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Courteney Cox:

David ALWAYS Tried To Sex Me

4/14/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courteney Cox just crashed the Howard Stern show this morning ... while her estranged husband David Arquette was in the studio ... and admitted there were problems with the marriage because David was so obsessed with having sex with her.

Courteney Cox

For the first time since they announced their split, Cox and Arquette gave a joint explanation about their break-up ... and Courteney explained, "Whenever I would like need consoling from David ... he could not literally put his arm around me for one second without completely getting a boner."

Howard responded, "I think I know what you're saying ... in other words, you'd like to know you're not always the sex object." Courteney agreed.

When Stern asked if the two would ever get back together -- David made it clear he WANTED to reconcile ... but Courteney insisted they were better off apart.

Courteney also told Howard she has not had sex with anyone since the split -- including her "Cougar Town" co-stars.


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She's got those perky dime-sized nipples that get em all the time!

1269 days ago


Courtney Cox is not as hot as she thinks she is.

1269 days ago


I swear; it's impossible to please a woman. So the fact that you're 40+ year old ass still turns your husband on repulses you ?
God forbid he wasn't into sex with you. They you'd think it's because you're over the hill, or that he's ****ing someone else. I've seen footage of him crying over her. Does that sound like he thinks she's just a toy. To all the men out there, don't give your heart to a woman, and for Goodness sakes never get married. Women are too stupid and unpredictable to trust.

1268 days ago


she should be lucky that she still turned him on at her age. She isnt all that!

1267 days ago

jack sprat    

Gals, compromise, please. Guys, you, too. Just because you've got wood doesn't mean that it must be used. It's an involuntary response. What's more, it actually CONCENTRATES the mind for a guy, despite the rather minor diversion of blood--it's not as if the entire thing is stuffed full of fluid--provided that the man is willing to grow up and refrain from expectations and demands. There's a time and place for everything, true, and I've made great inroads with a woman more than once by allowing the contact to become an accepted and shared experience that need neither interfere nor threaten.

1266 days ago

Scott Guiher    

That is certainly more information about their sex life than I cared to know. With that said however, I would love to meet and dance with Courtney Cox. Beautiful, smart and talented woman.

1266 days ago

walter Irwin    

I would hate to think my wife got turned off whenever I got excited being around her. Maybe she is frigid or he is quick on the trigger ... Neither one appear to be prize material. I do have a suggestion though ... David needs to move on and find someone who makes him happy and she need to just move on ... on second thought, may be she has never had a climax ...

1261 days ago


so let me get this straight.. she is upset because the man she marries wants her? Most married couples sex life goes down the drain after a few years.. would she be happier if he did not wan her? if he rather had sex with other women? she is a retard.

1260 days ago


Hmm, she should be so lucky she has a man attracted to her, especially, when, she is a cougar in real life too! Do admit, she looks good though, but, the face has had too much work, but, body great for an old broad in her 60's or something!

1259 days ago

Ed Gauthier    

What the heck does kooky Courtney have to be "consoled' about? She's already starred in three different TV series and has a gazillion bucks in the bank. And even though she's not 20 anymore, her man still thought she was hot. Ya, she really had it rough, alright. Hopefully someday she'll wake up, but it might be too late.

1258 days ago


Ok, so men who want sex with their wives are now horrible. We already know that men who want sex with those who aren't wives are horrible. And men who don't want sex with their wives are horrible. Meanwhile, whatever a woman wants, and all the changes on a minute-by-minute basis, always must be perfectly acceptable, and, of course, never abusive by definition it is an action by a woman.

I am glad I went overseas and married a Ukrainian. We have a great life together, with perfect equality in our decisions and respect that is quite impossible to achieve with an American woman. The women of America have cast themselves with an ugliness that is wholly unattractive.

1258 days ago


No surprise here. Another 45 + woman that doesn't like sex!

1255 days ago
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