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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Get Schooled in Africa

4/14/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After all those vapid years on "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari finally did something real and productive by helping rebuild schools in Kenya with her Chicago Bears QB boyfriend Jay Cutler recently.

Love can really change you.

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Hmm!!...Funny enough how these people go to rebuild schools in other Countries, instead of helping their home lands. Anyway...!!!

1255 days ago

artie help    

who really gives a ****, we have an administration hell bent on chaniging this amazing country of ours, and you have a picture of paris hilton??

1255 days ago


like the nfc championship game did jay leave africa early due to feigning illness?

1255 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Who the f*ck cares?

Why do these pseudo-celebs go to Africa when help is needed here in the U.S., like Detroit?

Typical american hypocrites.

1255 days ago

northern gypsy    

awesome...travel the world...see how other people live...
giving back to society can only be described as a gift...
not just for the people your helping...but...also for yourself !!!

1255 days ago


Publicity stunt. Wish it was sincere but those people are as sincere as Kobe's apology.

1255 days ago


How did she do something productive? They are just doing it for the press. They could have donated money from home. Its not like they are so hard up for physical labor that they need a football player and a reality TV star to help build a school.

1255 days ago


It's refreshing to see that those two are walking the walk,helping rebuild schools in Kenya. Both Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are choosing to spend their time and energy in positive way. Mega props.:)

1255 days ago

Don't Question Authority!!!    

Isnt that Barak Obama in the middle?

1255 days ago

harvey is my homey    

Butterfly on a banana. Enough said. http://www.youtube.com/user/craiget

1255 days ago


Yypical white guilt. Why don't you two douchebags (along with the other celebs - looking at you, Oprah. You who preached on and on about women's rights, women's equality and how we need to stick by our women but as soon as a half-coon ran for President, you dropped all of that to support him) help OUR country, you know, the one that made you famous and allows you to live the extravagant lifestyle that you do.

1255 days ago


blacks love to talk about racism. i see whites helping out in africa. dont hear to much about blacks helping out there. Of course with the exception of Oprah. I know she has done a LOT for africa. She should be applauded for that ! when was the last time any of these rappers, who sing negative stuff about whites, wrote a check to help out africa. all i see is 'usa for africa', white celebs going over there to help, American Idol (all founded by whites) donating a ton of money to help them out. and all i still hear from the black people is that whites don't like them. amazing !

1255 days ago


Preach on, Joe!!

1255 days ago

Mike w    

I dont get why the comments have to always be racist. As a black person why judge an entire group of people? Is it because of Obama, did you have a bad expierience with a black person? I just dont get it were all Americans lets not hate each other.

1255 days ago


I wonder if she shoplifted anything...

1255 days ago
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