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Warner Bros. To Charlie Sheen: Stop Lying About 'Men'

4/14/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired off a letter to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, saying Charlie is lying that he's "in discussions" over returning to "Two and a Half Men" -- this according to a letter obtained by TMZ.


In the letter, the Warner Bros. lawyer says, "Those statements are false.  As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series."

Charlie said on radio this week ... discussions had been taking place and there was an 85% chance he'd return to the series.

0414_charlie_small_audio2Contrary to what Charlie has been saying, TMZ has been reporting there is no chance of Charlie returning. 

The WB letter makes it clear ... the door on Charlie has been slammed shut.


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Wow. WB really needs to find someone who knows proper English. My poor head and eyes were spinning from that statement.

1237 days ago


Charlie is delusional. The discussions he's talking about are the voices inside his drug-addled mind.

1237 days ago


I think that shows been on tv for 8 years. Its had its run. Sheen is better off suing WB for a big payoff instead of trying to get back on the show. Never watched the show but do remember that one actor as "Duckie" in some old movie.

1237 days ago


cs cant sue and win. wont happen he blew it

1237 days ago


Duh. Did anyone believe the crap he was spewing? After he's clearly lost his mind in the last couple of months? Anyone who believed him is a complete moron (including the AP who just put the story on Yahoo that "he's 85% certain to return!"...nice journalism there).

1237 days ago


@ Mikey: That was 'Pretty in Pink'

1237 days ago


Finally the network has smartened up. Why waste any more film or energy on such a *******? All he can do is read an awful script every week, that takes talent???....He should be paying the network!

1237 days ago


CBS is probably getting slammed with hate email and need to stop it any way they can. CBS wins.

1237 days ago


@WTF Dude ("Let's cut to the chase here folks , without Charlie ? Their isn't ain't 2 and a half men .")

That's totally fine by me! I can't even watch the re-runs with him in it and enjoy the show anymore. The cast and crew of that show will be fine, all of them will be put on other projects.

1237 days ago


he is just being ridiculous ...they dont want him back and neither does 95% of the audience...the show was getting old anyway, as one writer put it ...the show was greying.. Charlie has had it.

1237 days ago

PRO US    

Smart of WB to politely let everyone know that Charlie was trying to mislead the public when he said there were discussions about Charlie returning to the show. Charlie's not much brighter than the average bear or he would know not to say anything in public that can be so easily repudiated by his adversaries.

I find CS to be totally unsympathetic, arrogant, condescending, delusional and creepy so if he wants to destroy his own life, I figure, let him. It is up to other adults if they want to take adequate precautions to prevent Charlie's shena****ns from hurting them.

CS played the role of CH well because he was being himself. He can't act (for example, portray a role contrary to his nature) to save his own life and would have never have become a star in movies or TV if casting directors hadn't handed him the roles because he was Martin Sheen's son and retained his father's surname.

Most people are not on WB's side because it is a corporation. They're on WB's side in spite of it. Most people know that most corporations are only concerned about the bottom line (profits). That more people back WB's play here than Charlie's tells you how unlikable CS has shown himself to be by his own public words and actions.

1237 days ago


Even after making his child support payments, I'm sure he can afford a very nice life.

He'll have to cut out the porn parties, call girls, crack, private jets, most expensive wines, Cuban cigars, lawyers at his beck and call, etc.

That's where his 2 and half men money was going

1237 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

The arrogance & presumptuousness of sheen continues to know no bounds. In his mind, it's still the '80s or early '90s, & he's still on top. Cheers to Warner Bros. for standing their ground & cutting the cord. It would have only gotten worse. $2 Mil an episode? For what? More bs that would have caused the studio to take a loss? Screw that. Like every one of us, they're in business to profit, & he's nothing but a drain.

1237 days ago

Crew Wife    

What a douche. There isn't a chance in hell that WB would even allow him on the lot again.

I think he's coming down from his high and realizing how little work he actually had to do to get $2 million PER WEEK! Now that he's actually working and making a very small fraction of that amount, he's begging to go back to his cush job.

Again, what a douche.

1237 days ago


Charlie and Brook should "OD" together, That would make for GREAT ratings. Isn't their world all about ratings!

1237 days ago
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