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Conrad Murray Juggling 3 Women On Day MJ Died

4/14/2011 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray crossed the professional line in treating Michael Jackson based on his involvement with three women -- one of whom was a stripper ... this according to new documents filed by prosecutors in his manslaughter case.

According to the docs, Dr. Murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress whom prosecutors say was his girlfriend ... minutes before the 911 call was made.

Prosecutors say the woman ... Sade Anding, was in Houston where she met Murray while working as a cocktail waitress.  Prosecutors say the call proves Murray was paying attention to his girlfriend, and not MJ, during the critical period before Michael's death.  And, prosecutors want to admit a $500 check that Murray wrote to Anding "after the two came back from a social outing."

Prosecutors also say Murray had communications with 2 other women on the day Michael died, one of whom is a stripper at Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas.  Prosecutors want to admit text messages between Murray and stripper Michelle Bella sent on June 25, 2009 at 8:30 A.M.  Prosecutors also want the jury to see a receipt for $1,100 -- showing what Murray paid for at the Spearmint Rhino the day he met Bella.

A third woman -- Bridgette Morgan -- also called Murray on June 25, to ask about a plane ticket he said he was purchasing for her so she could fly out to see him.


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Anon, I'm done responding to you, you're immature. Becareful the way you judge others, the hole you dig for others theres one dug for you. You will be judge the same as you judge!!!

1258 days ago


Denisse 8 minutes ago
Anon, I'm done responding to you, you're immature. Becareful the way you judge others, the hole you dig for others theres one dug for you. You will be judge the same as you judge!!!

Oh really? Here is a comment you made:

"He probably was getting a blow-job while MJ was dying and the voice Sade her was him coming!!!! just sayin"

Oh yes you are very very mature. Oh and this:

"this Dr. is guilty of not providing proper care to his patient!!!!"
"Anon, so you agree his is a murderer, killing man cause of past actions!!!!"

Nooooo, you're not judging others at all....

1258 days ago


Murray will be found guilty as he should. Doesn't matter how famous his patient was; he was reckless and negligent. He provided sub-standard medical care to his patient. Bet all the Murray fans would be singing a different tune had he been their loved ones Doctor and provided such horrible care. Well, at least I hope they would be; some on here are just heartless and probably don't care anyway.

1258 days ago


He was over medicated at times.. We all know that. But there is no way that the human body can consume the amount & type of drugs that he has been rumored to have consumed for 20 years and have no evidence of it at autopsy.

Murray is disgusting. I hope there is some info that will come out during the trial that can justify charging him with an additional crime as well as the other players in this mess.

1258 days ago


ric 11 minutes ago

Actually LC I wouldn't have even allowed one of my loved ones to purchase a doctor to administer such procedures outside of a hospital setting in the first place.

I hear ya, but it was not a normal situation either. There is a huge assumption that Michael wanted Propofol. There is no proof at all that he wanted it or even asked for it. This is all based on the claims of one man (Murray) who has already been caught in a series of lies. Did Michael want to sleep, sure and he trusted this Doctor to help with that issue, certainly not kill him.

1258 days ago


Dumb Ass MiMi about a minute ago

Hey, let's go to the wacko jacko fans profile and press the report button on everything they say!!!

1258 days ago


ric, I was told that you were on these boards a while ago and were not very nice. But they were not sure it was the same ric as your posts to me were not the same as the ric they thought you were. My friends were just looking out for me. I read some old posts from the ric they were talking about and it did not sound like you. You have been very nice to me and I you.

1258 days ago

l'arriere grand-mere    

My friends were just looking out for me.


Friends, hue? How much are they worth in the big scheme of things? Friends on a tabloid web site? Duh!

1258 days ago

l'arriere grand-mere    

Never knew I was so important for being talked about for just a brief appearance so far!

1258 days ago


Michael trusted this man with his life - Murray obviously didn't consider that honor a priority. I hope one day we will find out the truth about how his neglect resulted in the death of such a beloved genius. I'm not holding my breath - I'm sure Murray will do all he can to lie his way out of jail. Sad situation for everyone who loved Michael - myself included.

1258 days ago



it was a crime to be a douche bag

1258 days ago


this incompetant doctor makes me sick

1258 days ago


so he had a girlfriend, i don't see what that has to do with Michaels drug addiction/dependency ?

1258 days ago


ric - I wish you would not have ill will against anyone. You have to be cautious these days and that is what we are being. I do have my own opinion of you and I find you to be very nice and cordial to me. We have some great discussions. But there are some on these boards that carry it too far and are very nasty. Hence, we try to find solace elsewhere.

Hope we can continue this, but I ask that you do not attack my friends for being concerned about me.

1258 days ago


ric 10 minutes ago

MiMi 6 days ago

Seems ric is starting has his own fan club in the makings.

Makes me want to puke...


LOL!!! Don't hate me cause I'm popular. It must have KILLED you a year ago when all your friends and MJ fans were loving me and my posts and all you had to offer was a gold pants party!

OMG! Was this really her that said this or a clone? Where did you find this?

1258 days ago
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