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Warner Bros. To Charlie Sheen: Stop Lying About 'Men'

4/14/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired off a letter to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, saying Charlie is lying that he's "in discussions" over returning to "Two and a Half Men" -- this according to a letter obtained by TMZ.


In the letter, the Warner Bros. lawyer says, "Those statements are false.  As you know, there have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series."

Charlie said on radio this week ... discussions had been taking place and there was an 85% chance he'd return to the series.

0414_charlie_small_audio2Contrary to what Charlie has been saying, TMZ has been reporting there is no chance of Charlie returning. 

The WB letter makes it clear ... the door on Charlie has been slammed shut.


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PRO US    

Maybe Charlie thought he was irreplaceable and immune from the consequences of insulting his bosses. We'll see if he ever does write that letter of apology and what Chuck's and WB's responses will be. Wouldn't it be funny if Chuck and WB say: "Sorry, Charlie, too little too late. Have a nice life!" Winning!

1290 days ago



1290 days ago


Nobody from that show wants to work with this guy, that's really the bottom line. Who would want to work in such a hostile environment, or even create such a negative work environment? I know I'm not saying anything new, but what a delusional crackhead. Maybe now he will kill himself and relieve us all of his idiocy.

1290 days ago


Nancy less than a minute ago

This letter will have no implications on the "lawsuit" that can't go forward until the end of arbitration. Period.

The termination letter makes it pretty clear that Charlie will never again work for WB. You can't violate that many terms of a legal contract, cost a multi-million dollar corporation that much money, and still put it out there like they'd welcome him back.


Nancy -

IF Charlie was to win the entire $100 million lawsuit, it will be peanuts next to the amount that he stands to owe to WB for damages, the amount of his lost wages, AND the lost syndication money. His lost wages alone are about $100 million. And, that's not including his ever mounting legal fees as WB drags this thing out and out.



1290 days ago

Miss Marie    

Maggie and others. Comments like this are so crazy"
I really wish they WOULD give him his job back.......I LOVE 2 1/2 men and I'm really going to miss it!!!"

Get a life people. Make your own life exciting. Do not live vicariously through a tv program or celebrity. How many hours do you spend watching others have fun on tv instead YOU making fun in your life. Sad state of affairs...

1290 days ago


YESSS...score one for the TROLLS and LOSERS...

All together now:

"Charlie Sheen - FAIL-ING!!!"

1290 days ago


Too bad for WB. If they were smart they would bring him back. it was the best show on TV and I wont watch it with a replacement Charlie.

1290 days ago


Ya I think we all kind of got it TMZ too bad you are slow to get it.

1290 days ago


OUCH! Way to go, Warner Bros! Way to stick it to Charlie! It's about time he got called out on some of his BS! Now even Charlie's most die-hard fans have solid proof that he's a LIAR.

Loves it!

1290 days ago



The fact of the matter is that Charlie's "lawsuit" will never even get its day in court after arbitration. WB has, under the terms of the contract Charlie signed, the right to appeal to the arbitrator for damages... up to and including what it cost them every single day that Charlie showed up late, showed up incapacitated, or failed to show up at all. He will not get out of arbitration with a cent from WB, and his "lawsuit" will be thrown out.

Contract law is much different from the world of Hollywood. It operates on clear, concise terms and conditions. It outlines things that parties agree to do and penalties for either side should their obligations not be performed in the manner set out in the contract. There is very little room for "he said, she said" in contracts and, with cameras rolling at rehearsals and tapings, I have no doubt that WB has a wealth of proof as to their allegations.

Stick a fork in the idea that Sheen will ever work for WB again, that turkey is beyond done!

1290 days ago



"Thanks for your valued opinion, Dr.Dr.jur. Doughnut. Your profound insight into the legal matters concerning this case is nothing short of ... stunning.



At least I can have some insight into the legal matters via reading and comprehending the letter of termination. No matter how you try to spin it, that do cu ment is the death knell for the possibility of Charlie ever working for WB again.

1290 days ago


JJ less than a minute ago

"it was the best show on TV"

Maybe if your TV is stuck on Channel 2.

1290 days ago


We can have some insight into the legal matters via reading and comprehending the lawsuit. And we can actually listen to THE LAWYER giving some details of the discussions, while THIS letter gives nothing but "You're lying".

1290 days ago


Sunshine wrote: Maybe now he will kill himself and relieve us all of his idiocy.

Charlie Sheen is indeed an idiot. An amazing one at that. Dangerous to himself and apparently from all accounts, dangerous to others. To call him insane is an insult to insanity. With all of that said. I don't wish death on anyone. I do wish something will occur to snap him out of this: Jail time. He is a pretty lucky guy when it comes to that, as many guys have seen a lot of drab green walls and free standing toilets from the things he has happily discussed on National Radio Stations.

Getting away with carrying cocaine on an airplane? Buying up coke dealers stash for himself? Trashing hotel rooms? Million dollar IOU's to famous madams? Normal people get thrown into jail for less.

I don't wish death on this man. I do wish him to see (and smell) a guy taking a dump in one of those free standing toilets for about a year or two.

1290 days ago


ksis less than a minute ago

We can have some insight into the legal matters via reading and comprehending the lawsuit. And we can actually listen to THE LAWYER giving some details of the discussions, while THIS letter gives nothing but "You're lying".

Sometimes less is more.

1290 days ago
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