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Charlie Sheen to Warners: We DID Have Discussions!

4/14/2011 5:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's lawyer is firing back at  Warner Bros., telling TMZ its allegations that there were "no discussions" about Charlie returning to "Two and a Half Men" are "absolutely false."

Charlie Sheen

Legal pit bull Marty Singer tells TMZ, "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday, and all parties have been involved -- Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen."

And, Singer says, "Charlie Sheen was recently approached by a third party to resolve this matter."  Singer did not identify the third party.

Singer tells TMZ, the Warner Bros. letter -- which we posted earlier on TMZ -- is actually a reaction to a "blistering letter" Singer fired off to WB, claiming Warner Bros. violated its contract with Charlie by refusing to send him an accounting statement and payment in December, 2010.  Singer says Warner Bros. owes Charlie money for season 7 and earlier but hasn't anted up.

Singer was adamant -- "Charlie did not lie about the discussions.  There WERE discussions."


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Minxster 6 minutes ago

The insults towards Charlie, however, can float around freely. LOL

Don't you think Mr. Sheen might've brought on a certain amount of this animosity via the statements he has made about others, including his former wives. Frankly, I find his actions in this regard immature at best, but he's certainly well within his rights to speak negatively against others. I do hope that one day he gets clean & sober and can make his amends for these imprudent public statements...I wish him well.


Good, then you should be glad because he has been clean and sober for three months.
And of course he brought the attention to himself, but very few take the time to actually dig into the true stories behind his sometimes harsh words towards his wives.

1252 days ago


I am just going to say the most obvious thing that is clearly happening.
Charlie Sheen is losing touch with reality. Within few years he will be one of the D-listers on the Comedy Centrals roast.

Follow me on Twitter.

1252 days ago


TheRock 3 minutes ago

Brooke smoked a little bit of crack yesterday, just a little bit so they are calling it a small relapse. I could see one slipping and drinking 1 beer, that could be a small relapse, but Crack?


Relapse is a relapse. Period.

1252 days ago


Where's the proof they were involved in negotiations? Hell, I can say I am involved in talks with WB but I couldn't prove it.

1252 days ago


Relapse is a relapse. Period.


Let's all try to remember this bit of wisdom if/when Chuckles relapses.

1252 days ago


Good, then you should be glad because he has been clean and sober for three months.

So what you're saying is that he's been sober since 1/4/11?

1252 days ago


Rather - 1/14/11 - sorry!

1252 days ago


Crap. Sorry. 2 months. He came back to work after rehab on Feb 14th.

1252 days ago


3Storms 11 minutes ago
I think this "third party" ha snothing to do with WB and amounts to wishful thinking on Charlie's part


"Wishful thinking" is a Chucklehead characteristic - both leader and his followers. So is magical thinking. Just sayin'.

1252 days ago


CS is sooooo yesteryears. Just a year from now he will be reduced to a mere character actor who'd be lucky to get a bit parts in any irrelvant B-rated movie projects. By then, TV networks will not even touch him with ten-foot pole. He has alienated Hollywood because of his lunacy and abnoxious behavior and his notoriety as drug and sex addict. This is THE ONLY JOB he knows and he has lost his credibility, dignity and bankability in the eyes of Hollywood producers, writers and even most of his colleagues.

He should just try to be the best dad to his kids and should quit badmouthing the mothers of those poor kids.

And to those who support him blindly, they should start creating a privately-funded foundation to help SC with his bills in the coming months. He may not even finished the rest of his tour dates precisely why he and his camp have started spreading lies about him "MEETING" with the Warner Bros execs and CBS top honchos.

What a pathetic life SC has caused himself, he has only himself to blame for all these mess.

1252 days ago


ksis less than a minute ago Crap. Sorry. 2 months. He came back to work after rehab on Feb 14th.

Was he was tested for both drugs AND alcohol in the drug tests that were administered, or was it simply drugs?

1252 days ago


I'm going to VOMIT if I hear or see ANYTHING about Sheen or 2-1/2 Men. I'm OVER IT, already. STOP REPORTING ABOUT THIS CR*P.

1252 days ago


Geez... this loser isnt dead yet?
Please TMZ can we have a ban on the following....
Charlie Sheen,
Lindsay Lohan and anything GLAAD happens to be complaining about this week.

1252 days ago


Charlie is no longer a cash cow for CBS or anyone else, including himself.

Charlie is a cashed check, and now he is bounced.

1252 days ago


Charlie, don't believe in all those conversations you've had. Some are only in your MIND.

Seek Professional Help ............ Dude.
As for Hollywood, forget it. You are Black Listed, or more appropriate for YOU: You are BLACK BALLED.

FOLKS using Internet Explorer 9. Try Compatibility View to get this TMZ website working properly.

1252 days ago
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