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Charlie Sheen Cheats Smoking Law in Toronto

4/14/2011 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just found a way to skirt Toronto's strict anti-smoking laws during his show there -- lighting up an electronic cigarette.


Shortly after Charlie hit the stage in Toronto's Massey Hall ... our spies say he bragged about not having an ashtray and said he didn't need any cigs. However, a few minutes later he sparked up one of those electronic cigarettes.

Massey Hall management told TMZ they might shut down the show if Charlie lit up on stage because they could face up to $100,000 in fines from the city.

Charlie's been smoking almost non-stop during every other stop on the tour.

We're told he did light up some real tobacco though ... in front of fans who gathered outside the theater right before the show. 


By the way, so far so good ... the crowd inside is loving Sheen's act.

UPDATE 6:07PM PDT: Charlie just thumbed his nose at that letter from WB ... telling the crowd, "Negotiations with 'Two and a Half Men' are moving forward. We need to get in a room and fix this thing ... give the people what they want."

Stay tuned ...


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I've been checking the seating on some of these theaters he's "selling out". After a renovation of Massey Hall some years back this place seats just over 2,700 people. This is Toronto, my daughter performed in front of a bigger crowd for her first Christmas pageant. Hey Chuck call me, I think our VFW has an opening on a Thursday in 2014. Oh, I'm sorry, your 15 minutes will be up by then. Guess I'll call our town allstar, by day he runs a Roto-Rooter business and by night he dresses in a green man suit, juggles cats with a DJ to a mix of Big Band and Rockabilly. Now that's Entertainment!!!

1288 days ago


I'm from Toronto. I was listening to reviews this morning on the radio and the crowd hated it. People who have tickets to the show tonight are trying to get rid of them.

1288 days ago


This mornings news out of Toronto says Charlie sucked - the crowd left before the end because he was Boring, but the comedian was great! So, no, he is not WINNING in Canada,either!! (I am in Ontario, about 4 hours from Toronto)

1288 days ago


It was a Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette!

1288 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

"...give the people what they want." ???

Good. Me and some people want TMZ to stop posting every damn thing this loser does and for him to OD dead on drugs for the last time.

1288 days ago


MEL 9 minutes ago

I'm from Toronto. I was listening to reviews this morning on the radio and the crowd hated it. People who have tickets to the show tonight are trying to get rid of them.


I hope they do. They are not worthy of being there.

1288 days ago


America implores you to keep him!

1288 days ago

sara fine    

Charlie take another hit off the CRACK PIPE you IDIOT!!!2 1/2 men Production will NEVER TAKE YOU BACK FOOL!!!you drag there name threw the mud,threatening to sneak up behind them a slice there throats in front on there children!!!WHAT KIND OF S**t are your smoking you BI-POLAR PIECE OF S**t!!!!EVEN IF YOU PAYED THEM TO GET BACK ON THE SHOW,YOU STILL WOULDN'T GET ON,YOU F'N IDIOT!!!Power f**cked your head up that bad where you thought you could actually pull a Stunt like this and that they would take you back???HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEP you are a comedian alright,you made me laugh my ass off with your STUPIDITY!!!ROTT IN YOUR OWN HELL!!!YOU OLD,NASTY PERVERTED PIECE OF S**T!!!BY THE WAY YOUR SHOW SUCKS AS BAD AS YOU DO!!!HAS BEEN

1288 days ago


Relax. LOL!!!!!!!

1288 days ago


They have to hype his tour somehow. Charlie you are not comming back to the show. They don't want you get that through your head. They don't want and need your crap anymore.

With all this crap I think the show would be viewd differently. Too much time has passed.

1288 days ago


Odd law since I just came back from seeing Billy Elliot in Toronto and found most scenes had people smoking and sending huge amounts of smoke up in the air for effect.

1288 days ago

Tanya King    

I live near Toronto, and from the reviews I've read here the show was terrible. People were waking out and most said the only good thing about the show was Russell Peters - which was disappointing because people went to see Charlie Sheen shine and not Russell.

1288 days ago


As Sheen said he doesn't care he already has your money.

1288 days ago


Chaps 4 hours ago

Thanks for the link Nancy, and to RR for pointing us there, and others comments.

Of interest also was Bulldog "Go down in History"

I think Charlie and his 7 gram rock have done that quite well...

And BTW lets keep up the chatter on this letter on other threads - its too funny!

Charlies "Violent Step in Quicksand Adventure"

Nancy 20 hours ago

I find it interesting that those most staunchly defending Chuckie are not commenting on the legalities in the termination letter. Nor is there any effective rebuttal to the allegations in said letter - only vague claims that Charlie got "screwed over" by WB and Lorre.

And why does everyone keep dragging CBS into this? It's obvious to me that the legal dispute is between WB, the firm producing the show -with whom Charlie had a legal agreement - and Charlie himself. CBS doesn't really enter into this, legally.


You're welcome, Chaps. As you suggested, I'm continuing this discussion about the termination here.

Nancy - Its very simple. The "staunch defenders" haven't read the termination letter. If they did, they wouldn't understand what they read. Last but not least, in general they don't seem capable of making a cogent argument on simple subjects. How would we expect them to handle legal matters? What comes to mind for me while reading the discussion you were involved in yesterday on this subject is - its easier to criticize than to make a genuine contribution. Your contributions were genuine and I want to say thank you.

About the CBS thing - we've been told over and over that CBS does NOT have a role in the arbitrations or firing/hiring or much else in this matter. Yet, some people choose to ignore the facts and to fixate on CBS. My guess is that in contrast to WB's obvious dislike of Charlie, CBS seems more benign. Hope springs eternal.

1288 days ago

Devil's Thadvocate    

E-cigarettes are not "sparked up" or lit on fire, so they do not produce first or secondhand smoke and therefore do not violate smoking restrictions. It is not "cheating" to use a smoke-free alternative tobacco product in places where smoking is prohibited any more than it would be to use a battery powered flashlight where torches are prohibited.

1288 days ago
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