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Kobe Bryant's Rant Under NBA Review

4/13/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant's homophobic outburst and sideline tantrum is being reviewed by NBA honchos ... TMZ has learned.

Kobe Bryant Playoffs

Our NBA sources say league execs are taking a closer look at last night's game footage -- where Kobe is seen mouthing what looks very much like, "F**king fa**ot."

It's unclear what kind of punishment the league could bring down on Kobe ... but suspension or a fine is a dangerous possibility with the playoffs about to start.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination) has also  contacted the Lakers organization regarding the incident. 

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This is some retarded sh*t! Basketball is a physical sport and sometimes sh*t happens where players get fustrated and say things in the heat of the moment! Now GLAAD want to jump up and act all offended just to sound important... I can assure you kobe was not thinkin about any gays or lesbians when he said it... Bunch of BS!!! F**king fa**ots!!!!!

1267 days ago


Susanne, gay people are entitled to use words that are inherently about them and their sexuality. It's their words. Just like the n-word is the black communities' word. It's their word. Gay people don't SLUR each other using these words. When people like Kobe Bryant use them in the way he did, he meant it as a slur. That is when it crosses the line.

Tek, why are you so obsessed with male anal sex. Weird.

TheRicker, I'm not mistaken whatsoever, but you can google it to find out for yourself. Fa**ot is a word LOADED in homophobia. And the way it's used, like "your a b*tch" or you're less of a man, are anti-gay stereotypes. It's homophobia. And if you don't think homophobia is a disease, then you're part of the problem.

1267 days ago


So what if he said that...It's a basketball game and trash talking is part of it...if you don't like it, there are a lot more other things to watch on tv...those who are over reacting obviously haven't played the sport...

1267 days ago


@Flyboy WTF was that for? If your angry about my full acceptance line, it wasn't just about the gay community, ya douche. It was a message to everyone who bitches about be insulted and actually cares what other people say.

1267 days ago


I"m not a sports fan but I have read how other ballers, who have called players or coaches, etc. out of their name, have been given a suspension, a large fine, or worse.

I'm thinking, whatever they do, it will be a slap on the wrist just because it's Kobe. Shall we get the bets going? I say a large fine and nothing else. He definitely won't be suspended that's for sure. SMH.

1267 days ago


People like nobody important actually believe they are entitled in thinking they are above others and they are victims when they are NOT coddled for being white, straight, religious and middle-to-upper class.

Gay is not a race? Is that your argument? Religion isn't a race. Should we discriminate against Christians?

BTW, sexual orientation isn't a choice. It's an orientation. Meaning an attraction. Learned that in 4TH GRADE. Wonder why you didn't. Maybe you didn't pay attention in class.

1267 days ago


SO WHAT! Get over it. I will say the same thing today if someone cuts me off... The only difference is Kobe has a lot of money and people want to use anything they can to get a piece of his money. These people can't make money on their own, so they target other people with money so they can get their hands on it... They are the REAL pieces of S%%%

1267 days ago


What about Dana White of UFC yelling anti-gay slurs last year? He didn't get in any trouble. Cover this TMZ.

1267 days ago

Mick Russom    

Rape allegations. Ok.
Infidelity and adultery. ok.

Using a word that offends ~2% of the population, a 2% that is diseased and abnormal. No ok.

I love moral relativism.

1267 days ago


I knew nothing about homosexuals or what that was until I worked in a dinner theatre (hell of an education)

I really liked this guy and we got along great and I could not figure out why he would not ask me out, what was I doing wrong. Turns out, I had the wrong body parts. Richie is homosexual. It had nothing to do with me, I felt like a fool because everyone knew but me, Richie was more upset because he thought our friendship was over, 25 years later still the best of friends.

Every homosexual I know have said the same thing, they new this very early on. I know this because out of not understanding, courious and asking questions was told. I learned.

1267 days ago


I'm sorry for coming on strong, Jake, but what you said was sort of abrasive. You're basically saying gay people are too sensitive. Dude, no they aren't. Not when they are being denigrated daily. Also, this isn't about acceptance. And that's sort of offensive too, because it's like gay people "need" straight people to live, and they don't. But what they do need is respect, decency and the ability to live their lives openly without being discriminated against.

I'm sorry if I offended you, but we all need to look at the bigger picture here. This is way more than just a petty issue.

1267 days ago

nobody important    

Quit buying tickets to the games, watching it on TV, buying the things athletes sponsor, endorse or promote. They won't be millionaires or role models. But then again, we'll pay their unemployment. On second thought....tune in every chance you get.

1267 days ago


" Force him to watch Glee for 24 hours 'straight'

Posted at 10:20 AM on Apr 13, 2011 by Dan



1267 days ago


Don't we have freedom of speech, or at least we did have. If that what he thinks, it is his right to say what he thinks. That phrase has been used a long time. No one ever said anything until the world has become tolerant of ***ots.

1267 days ago


This whole thing is GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People can't say anything anymore without all these advocates starting crap! I say ***got and gay all the time and I'm no where near being homophobic. My best friend is gay. They need to spend more time on serious matters and less on this kinda dumb ****!

1267 days ago
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