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Kobe Bryant

Homophobic Slur

During NBA Game?

4/13/2011 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant appeared to hurl a homophobic slur towards an NBA referee during a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game last night ... and it was all caught on tape.

It happened during the 3rd quarter after Kobe got hit with a technical foul. The NBA star -- clearly upset -- screams for the ref (Bennie Adams) and appears to mouth the words, "F**king f**got."

One of the announcers then comments, "You might wanna take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching."

UPDATE: A rep for the team tells us, "The Lakers can not confirm that is what Kobe said or not."

Story developing ...

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Umm... I'm gay and I'm not at all offended by what he says. There are plenty of gay people who call one another "gay" all the time, and they're fining him... because...? I swear this damn country is full of nothing but bigots, idiots, and hypocrites. When the US is out of the $1 billion dollar deficit, then we can talk.

1266 days ago

find better people to look up to kids    

It's funny how all the guys say "who cares what he said?"... I bet if he said something that offended you, you'd care!
If you want sports news go to ESPN. You criticize TMZ, they are a media for gossip, so stop commenting about a gossip video if you feel its not a big deal.
At least Kobe was somewhat of a man and he apologized.

1266 days ago

Skeeter McCoy    

Don't push Kobe too far... he might just haul off and rape somebody.

1266 days ago


What a joke! You guys stirred up the pot over this? TMZ you need to go away...for real. What a waste of time, media coverage, etc.

We have all done something like this during our lives....including you "Harvy"

1266 days ago


What does this matter, who cares what he said, those type of things are said about 40 billion times every day.....

1266 days ago


The bible says thou shall not lay down with man as a woman. Period. I don't care about what names these ***s are being called. And the next white man that says, being called a *** like being called a ****, let me tell I can put a penise in a man butts and Im a *** with a choice. Being black never comes off. White man It's doesn't rub off!

1265 days ago


Noone actually heard him say ****en ***got.. For all I know he said FACKIN FATASS

1265 days ago


Seriously? The whole point is to offend when you say Fu@# you or ***g0+ to someone. That's what he was trying to do! If that's even what he said in the first place. He's probably said a lot of other things that have offended other people around him as well. If he called him a c0c# $uc#er or a ***** would it be any different? Even Fu@# you is offensive enough. That's the point "retards" (the new offensive word). The same people crying over this are the firs one's to curse someone out when they get cut off. TMZ should go to work for the FBI analyzing and reading lips on satellite video feeds, since they are just THAT good. Story developing...

1265 days ago


Saying Fu@# you to someone is just as disrespectful as calling them a ***g0+. Is TMZ rating slams now? The whole point of saying something like that is to TOTALLY offend (if he even said that). Maybe TMZ should go to work for the CIA and start reading lips from satellite video, because obviously they're just that good. Story developing...

1265 days ago


I love the Lakers but I hate Kobe, this makes me hate him even more!!!

1265 days ago


F**CKING FA**OT! ! What’s the big deal?….
Well, those were some of the last words that Matthew Shepard heard as he was being pistol-whipped, beaten to his death and left tied to a fence. In the past year, they are also the words used to embarrass, shame and hurt many of the teenage boys who felt that the only way out of the nightmare that they were living was to take their own lives. I think that makes those words and hate speech a HUGE F**CKING deal.

1264 days ago


who gives a good hooot freedom of speech, if you like the lakers you like the lakers so what my goodness who cares whether you like Kobe or not I'm sure he doesn't get over it....... i am a celtic fan all they way not a hater at all

1262 days ago


I seriously hope that the guy who said the gay population is only 1.3%. that research was flawed, and for anyone to actually believe that is a moron. go on craigslist of your big cities. in the M4M sections and then review that number again.

1256 days ago


kobe sucks but wat he did waz right

1251 days ago


Gentlemen, this is not just a little angry leave it to their fans went through that little thing I can not believe Ohoho... if you fell ill and then you damn you ...

1247 days ago
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