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Kobe Bryant

Homophobic Slur

During NBA Game?

4/13/2011 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant appeared to hurl a homophobic slur towards an NBA referee during a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game last night ... and it was all caught on tape.

It happened during the 3rd quarter after Kobe got hit with a technical foul. The NBA star -- clearly upset -- screams for the ref (Bennie Adams) and appears to mouth the words, "F**king f**got."

One of the announcers then comments, "You might wanna take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching."

UPDATE: A rep for the team tells us, "The Lakers can not confirm that is what Kobe said or not."

Story developing ...

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here we go again! freedom of speach and having an opinion other then a excepted one is forbidden. the first ammendment has been trashed! i don't care for cobie, but he has the right to openly say what he wants weither ***ots like it or not!

1239 days ago


This is what it comes down to. People are dying. Gay AND straight people are being abused with this language. It causes depression, it ruins lives, and it harms society. Kobe Bryant is one of the top sports figures in the world. He has a lot of child/teenage/young adult followers. Kobe using this sort of language gives power to this sort of language, and that is wrong. It is NOT OK to use fa**ot. It isn't OK to use the n-word. It isn't OK to use anti-female slurs. It isn't OK to use a part of who someone is, and use is as a pejorative denigration against others. It's wrong. And THAT is why this is an issue.

If you do not feel this is wrong, you either have a lack of respect towards others, or a lack of empathy completely. Probably both. And definitely immaturity. You can get angry and make a point without needing to use hateful language.

1239 days ago


Fa**ot comes from when gay people were in older centuries were searched for, rounded up, and burned at the stake. The original definition of the word is bundle of sticks. Well, basically, gay peoples' bodies were used as sticks, and their ashes were used to keep the fires going. So when people say it's "not homophobic", the word is LOADED in homophobia and is HOMOPHOBIC IN NATURE. It's a homophobic word, period. And if you had ANY sort of decency and respect towards gay people, you wouldn't use it. But the truth is, a lot of people have no respect towards gay people at all. And that's what the heart of this issue is. People don't take this seriously because they don't take gay people seriously and don't care about gay people. And that's a damn shame.

1239 days ago


Lastly, for those who say "freedom of speech", "oversensitive" and "quit making a big deal, quit crying", freedom of speech has nothing to do with hate speech. Hate speech is hate speech. You have the right to be hateful but in a civil society, people are condemned for that hate. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you do NOT have responsibility for what you say. You do. You have responsibility for your actions. And it most certainly is NOT oversensitive to stand up for yourself, which is what gay people are doing. They are standing up for themselves in the face of BULLIES who think they can just say and do whatever they want to them, or about them, or use who they are or any anti-gay when they please. Well, gay people are human beings. They have feelings, and they have backbones, and they aren't going to just allow themselves to be dehumanized.

If you want to be a homophobic dolt, go ahead. Does it make me gay to realize you are an ugly hearted person? No. And does it make me intolerant to speak out against intolerant hate speech? No. Hate is hate. Treat others the way you want to be treated. That's all this is about. Respect human beings.........as human beings.

1239 days ago


OK so when gay people use the word "bit*ch" should I be offended? Can we get videos of that too so I can snivel? Get over it.

1239 days ago


If you use fa**ot then you are at least slightly anti-gay. It's that simple. If you know the impact it has on gay people, and you either don't care or simply use it anyway, then that shows that your heart, you don't have that "Oh, I shouldn't do this, it's wrong." Obviously, you don't think it's wrong to be anti-gay, then. And you don't have that impulse in your head that tells you being anti-gay is wrong. I don't use anti-gay slurs when I'm mad. I know they are wrong. And it's not just a word. It's a statement. And a statement loaded in homophobic and misogynistic complexities.

Lastly, for the people who say "people choose to be gay". Well, people choose to be religious. Why do religious folks get up in arms whenever someone calls them out in anything they do? People choose to be fat. Is it OK to mock fat people? Why is it somehow OK to mock gay people? Oh, is it because you think gay people are sub-human? That's it.

There is no "disagreeing" here. And yes, whenever someone says something even slightly derogatory against gay people, they should and will be called out. Wrong is wrong, and being anti-gay is wrong, period. Unless you want to start being called breeders, n*ggers and c**ts daily, then I would advise you all to stop using anti-gay slurs, and think about what your saying before saying it.

1239 days ago

Thomas Indigo    

Wow, just wow. What a sore loser.

1239 days ago


It's playoff time stay away from the game if you have to monitor every word a player says...You of all people Harvey should be ashamed as many filthy words that you let others call each other on this website...GET THE F OVER IT!

1239 days ago


Loloagogo, why don't you get over your anti-gay attitude. B*tch isn't the same as fa**ot. One word has one CLEAR meaning. The other word does not.

Also, to Mikey. 1.3% of people are gay? Um, yeah right. Also, if you don't like men who have anal sex with other guys, why do you think about it? Why do you even care? I don't, I'm not gay. It doesn't affect me. People who base a gay persons' life on the sex they have are pretty perverted, but that is no surprise, as homophobia is a personality disorder.

1239 days ago


oh.. just let it go. pathetic and trivial news.

1239 days ago


What does that make you, slit. The keyboard warrior you are.

I find it so funny how keyboard warriors have no problem using all kinds of slurs in the protection of their own home, but never would in real life. And you call others fa**ots? Irony.

1239 days ago


Get over it!!!!! People need to lighten up. It's not like he took a bat and beat one.

1239 days ago


Chris, it's easy to say "lighten up" when you aren't the one being denigrated.

1239 days ago


Gosh, I'm shocked that someone who themselves is part of a protected class of people would dare to say something derogatory about another. I mean my goodness, if anyone were to say anything remotely hinting about Kobe being a person of color, the NAACP and Al Sharpton would make a federal case out of it. Just goes to show, even those who themselves take offense at the words of others are capable of offending. Free speech only seems to apply to those who are perfect, last time I checked, no one is perfect though and this is but one example. Next.....

1239 days ago


Who gives a crap!!! PC is so retarded. I'm from Ca and say all the words that liberals consider offensive :). I don't recycle and I leave my lights on all day long :).

1239 days ago
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