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Charlie Sheen Cheats Smoking Law in Toronto

4/14/2011 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just found a way to skirt Toronto's strict anti-smoking laws during his show there -- lighting up an electronic cigarette.


Shortly after Charlie hit the stage in Toronto's Massey Hall ... our spies say he bragged about not having an ashtray and said he didn't need any cigs. However, a few minutes later he sparked up one of those electronic cigarettes.

Massey Hall management told TMZ they might shut down the show if Charlie lit up on stage because they could face up to $100,000 in fines from the city.

Charlie's been smoking almost non-stop during every other stop on the tour.

We're told he did light up some real tobacco though ... in front of fans who gathered outside the theater right before the show. 


By the way, so far so good ... the crowd inside is loving Sheen's act.

UPDATE 6:07PM PDT: Charlie just thumbed his nose at that letter from WB ... telling the crowd, "Negotiations with 'Two and a Half Men' are moving forward. We need to get in a room and fix this thing ... give the people what they want."

Stay tuned ...


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Sheen spoke about his love life, career and drugs. He also blamed the media for some of his problems.

"They just make **** up. The media," he said.


Who better to speak about making sh*t up than Charlie Sheen! He is the WARLOCK king of making sh*t up

1255 days ago


PRO US less than a minute ago
Review of Charlie's show from The Toronto Sun Newspaper:

Sheen torpedoes into Toronto



I thought this line from the review was priceless.

"He said his fallout with Warner Bros. was because they were telling lies about him."

1255 days ago


Amount paid to Charlie Sheen per Two 1/2 Men episode - Two Million Dollars

Fantasy Amount Charlie Sheen hopes to win in lawsuit - One Hundred Million Dollars

Never having to see Charlie on Two 1/2 Men AGAIN - PRICELESS

1255 days ago

PRO US    

"@RR: Yes, he must have meant "telling the truth about him". Why would they have to resort to lies when he generates of his own volition so much material they can use against him?

Review of Charlie's show from The Toronto Sun Newspaper:


I thought this line from the review was priceless.

"He said his fallout with Warner Bros. was because they were telling lies about him.


1255 days ago


I like this quote from the above link:

"It wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t amazing. Instead, audience members left feeling a bit confused and rather underwhelmed. As she was walking down the stairs of Massey Hall, one woman said she would have rather just paid to see a Russell Peters show instead."

Then again, Sheen's supporters will most likely count this as a "win."

1255 days ago


Pathetic isn't it??? Less Than Chuckles thought he was gonna go on tour, show Warner Brothers just what a cutting-edge, comedic genius he was and they'd come begging for him to return to work. Instead, he's been reduced to pleading with the unfortunately gullible members of his audience to start a write-in campaign to bring him back to 2 1/2 Men. That and his delusional ramblings of phantom "negotiations", indicate just how desperate he truly is. Truth is, the people that tried to help promote him have been met with the reality that he's a burned-out, self-destructive has-been, without a shred of creative talent. Others, like Snoop Dogg, apparently immediately severed ties and dropped him like a hot crack pipe. The dude can't even support a 45 minute "show"!!! Unreal!!! What's a warlock supposed to do??? I'm thinkin' that I see a t-shirt stand on Venice Beach in Charlie's future. Hey... sell a few t-shirts, pose for a few pictures, you can eek out a decent livin' Charlie Boy. Get yourself a nice little bungalow... sweeeeeeet!!!!

1255 days ago


Charlie - You are toast! Go home! Work out your divorce settlement and child support issues! Your shtick is not funny -a tribe of low lifes will follow you but is that what you what as your lifes euology? Get real!~ It's time to dump yesterday and start working on tomorrow dude! Take a powder from the limelight and work on where you really want to go in life -

1255 days ago


Soooooooo...OUR MAN won again, huh? LOL!

1255 days ago


Nope, your Crackwhore Carlos lost, and lost big. Bombed totally. Russel was not bad, though. All the reveiws said Carlos sucked tho.

1255 days ago

PRO US    

I know most of the people in the audience in Toronto weren't enjoying the show so for Charlie to stretch the show out longer would have been pointless. But what kind of performer thinks he can perform a stand-up or sit-down show in a theater for 45 minutes and believe that the audience will feel they got their money's worth?

Charlie doesn't care about his own fans or his audience. All he cares about is how he can use people to achieve his own ends and that's why he encourages the members of his audiences to conduct mail-in campaigns on his behalf to WB, CBS and Chuck Lorre to resuscitate his career on TAHM. The fact that Charlie cynically exploits and disrespects his own fans is one of his greatest failings. The people who were in that audience in Toronto who still support Charlie after he told them to collectively F-ck Off are inwardly insecure, masochistic morons, IMHO.

1255 days ago


@Tammy It's loser, not looser. Try again.

1255 days ago



"The people who were in that audience in Toronto who still support Charlie after he told them to collectively F-ck Off are inwardly insecure, masochistic morons, IMHO."


Actually, from everything I've read, the vast majority of them were so drunk that they were still hollering at the stage even during Charlie's "intermission." That's pretty sad... and his fans proclaim this a "win?"

1255 days ago


ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES: If Charlie did switch from real tobacco to Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes - He's done a GOOD thing. I can testify to that as I QUIT SMOKING (burning stuff)almost 2 years ago... and the difference is amazing. I know.. Some of you will say E.Cigs are the same.. But they are NOT. We are not burning anything. We are heating glycerol with some nicotine base in it, and not getting burning 4000 or so cancerous substances. It has no smell, no odor on clothes, body or room area. I've tried EVERY WAY to quit... NOTHING WORKED for me. But, the same day I received my E.Cig... was the last day I LIT up a Cigarette. IT WORKS guys. Don't knock Charlie for it.
Mike D. Carlsbad, Az

1255 days ago


Charlie took one puff of his E-cigarette and gave it up. He went outside for a regular smoking break.

Charlie will never take any steps that are positive.

Charlie loves losing too much!

1255 days ago


It occurs to me that Charlie's constant yammering about the show and how they've almost got a deal to continue is some form of gimmick to attempt to generate fan comment on it. Again, despite denial from WB's attorneys, Charlie babbled about how they were close to a deal and things would be restarting "in August" maybe.

Something tells me that his insistence, in almost every show (well, since he stopped ranting about it), that TAAHM will be back and he will be back with them, coupled with his attorney's insistence that they are having "discussions" with WB is nothing more than a ploy to generate fan interest - perhaps thus attempting to convince WB that they NEED him.

The fact remains that, even IF Charlie is clean and has been for a while (still not buying that one), he claimed to have cured himself of his addictions by just 'blinking his eyes.' He still has yet to submit to an evaluation by licensed, competent professionals to determine his suitability to work in his current condition. He still has yet to submit a comprehensive plan for overcoming the underlying problems that have led to his addiction problems and continual relapses. Without such assurance from professionals, I seriously doubt that WB would EVER consider taking another chance on him. Not after all the chances and breaks he's already been given.

1255 days ago
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