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GLAAD -- The NBA Must PUNISH Kobe Bryant

4/13/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA "must take action" against Kobe Bryant for dropping a homophobic slur during last night's Lakers game ... so says the head of the most influential gay rights group on the planet.


TMZ spoke with Jarrett Barrios -- President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation  -- who tells us, "[Kobe's] statement is a start, but the NBA must now take action."

Barrios continues, "No matter the intent, slurs like this fuel intolerance. The NBA has a chance to show leadership by taking disciplinary measures and sending a message that words like this have no place in sports."

The GLAAD honcho adds, "All sports leagues have a responsibility to create a safe environment for fans, employees and players.“

Kobe released a statement saying he didn't mean to offend anyone when he used the words "f**king f**got" last night ... but he never really apologized for using the slur.


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Actually, any slur isn't polite in a civil society. The Gay community hasn't cornered the market on that. Everyone gets treated like crap at one time or another. It's called LIFE. Suck it up and move on. This is the goofiest story evah...

1292 days ago


I'm so damn sick of those effing ***gots! I like Kobe more now.

1291 days ago


Freedom of speech is obviously gone in the land of the "free"! Welcome to Europe, people. Realize, however, that the q*eers have more rights than any of us and have the "freedom" to bash all that disagree with them! Hypocrisy to the max.

1291 days ago


I know the perfect punishment.

Kobe should let this ref f**k him up the a*s on center court at his next game to prove he is OK with f**gots.

It would be most PC of him. Plus save him that huge gay fine, LOL.

1291 days ago


I'm losing respect for these ***s. Crying over everything just worry about figure skating then work up to aggressive sports. Like oral progressing to anal sex

1291 days ago


what if someone started going after the gay rights groups claiming they were being racist for going after kobe they would be shocked and think they were crazy they need to think before acting just cause someone says says gay or other words pertaining to homosexuals doesnt mean they are homophobes it was said in the heat of the moment during a game im sure kobe doesnt go around shouting ***ot at gay people in his spare time!

1291 days ago


waaaa I'm gay, kobe made me cry waaaa

1291 days ago


I think that the NBA has to do a heck of a lot more than simply fine Kobe Bryant. I think he should be made sit out games. What he said reveal something about his character, or lack there of. Kobe Bryant revealed himself to be a biggot on the par of Archie Bunker. He has to realize that his words have an impact on the general public. The message that Bryant sent to fans was that it was ok to hate people in the LGBT community. I for one, do not think this is acceptable.

Btw, I have to take ESPN and other sports outlets to task for shoving this story to the side, when the Barry Bonds verdict came out. It is my personal opinion that what Bryant has does is far worse than anything that Barry Bonds may have done.

1291 days ago


Wow! There are a lot of "straight" men out there full of hate for the gay community. It's just a reminder how far we have NOT come. It's frightening to think these people have children and they are probably being taught hate and a lack of tolerance. What other group is on your hate list? I did not select gay on the form they gave me at birth. I WAS BORN THIS WAY! I know plenty of men who chose to be "straight" to save them the embarrassment and harrassment many have experienced. They were raised to believe your are a deviant. My parents let me work it out for myself. I didn't want to live a lie! As an American we all have rights. Please be tolerant of your neighbors and do not spew hateful rhetoric out of ignorance or FEAR!

1291 days ago


If the Supreme court said the Westboro Baptist crazies can stand at funerals and call soldiers ***, then whats the problem.

1291 days ago


@Flyboy- The fact of the matter is that I have nothing against gays! I could really care less, but when ever grown men or women have to watch what they say because someone might get their feelings hurt, when what was said wasn't even directed at them, I believe that is BS! Kids that didn't even know those words wouldnt be able to distinguish what was said anyways! Tell me that he can't say what he did and that breaks his constitutional rights as an American so flyboy chew on that!

1291 days ago


Hey TMZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee, Is it just me or are the post numbers GONE ? How can you reference what JOEBLOW said on page 1 versus what he said on page 5000? ...........just saying

1291 days ago


Since when is it a crime in this country to speak your mind? I'm all for supporting gay rights but come on people! The first amendment gives us the right to free speech and offensive speech is covered in it. If you are offended that someone says something derogatory against you, you do not have the right to pursue justice. Suck it up, quit being a ***** and move on!

1291 days ago


Actually this constant PC BS is a larger cause of intolerance. Bitch, whine, piss and moan about everything. Its truly tiring. Get over it already, pull up your big girl/boy/tranny panties and quit looking for things to be offended by.

1291 days ago
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