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'All My Children,'

'One Life to Live'


4/14/2011 3:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- the soap opera era is officially DEAD ... now that ABC has announced they have cancelled "All My Children" and "One Life to Live."

"All My Children" has been on the air since 1970 ... and "One Life to Live" debuted in 1968.

The only soap remaining on ABC is "General Hospital."

ABC released a statement saying, "Guided by extensive research into what today’s daytime viewers want and the changing viewing patterns of the audience, ABC is evolving the face of daytime television with the launch of two new shows."

The replacement shows will focus on health and food.

Shevonne -- our resident soap opera junkie -- is literally crying in the back of our office right now.


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People shouldn't assume that everybody who watches soap operas sit on their asses being couch potatoes. Some of us work out at gyms and lead active & productive lives. By adding additional shows regarding health & nutrition aren't going to make McDonald's & Burger King go away! People will do what they want to do regardless of the tv programming displays.

1287 days ago


health and food....
sex and deceit...
come on ABC who is your target audience at 1pm!!!

1287 days ago

Ms E    

bastids. I was named after Susan Lucci's character "Erica". How could they do this? How disappointing! I have been watching these two soaps since I was 12 years old and I am in my mid-30s. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, how many talk shows and reality shows do we need! UGH. Women are working now, so we don't have time to sit at home and watch soaps during the day, so why don't you schedule them to the late evenings or give them to a cable network you ABC morons. I really have nothing else to watch on this network now.

1287 days ago


I am so sick of food and health being shoved down my throat. I know what I need to do and how to eat but if I choose not to, no matter how many shows there are on the subject, will change my mind! Also, make the nutritious food more affordable otherwise just shut up!

1287 days ago


I'd also like to add that ABC's reasons are total BS. It's no secret that soaps ahve been struggling in this never-ending recession with high costs for production and large casts paired with erduced revenue fom ads.

Talk shows and "help" shows are much much cheaper to produce, hence more profitable.

The move is a cost-cutting measure to produce cheaper, more profitable daytime TV, and anything else that ABC claims that WE the viewers want is nothing but a flat-out lie, because it's the job of marketers to convince you the public that what corporate decides is best for corporate profits is for your own good.

1287 days ago


YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME??????????? ERICA MUST LIVE FOREVER! They should DUMP GH and leave the other 2. I grew up watching all 3 but AMC was THE BEST soap EVER. VERY SAD. All good things must come to an end but how are they going to end something like that after all those years? :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

1287 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Big mistake - Food and Health shows are a dime a dozen. No loyalty in such trash entertainment. A telenovela has loyalty. Maybe if the telenovela ended after a year or two, as opposed to carrying on for generations!

Food and health shows? lol kidding me?

1287 days ago


I can see why All my Children, but ONE LIFE TO LIVE, NO PLEASE NO

1287 days ago


Team Shevonne! Team Soaps!

1287 days ago


1st, although I don't watch the soaps anymore, I am sad because these are two of the three that I did watch.
2nd, is this why your website has been slow for the past week because of the changes made like peoples name & avatar? I hope that was the reason it was so slow cuz today it is fast like it use to be....I was almost ready to stop coming here. But since it has speeded back up, its ok!

1287 days ago


Shevonne's too pretty to be crying over spilled milk!!

1287 days ago


Finally something that touches Shevonnes heart. I heard General Hospital has a mob and two of the characters are after Howard Stern and his wife. Maybe it's time to give a soap a chance? Nah.

1287 days ago

Brenda peterson    

We don't need more health and cooking shows. How boring!!!! One life to live is the best. Please don't take them off.

1287 days ago


It's about time! The story lines were garbage and you would think those watching already knew about sex and didn't need pointers by watching another couple. Pathetic.

1287 days ago


Um... Howard... the new shows will have production costs and union contracts too. This is about how many people watch soap operas and not about Wisconsin Republicans screwing the middle class so they can give hand jobs and tax breaks to their corporate friends.

1287 days ago
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