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Kobe Bryant

I Didn't Mean

To Offend Anyone

4/13/2011 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant has issued a statement about his homophobic outburst during last night's Lakers game -- essentially admitting to using the word "f**got" and explaining, “What I said last night should not be taken literally."

Kobe continues, "My actions were out of frustration during the heat of the game, period. "

He adds, "The words expressed do NOT reflect my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to offend anyone.”

As we previously reported, Kobe mouthed the words, "f**king f**got" towards an NBA referee last night after he was hit with a technical foul.


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OMG tee I hope you are not having any sort of role in your childrens education, you cant spell or put a sentence together. Its really a challege to take your arguement seriously when you type like a teenage girl.

1252 days ago


@Flyboy- Dumb used to refer to people who couldn't hear. So whenever you use dumb you're making a derogatory word towards deaf people. No use explaining other wise for such a "black and white" person. How dare you tease deaf people for not being able to hear. Just because they can't hear you doesn't mean that their feelings aren't hurt!

Well... at least to you, since you believe that everything is or isn't.

You just lost the game.

Posted at 1:24 PM on Apr 13, 2011 by Kitty So Stoned

You know that your information is invalid, don't you? If your facts aren't true then I do not think that you have won the game nor do I believe that Flyboy lost.

BTW- Dumb didn't mean deaf. It meant that someone was mute, as in, could not speak. The term was deaf and dumb when someone couldn't hear or talk.

1252 days ago


Get real, folks. If I call you a "son of a bitch" in the heat of the moment, I don't literally think you are the offspring of a female dog. This is a "sticks and stones may break my bones" situation. I think it is absolutely silly of the NBA to spend more than 10 minutes looking into this.

1252 days ago


Why do anti-gays obsess with MALE HOMOSEXUALITY so much? Especially MALE ANAL SEX. I guess the study showing 90% of homophobes having same-sex desires is true.

1252 days ago


You're a real piece of **** Sammy

1252 days ago


A lot of straight men are in to anal, try to find a straight porn that doesnt include it!

1252 days ago


Kobe Bryant -- I Didn't Mean To Offend Anyone

Yeah, you did. You wanted to offend that referee. Now buy the guy a giant diamond ring and all is forgiven.

1252 days ago


Kobe is going to backpedal right out of Staples Center to get out of this one. Kobe said it. Accept apology? Nah. Why should anyone. Then again, I never accept any next day apology from anyone. He said it. That is that. Do I think less of him? Not really. Kobe is merely a basketball player. His views/opinions mean nothing to me. I am never surprised by anything anyone says.

1252 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course he meant to offend someone. He meant to offend Ref Adams. That's what you do when you have an argument. You say something you know will piss the other person off. Most of us INTELLIGENT people, however, have a line that we draw, a brake, that keeps us from going too far. His history has proven that he has no such human mechanism. We all know what the consequences would've been had someone used the "n" word. Yeah, even in the heat of the moment, kobe. This is no different. It does not matter what his reputation as a player is, how high in the basketball echelon he is. How many blind fanatics he has following him. Nothing to do with it. This word, like many others, should never be spoken. Ever. There must be severe consequences, & I don't mean a bs fine or bs game suspension. Although they hate that crap when you mess with their money, don't they? Also, why would he pick that particular insult? Seems to me someone's struggling with his own masculinity issues & may want to SHUT THE F*** UP.

1252 days ago


He doesnt sign autographs through the mail and I'm still pissed about that so I hope karma gets him and he gets tons of hate mail from gays and lesbians.

1252 days ago


I just do not think it is acceptable to use a word that is meant to degrade an entire group of people. It is a word that is meant to offend. It is a word of hate and anger. It was even used during a moment of anger and hate. I don't like the word n*gger. I don't use it. I also don't put much stock into two black people using it jokingly to refer to each other as friends or family. Words may have different meanings and definitions. People use them differently. I think we can all agree that Kobe wasn't being playful. Also, I don't think he uses the word f*ggot to playfully tease one of his good gay friends. He uses it as a negative word and that showed.

1252 days ago


Stick to entertainment, geez f'n Harvey always jumping on **** like this on cause your gay. F'n ***gots!

1252 days ago


The word means one thing and one thing only. How was the word supposed to mean in the moment? Everyone has the right to Freedom of Speech but some words have heat behind it. It's like someone coming up to you and saying 'F*** your mother.' You'll get upset because, what does this guy mean? Why would he say that? F***** is a slang term used in a negative way to try and hurt the other person. Plain and simple. If he doesn't have a problem with homosexual people then why use a word that implies distaste for homosexuals. Apology not accepted.

1252 days ago


what kobe did is done by millions of people worldwide...he just got caught on tv doing it...women call other women names,men call other men names,kids call each other names...and then they claim its not said out of anger,yes it is...if you weren't angry you wouldn't have said it...kobes name slinging is just more proof that there still much hate in the world towards our fellow man/woman/child...like a great man said...in order to make a change in this world,we must start with the man in the mirror.

peace and love to all

tigerstyle ^_^

1252 days ago


offtheproperty, homophobia is a personality disorder.

1252 days ago
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