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Kobe Bryant

Homophobic Slur

During NBA Game?

4/13/2011 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant appeared to hurl a homophobic slur towards an NBA referee during a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game last night ... and it was all caught on tape.

It happened during the 3rd quarter after Kobe got hit with a technical foul. The NBA star -- clearly upset -- screams for the ref (Bennie Adams) and appears to mouth the words, "F**king f**got."

One of the announcers then comments, "You might wanna take the cameras off of him right now, for the children watching."

UPDATE: A rep for the team tells us, "The Lakers can not confirm that is what Kobe said or not."

Story developing ...

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lakers 1#

1255 days ago

Gynine Montalto    

Remember the days when you could call someone a ***got and it had nothing to do with being gay. God where are those days????

1255 days ago


So what if he said "***GOT"?!?! Its pathetic, society is getting pathetic...

1255 days ago


Kobe hasn’t been the first player to use the word. Please bring this to the attention of the NBA, as there have been other people who are using these slurs.

Kenyon Martin:

Michael Jordan:
“Flaming … ” That was the first word. One of life’s other “f” words followed. It came in succession. It came from Michael Jordan’s mouth. The words never reached Kwame Brown’s ears, they went straight to his heart.


“As a leader Jordan proved more tormentor than mentor. Many Washington players got the business end of a Jordan harangue, but he designated second-year forward Kwame Brown as the whipping boy, referring to him, as reported by The Washington Post, as a “flaming ***got.” A source told SI that Jordan ritually reduced Brown to tears in front of the team. Brown, whom Jordan took with the first pick in the 2001 draft, showed flashes of brilliance, but his confidence was lacerated by a player who was once his idol. “Michael was tough,” Wizards assistant John Bach tells SI. “But that’s just who he is, attempting to make [his teammates] better. “

1254 days ago


QQ much Kobe?

1254 days ago


"homophobic slur"? Since when is not agreeing with homosexuality automatically homophobia? Oh wait, that's right, since entitled whiny little drama queens exploded with rage at the mere mention of a word they don't agree with. Gee.. exploding with rage at someone who mentions something specific sounds kinda heterophobic don't you think? Shame on you TMZ. Shame on you for trying to tarnish someone's name based on a quasi offensive word that everyone and their grandma uses.

1254 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Should I turn myself in? That would be the only way to punish the rest of us who spit out words like that. We All have said things that we wish we could take back.

If homosexuals are that insecure, perhaps they should check further into their lifestyle and grow with it, or make a change.

#2....That sounds like an invitation.

1254 days ago


How is this homophobic? Kobe was so afraid of the ref (that we don't even know is gay or not) that he spouted off obscenities? No!
Did he say something that he probably shouldn't have said? Yes!
I'm more concerned with the fact that he hit his teammate that was only trying to remove the towel from his chair.

1254 days ago


WHO CARES!?!?!?! What he says to himself on the sidelines should not be news!! You GLAAD people going to start monitoring our cell phone calls next? Crazies.....

1254 days ago


I say that chit all the time, since I was a kid beating up boys after school for getting outta line. It messed up the rest of the school year when I said the exact same thing. LOLOLOLOL

1254 days ago


Why is this a story??? Because his comment is utterly reprehensible. Ask yourself this question, if it was a white player shouting at a black referee "f-cking n----" would it be a story??? Of course it would be, which is precisely why this is a story.

1254 days ago


Ha! Kobe is funny as hell...get over it...

1254 days ago


how does this not surprise me, he always was and always will be a lowlife. but so many stupid people just let these idiots slide.

stop buying nike products and maybe these people will change their tune.

1254 days ago


Kobe is the best player in the NBA and the World. He has the right to say anything he wants, who cares if he said "****ing ***got". It doesn't hurt anyone.

1254 days ago


It's time we address the gay community and their lack of respect for the straight community. Who made you THE authority on how we dress. EVERY TIME there's an awards show or event....The Oscars, The Grammys, anything with a Red Carpet, the people who are there to be honored half to walk out of their limousines and immediately be criticized by Cojo and the likes on how they appear or how horrible they look. That's blantant heckling in their own subtle way of making fun. Since when did HE become the authority on what looks good and what doesn't? That's Heterophobia.....But if we sat and criticized him on his appearance.....Called him the Posterboy for Savers or Goodwill, he'd have a fit. It's time to stop the attacks and let people wear what they want to wear. Get it Straight, STOP HETEROPHOBIA NOW!!!! (SHNOW)

1254 days ago
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