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Kobe Apologizes to Gay Rights Group

4/13/2011 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant just got off the phone with the president of a gay rights organization -- and apologized for using a gay slur last night ... TMZ has learned.


Bryant spoke with Human Rights Campaign honcho Joe Solmonese -- who tells TMZ, "I applaud Kobe Bryant for his swift apology. We had a very sincere conversation in which he expressed his heartfelt regret for the hurt that his words caused."

Solmonese adds, "He told me that it’s never OK to degrade or tease, and that he understands how his words could unfortunately give the wrong impression that this is appropriate conduct."

"At the end of a difficult day, I applaud Kobe for coming forward and taking responsibility for his actions."

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If he's appealing his fine then he most definitely is NOT taking responsibility for his actions. *******.

1289 days ago


Kobe I understand what you are going through I'm oppenly gay and play proffesinal soccer in Mexico and when I got upset, I used the same words. My suggestion for you is to come to our show "Weho Sports"
which aim to talk about gay athletes, gay teams and people that support them. I know you didn't meant any harm to anyone

1289 days ago


wow, talk about hate speech. you know, the only gay people you ever hear about are the ones throwing it in your face. we are not all san fran swishers. we play sports, don't like madonna, work our asses off and hope at the end of the day that we don't have to hide anything. last time i checked half the straight men i talked to shoved their penis in some girls ass and yet we are being called gross/dirty for it? you can't blame an entire group for the mistakes of a few (to the person insinuating gay people are rapists). people are so misguided, hateful and greedy these days that who you sleep with is completely irrelevant. the whole gay marriage thing is only because the US government wont give us equal rights. if a white ref called kobe a n***** then you maybe get a small insight into what type of hate-speech calling someone a *** is. trying to demean us with your words like we are the ones running this planet? we are a freaking social evolution to combat the over-population of this planet. last time i checked we were running out of resources and last time i researched the bible described aliens. furthermore last time i checked homosexuality was removed from the bible because they didn't feel it would be well accepted to the people they were trying to influence. is everyone on this forum that ignorant? do people think being a basketball star or little wayne is going to save this planet? wake the f up and learn something!

1289 days ago


Perhaps Kobe should consider how he would feel if someone called him the 'N' word...maybe then he'd understand how offended gay/lesbian groups are by his comment. (and I am NOT suggesting it's OK to use the 'N' word before you freak on my comment~! Just suggesting he take a look at the situation from that angle!

1289 days ago


right on elpablo;
it is not natures design nor is it healthy and reproductive, it is wrong, it is sinful, it is the beginning of the end for the human race and leads to our demise; (as written about Sodom and Gomorrah)

1289 days ago

PRO US    

he needs to apologize to woman he raped.

Posted at 6:41 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by david

He already did apologize for the incident to her and her family. He said "Sorry about that." He maintains it wasn't rape. He maintains it was consensual sex. You weren't there and the DA did not take the case to trial so we don't know what happened beyond what he said and what she said. He felt bad for committing infidelity, he said. He also felt real bad that she didn't let him ej-culate on her face. He bought his wife a nice, fat diamond ring to show how sorry he was. Let it go.

1289 days ago


Liberals, Ace? Um, one doesn't have to be a liberal to not be a bigot or think everyone requires equality. And, I don't know why people here are bringing up gay marriage or morality. The California vote was 3 years ago. Times have changed. There isn't anything wrong in being gay, but a lot wrong in being anti-gay, which is why you will CONTINUE seeing people having to take responsibility of their bigotry as society moves in a direction legalizing and respecting equality for all citizens.

1289 days ago

born free    

I'm pretty sure he was referencing a bundle of sticks. Also he could have been calling the guy a meatball.

*** has a lot of meanings. I call my smokes ***s. To each their own.

1289 days ago


I know that if I don't want to be a gay then I will not be a gay, and so do others. They have a choice. But what I don't understand is why I am being forced into accepting something I cannot accept. Let them live their life and let us live ours. Stop making it such a big deal. Stop PROMOTING it. I don't want children to think it's normal. It's NOT. A man ****ing a man and a woman ****ing a woman is NOT normal. What's their friggin point? I can't get no satisfaction.... Oh come on.

1289 days ago


ElPablo and Leo, sorry, but homophobia is not in nature and is unnatural. So, in fact, nothing you say makes sense whatsoever. And since homophobia is a personality disorder, I would hope both of you get help quickly in curing your affliction. Stop using religion as a justification of your hate.

1289 days ago


The Romans and Greeks used to do all kindsa gay stuff. I learned that in history class. Even Caesar prolly did and everyone likes him hell they named a salad and dressing after him and its yummy

haha im getting hungry lol

1289 days ago


what does this have to do with Charlie Sheen!?

1289 days ago


Sorry, N.O. Lady, I'm not Sam. Nor gay. And no, I'm not hurting anyone. Why you think SANE AND NORMAL heterosexuals think like you, I don't know. Most people realize that being anti-gay is wrong. For whatever reason, you don't, but that makes you an awful human being. Most people I know aren't awful human beings. If you weren't such an awful person, then maybe you would realize why anti-gay slurs are wrong. Nothing sensitive about respect for others and showing decency.

Janeny, what you basically have said is, I'm bisexual and choose to deny my homosexual feelings, because they are wrong Stop forcing me to think about these feelings or making them acceptable. I want everyone to be anti-gay like me.

No-one is forcing you to do anything. And no, you CHOOSE TO BE ANTI-GAY. So therefore, you choose the consequences. Period. You've made your own bed. Lie in it. Why don't you stop making a big deal about you not accepting something that you choose not to. Stop making a big deal, Janeny. Stop being anti-gay. Being anti-gay is not normal but you choose to be so, Janeny. So deal with the s**t that comes with it. It's your own problem.

1289 days ago


By no means am I a Kobe fan but what he said had nothing to do with gay people. ***got has meant many things over time, and it doesn't even refer to someone's sexual orientation anymore. It used to mean "a bundle of sticks" and now it means someone that you don't like. What Kobe said didn't mean that he thought the ref should take it in the butt, nor did he mean that the ref was a lesser human being for his sexual choices, which may or may not include taking it in the butt.

1289 days ago


Who cares!?! Really? People say that kind of stuff every day. It happens. Get the eff over it already.

1289 days ago
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