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Prince von Ahole -- Ve're Trying to Have Das BABY!!!!!

4/14/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Because one von Ahole isn't enough ... TMZ has learned zee Prince hit a fertility clinic in Los Angeles yesterday ... in an effort to PROCREATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


67-year-old von Ahole tells TMZ ... he blasted out a sperm deposit at a Beverly Hills clinic yesterday because he and his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor want to have a BABY using his DNA and the egg and womb of a surrogate mother.

Ahole tells us, "It was always my wife's dream for us to have a child ... and even though we won't be using any of her eggs, she would be thrilled to know I'm going through with this."

Prince adds, "I am so excited!! I hope Zsa Zsa is going to hang around for awhile.  I want her to see and hold the baby's hand. She will be a mother again at 95!! It was her wish to have a boy."

Just what L.A. needs -- another Ahole.



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Clone Wars    

Oh, M, G.

That is the funniest graphic I've seen on TMZ for quite some time.

1287 days ago


This is all just part of that s***bags angle to make sure he gets a bunch of her money and continue his completely worthless life until he dies. That baby won't get a cent because he'll spend it on himself. He's just destroying another human being by bringing a poor child into it. I really hate this douche. I pray he's cut from the will and the kid gets it all at 18.

1287 days ago


Please say it ain't so. This is a joke right. There should be a law against an old man adopting a baby. He needs to worry about his wife right now, not a newborn. I pray there is NOT somebody crazy enough to be a surrogate for that idiot. He is such an attention whore, it's not even funny.

1287 days ago


I am not a fan of writing laws to dictate behavior, but I cannot see how the world is a better place with this tool reproducing. A 95-year old mother? Oh please. That poor potential orphan.

Consider borrowing Octomom's womb, and buying her eggs. She's a proven producer and can use the extra dinero.

1287 days ago


awesome graphic for this "news", should win a webby.

1287 days ago


Exactly right! He wants a child now because then he can claim the child would be a rightful heir to any and all of Miss Zsa Zsa's holdings or at least make a fight in court that would last years and dry up the well for all concerned.
Maybe he should call an operator and she could reverse the charges.
Hey, Freddie! Have any knowledge of flipping a burger? No? Better start learning!

1287 days ago


Catch phrase is "My wife would be thrilled to know..." Okay the woman is barely conscious so how is she going to sign off on paperwork for this plan of Anhalt's?
Won't be too hard to prove Anhalt is bananas, have him committed and then raise the child via Zsa Zsa's daughter. Francesca gets control of the child and the estate. The old gigolo Anhalt is off in a mental institution or old folk's home dosed up on something to keep him quiet and calm.

1287 days ago


He's after one thing: An HEIR!

1287 days ago


How did he manage to do such special effects...?

1287 days ago


Try a last ditch effort to get the $$ away from her children and go to him. Plus, I find that photo very Disturbing

1287 days ago


Thanks for that scary picture! I don't think I will be the same.....

1286 days ago



1286 days ago


No way Jose! Zsa Zsa is way too old and too sick to even care for a child! Both she and Prince Frederic will be dead by the time that poor kid reaches 18.

Francesca has to step in and take care of your mother, while she's still alive and breathing, and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all!

Let a much younger and more healthier couple raise this baby. I'll bet that Eva, Magda, and Jolie are probably spinning in their graves over this.

1282 days ago


Oops! My fault. I meant that Francesca needs to step in and care for her mother as soon as possible.

1282 days ago
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