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Warner Bros. To Charlie Sheen: Stop Lying About 'Men'

4/14/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired off a letter to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, saying Charlie is lying that he's "in discussions" over returning to "Two and a Half Men" -- this according to a letter obtained by TMZ.


In the letter, the Warner Bros. lawyer says, "Those statements are false.  As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series."

Charlie said on radio this week ... discussions had been taking place and there was an 85% chance he'd return to the series.

0414_charlie_small_audio2Contrary to what Charlie has been saying, TMZ has been reporting there is no chance of Charlie returning. 

The WB letter makes it clear ... the door on Charlie has been slammed shut.


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He'll be back and WINNING bigger than ever!

1186 days ago


CBS and Warner bros have so many good shows on right now , I dont think they are worried about 2.5 men....I know I am not, feel bad for the other cast members and the crew tho. I am also tired of hearing certain people like Regis and the like singing Charlie's praises ...shame on them..Charlie needs help, not praised for being a abusive , drug addled, nasty, thoughtless human being.

1186 days ago


Just watched a re-run of 2.1/2 men, and "Old Charlie Sheen" is so boring to watch now....

It would be amazing with "New Charlie Sheen"

1186 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Sounds like the tiger blood transfusion he had is affecting his memory.

1186 days ago


Give him a challenging role completely opposite of his character. He'd fail because he cant act

1186 days ago


The door has been slammed shut, that is, until we print another Charlie story and bring it up again.


Charlie's jock sniffers

1186 days ago


Without Charlie, Two and a Half Men is over. I can't believe CBS and WB are willing to throw that away. Is Chuck Lorre's ego really that ****ing huge?

1186 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I don't like this new format..pointless

1186 days ago


Charlie Sheen lie? And, with such conviction? And, with such precise details? And, in public on a radio interview? NO! Please tell me it isn't so!!!!!!

Wait - is that slander or libel?

Well, THANK YOU WARNER BROTHERS for spelling out THE TRUTH loud and clear so that even morons can understand it!

1186 days ago

richard pierce    

#LOSING! A s s hole! Coming soon to a cheap venue near you - The Charlie Sheen Circus starring Checko the crack-addict, psycotic clown and a cast of supporting morone - Free seats available!

1186 days ago


He's beyond STUPID! You don't talk trash about your bosses and
expect them to keep paying you a friggin fortune to spend on porn
''stars'' and crack, plus his hair dye ain't cheap. Cha - you
have blown it BIG TIME! How you likein' those burned bridges now
Mr. Egomaniac??? Jokes on you...funnier than anything you've said
on your pathetic tour. BOO, HISS Carlie, Boo, again you deserve
nothing but contempt and disdain!!!

1186 days ago


Sounds like Charlie finally understands what "You don't miss the water till the well runs dry" means. Or "You made your bed, now lie in it."

1186 days ago


...meanwhile, somewhere in a Dive Bar in Chicago there is a guy wishing he had a million dollars to launch a campaign telling theater crowds he is getting his job back from 2009 and get paid for it.

The crowd he has been working at this place stopped believing him a year ago. He's sort of upset. Half the drunks there bought tickets to see Sheen almost a month ago and believe *him* Tonight he is buying himself an extra shot of Jack Daniels and is toasting to Warner Brothers hoping that eventually Sheen will also end up in a Dive Bar in North Hollywood saying he will be back with Two and a Half Men *real soon*

..When the show has been off the air for three years.

1186 days ago


Raymond 13 minutes ago


Charlie's warlock powers are supreme. He can even will those mute, lifeless, dollar sucking zombies to write a letter, make a statement AND have it published through their favorite mouthpiece.

Looking forward to the implications of this letter, regarding the 100mill lawsuit.


This letter will have no implications on the "lawsuit" that can't go forward until the end of arbitration. Period.

The termination letter makes it pretty clear that Charlie will never again work for WB. You can't violate that many terms of a legal contract, cost a multi-million dollar corporation that much money, and still put it out there like they'd welcome him back.

1186 days ago


PRO US 27 minutes ago
Smart of WB to politely let everyone know that Charlie was trying to mislead the public when he said there were discussions about Charlie returning to the show. Charlie's not much brighter than the average bear or he would know not to say anything in public that can be so easily repudiated by his adversaries.

I find CS to be totally unsympathetic, arrogant, condescending, delusional and creepy so if he wants to destroy his own life, I figure, let him. It is up to other adults if they want to take adequate precautions to prevent Charlie's shena****ns from hurting them.

CS played the role of CH well because he was being himself. He can't act (for example, portray a role contrary to his nature) to save his own life and would have never have become a star in movies or TV if casting directors hadn't handed him the roles because he was Martin Sheen's son and retained his father's surname.

Most people are not on WB's side because it is a corporation. They're on WB's side in spite of it. Most people know that most corporations are only concerned about the bottom line (profits). That more people back WB's play here than Charlie's tells you how unlikable CS has shown himself to be by his own public words and actions.


Thank you. You speak my feelings as well.

1186 days ago
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