of people think gay people are weak. Well, they're getting tough now. It's up to everyone else to realize that this is a group of human beings who deserve the same treatment as everyone.

Flyboy, how in the hell did he denigrate them? This is where you and most other people completely disagree.


I guess I will just never understand your logic. But hey, that's what makes the world go round.

1254 days ago


Seriously this is dumb. Whether people like it or not words such as f*gg*t, gay and even n*gg*r are part of the American vernacular. Words evolve and change like everything else. Maybe Kobe was commenting on a cigarette, or a heavy bundle of sticks...well of course not, but you get my drift. Words evolve and change like everything else. We all have those words we use in anger or hilarity which are not politically correct "n*gga please" or "that is sooo gay" come to mind. Was Kobe in the wrong here? Yes. But this off-with-his-head mentality over a lip-read phrase is simply ridiculous.

1254 days ago


Hey GLAAD, The UK has a dish called F..gots and Peas.-Yes it's an actual dish. Do you want an apology from them too.

1254 days ago
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