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Lindsay Lohan -- Attempted Retail Robbery Victim!

4/15/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan faces grand theft felony charges for a necklace that we found out was marked up 300%!!!


TMZ has learned the necklace designer sold Kamofie & Co. the piece for $850 -- that price tag does not qualify for felony grand theft, which requires a value of $950 or more.

Kamofie was trying to sell the necklace to Lindsay for $2,500 bucks.

As we first reported, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will argue the D.A. should only be allowed to charge her client with a misdemeanor because of the value of the necklace.

But even if Holley loses that argument, Kamofie's owner -- who we're told will be testifying at Lindsay's preliminary hearing -- is going to have a PR problem for the mark-up and for selling the surveillance video and shopping a book deal.



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This is all a lot of propaganda and now I have to play hardball.

Ali, get the stretch-limo - we're going into the city.

1295 days ago


@ilovegossip your point and my point are different. I'm not talking about Lindsay's seeming lack of taking accountability. That to me is rehashing and not seeing things differently. Why doesn't she is my point. Is she impaired in some ways? She also doesn't protect herself.

I'm not responsible for how Lindsay acts but I'm sure responsible for how I act and I in no way am going to make Lindsay out to be the worst most horrible trainwreck ever. I choose not to use that term and see her as a human being. I feel sympathy for her, Britney, Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, Charlie Sheen, others. I don't have to agree with how they conduct themselves, but I feel they have issues I can not know about, personal things that only a few know about, and I'm not doing a holier than thou judgment dissertation on these people I don't know personally.

1295 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

I swear TMZ, you guys are idiots and morons. Doesn't Harvey or the real attorney look at these stories before you put them up... or Is Mike the forklift operator writing these stories?

Everything has a markup, that is why the store can keep its doors open and to rent, utilities and employees.

If you stole a car from a dealer's lot, you would be charged with the full retail price on the sticker. Not what it cost to make the car or wholesale price of the car.

By stealing the necklace Lyns stole $2,500 from the store.

1295 days ago


"Lindsay is LINNOCENT"


1295 days ago


Tomorrow we will see a story here basically refuting this one. TMZ is just looking for hits.

1295 days ago


The irony here is just UNreal...

LieHO doesn't want to pay a mere 2k and change for a necklace...Yet pays outta her butt for her lawyer, and for high amounts of bail...

Lindsay must have retard level I.Q.

1295 days ago


There goes Nicole blaming the DA for Lindsay's behavior.
How many times has she mentioned the July injustice?

1295 days ago


ALL STORES DO THAT SO WHATS THE POINT? She should have waited for it to go on sale before she stole it.

1295 days ago


All the Lindsay fans think it, Lindsay herself believes it and even some neutral people have suggested it on message boards.

Lindsay Lohan is complaining to friends and family that one particular prosecutor in the District Attorney's office is "out to get me, and is trying to use me so she can get elected," a source close to the Mean Girls star tells exclusively. has confirmed that Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, who is overseeing Lindsay's probation DUI case, will likely file the felony grand theft complaint against Lohan, 24, sometime this week.

1295 days ago


If you follow this logic, Lindsay is robbing the fools who bought from her clothing line

1295 days ago


TMZ are you f*cking serious? So what you are saying is that if I go to Best Buy and walk out with a tv that has a price tag of $2000 I shouldn't be charged with a felony because Best Buy only paid $60...0 for the tv and marked it up to a retail price of $2000. I should only be charged with a misdeamenor because that is the price that the store actually paid for it??

Where do you guys come up with this **** at? Is it not a requirement for you idiots to wear helments and seat belts on your short bus on the way to work?

1295 days ago


This is not a waste of taxpayers money in LA County.

1295 days ago


Nikki, You are right! john Gottie spent his time in Federal prison in Marion, Il. Mr. Blohan spent his in Nassau County jail. They NEVER crossed paths.
Another Blohan Lie!

1295 days ago

Clone Wars    

If Lindsy didn't want a felony on her record she should have stolen a cheaper necklace.

1295 days ago



OF COURSE the Lindsay fans think so. And, I HOPE you don't believe everything you read on gossip sites--especially Radar Online.

However, even if Lindsay thinks the DA is out to get her, that proves absolutely nothing. Lindsay always thinks everyone is out to get her--Betty Ford, the judges, EVERYONE. So...thats not really using logic.

If you can show me somewhere where Meyers has held press conferences, has promised to convict Lindsay, or even mentioned ANYTHING in regard to this case and her election, that MIGHT be some evidence.

But, spouting to me about how people who clearly BLINDLY support Lindsay believe that shows nothing. Ever heard of bias???

1295 days ago
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