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Kobe Bryant's Rant Under NBA Review

4/13/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's homophobic outburst and sideline tantrum is being reviewed by NBA honchos ... TMZ has learned.

Kobe Bryant Playoffs

Our NBA sources say league execs are taking a closer look at last night's game footage -- where Kobe is seen mouthing what looks very much like, "F**king fa**ot."

It's unclear what kind of punishment the league could bring down on Kobe ... but suspension or a fine is a dangerous possibility with the playoffs about to start.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination) has also  contacted the Lakers organization regarding the incident. 

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nobody important    

He might be a cheater but he was never in prison for rape. ****ing idiots quit throwing "rapist" out there.

Posted at 10:34 AM on Apr 13, 2011 by N.O.Lady

And OJ didn't murder his wife and Ron Goldman, right? Just sayin....

1289 days ago

Jim in Cali    

stupid story. I could care less what Kobe said or didn't say. Off to Sacramento to shut up the Queens.

1289 days ago


N.O Lady..right on!

1289 days ago


Are you kidding me? Number one, you can't tell what he said, number two, have you ever been to a professional basketball game? Sit near the floor and every word is F*** this and f*** that. No wonder our kids are such wimps.

1289 days ago


These pansies need to man up.

Homos are so gay...

1289 days ago


@ 10:23 I Agree.

All of you posting comments about offended get tougher skin. You can't try and destroy everyone's life who you believe to have said something that offends you. Show's how primitive we really are. The LGBTC jumps on any and everything they perceive to be homophobic. You've made great strides but I really wish you'd toughen up and not jump on everything. When AA do it they are told to "Get Over It". and really it's all you could do cause the anger and venom would eat you alive.

Re: The Refs, if some of you actually watched BB you'd know the dirty tricks these Ref's Play. One is in Federal Prison right now for making calls like the one that angered Kobe last night. Now that he's made the statement I wonder if there's some DL activity going on with Refs and player's that causes them to make calls certain ways. I wouldn't doubt it. This industry is just as wicked as Entertainment, in fact one in the same.

1289 days ago


Damn, this has hit the fan FAST. Well, this is a great thing. This hopefully will open up dialogue to create understanding as to why anti-gay slurs are unacceptable in every way. Kobe Bryant is a role model, like it or not. And not condemning this hate speech gives a condoning message of the speech, that is not acceptable. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This isn't about PC, it's about respect.

1289 days ago


@ME is being gay a race? Did I miss something? People call others names all the time do we have to stop the world because someone calls u ugly or fat, or stupid or a punk? This is ridiculous and u don't know what the second word was so get over it and don't watch sports..Damn, u can't even watch tennis without someone getting angry.

1289 days ago


Who cares.... We grew up saying stuff like that.. It's not to insult someone.. It's like saying oh that's GAY!! Or he's a ***.. Not literely.. Get a life people.

1289 days ago


I love kobe man.. i agree with him 100 percent.. fu*&ing Fa$#@
to hell you all go

1289 days ago


To EVERYONE AND ANYONE who says the gay community is too sensitive. The SECOND you gain any understanding of what it is like to be denigrated on an EVERY DAY BASIS solely for who you are, you have the right to be critical of the gay community. But in this world where gay people are being KILLED, are committing SUICIDE and are getting into sexual diseases and drug use because they are on the DL due to SOCIETAL HOMOPHOBIA, you have absolutely NO RIGHT AT ALL to EVER criticize gay people for being sensitive. You have no idea what they go through. How disrespectful to trivialize their plight.

1289 days ago


Political correctness is becoming retarded.


1289 days ago

nobody important    

Hey let's really piss 'em all off....it's time for the following

Miss White America
WET - white entertainment television

I don't get offended but being called a f**** straight person. Get over it...stupid ass liberals

1289 days ago


WTF does Kobe Bryant's views on a group of people have to do with his skills as BBall player? Is he your friend? Do you hang out with him? Why the heck should he even get a fine or suspension, wtf is this high school ??

1289 days ago


That may very well be true, Dann.

Oh, and the whole "it's not meant to be offensive". The word is used negatively, right? So how is it not meant to be offensive? People don't use it to show their love for one another. They use it to offend. And since the word goes back to gay people being burned at the stake and their bodies used as ashes, they most certainly have the right to check anyone who uses it. The word is offensive and the word is homophobic. If you have any decency towards gay people and for yourselves, you would just find a different word to use.

Because, really, the English language is large. People are SO QUICK to defend the use of this slur, but it's not because of "PC". It's because you are defending homophobia. Homophobia is a disease. Time to cure those afflicted and remove it from society.

1289 days ago
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