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Courteney Cox:

David ALWAYS Tried To Sex Me

4/14/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courteney Cox just crashed the Howard Stern show this morning ... while her estranged husband David Arquette was in the studio ... and admitted there were problems with the marriage because David was so obsessed with having sex with her.

Courteney Cox

For the first time since they announced their split, Cox and Arquette gave a joint explanation about their break-up ... and Courteney explained, "Whenever I would like need consoling from David ... he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner."

Howard responded, "I think I know what you're saying ... in other words, you'd like to know you're not always the sex object." Courteney agreed.

When Stern asked if the two would ever get back together -- David made it clear he WANTED to reconcile ... but Courteney insisted they were better off apart.

Courteney also told Howard she has not had sex with anyone since the split -- including her "Cougar Town" co-stars.


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Way too much information on the sex life.

Go David, go finds some chicky who wants to have sex 24/7, Courtney is obviously pre-menopausal and is losing interest (can't blame her it's biological) Plus...dude...take a bath, clean that sh*t up and maybe she would be attracted to you.

1235 days ago


WOW, as others have said. Davey Boy has a high sex drive. Damn, how tragic.

1235 days ago


David is a child. Courteney is a mature woman. After a while, a woman needs a real man, not some idiot. They are not destined to stay together. Courteney has grown way beyond what David can give.

1235 days ago


for anyone that is interested, you really should listen to the audio. it was pretty amazing and intense to hear two people be so open about their problems.

1235 days ago


OOOH god he was really that into her. Oh I guess it could be worse like he didnt want anything to do with her.

1235 days ago


It's too bad she won't give him another chance. I think she SHOULD.

1235 days ago

PRO US    

Why are they airing their past sex life or lack of it? Looks like they're trying to promote interest in their new horror film sequel and she wants to bash him in public. He wanted a lot more sex than she did. That made for a dysfunctional marriage. Like some others said, they seem like opposite personality types. He's an fun-loving, extroverted party-goer. She's a serious, controlling introvert.

1235 days ago


Yeah. Courtney should get together with a man that would really take care of here. Like, Mike Tyson.

1235 days ago


That's her biggest complaint? That he gets a boner? Not that he beats her, or cheats on her, or drinks too much, but because he gets a boner? uh huh...ok then. Someone's picky. I don't mind it if my bf gets a boner lol. Then again I'm not a 40-something dried up hag so that could be it.

1235 days ago


I don't mean to sound like a freak but if u marry someone, ur supposed to be willing to do them. If he wants to have sex with her when they're together, that means he's attracted to her. Sex in a marriage is healthy for the marriage. I have sex with my husband whenever he wants it because I'm just as attracted to him as he is t me. Get over urself Courtney. Having sex would have consoled her really well. No wonder he cheated on her. It's not about being seen as an object. It's about being 2 adults who want each other's bodays!

1235 days ago


Don't worry Courtney. Five more years, and NOBODY will get a boner from you.

1235 days ago


God she is full of herself. She is pasty, unattractive and annoying. She should be glad anyone wants her at all.

1235 days ago


I don't know where the presumption of sympathy for Courteney Cox comes from. She isn't very nice. End of Story.

1235 days ago


That's because she doesn't like sex! She's a prude just like her buddy Jen, why do you think Jen couldn't keep Brad Pitt or any other boyfriend?? Now she'll be hitting menapause in a few years!

1235 days ago


stern show has been on fire for past few weeks - her walking in on the news and surprising stern was cherry on the sundae - so great

1235 days ago
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