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Lindsay Lohan -- Attempted Retail Robbery Victim!

4/15/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan faces grand theft felony charges for a necklace that we found out was marked up 300%!!!


TMZ has learned the necklace designer sold Kamofie & Co. the piece for $850 -- that price tag does not qualify for felony grand theft, which requires a value of $950 or more.

Kamofie was trying to sell the necklace to Lindsay for $2,500 bucks.

As we first reported, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will argue the D.A. should only be allowed to charge her client with a misdemeanor because of the value of the necklace.

But even if Holley loses that argument, Kamofie's owner -- who we're told will be testifying at Lindsay's preliminary hearing -- is going to have a PR problem for the mark-up and for selling the surveillance video and shopping a book deal.



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Why would ANYONE want an avatar of Milo, unless it is the famepimp himself?

1253 days ago


This is the stupidest argument I've heard come out of the whole Lindsay fiasco YET.

Do you know how much a Chanel dress is actually worth? 10 dollars? Okay, let's be generous: 20 dollars. So what, Chanel marks it up to 500 dollars and somehow it's both "a PR nightmare" AND okay to steal their stuff cause it's worth less than a bottle of good shampoo?


1253 days ago

john smith    

My new avatar is a pic of myself and my friend Cameron, hate away.

1253 days ago

Good riddance!    

This is the same ridiculous Lohan grifter 3 card monty tactics of saying that products in the stores she frequently steals from can only value the stolen items at wholesale! Giving the long history of being a scofflaw, I hope they throw the book at her and it sounds like the DA is going to do exactly that. She is a loser no matter how much BS these fools try to spin and her name is in the crapper. The general public is sick of these grifters thumbing their nose at the law and since rehab and other methods of controlling her sticky fingers and stupidity have failed, jail remains the only answer. Jail her or enabler onto even greater acts of self destruction. I, for one, will be perfectly happy to have the name of Lohan quickly fade into the criminal history books in a dark and forgotten place!

1253 days ago


That isn't the same.



Kamofie obviously can't be trusted so who knows what they said to Lindsay or what the arrangement was.

1253 days ago


Don't we all face the same issue every time we buy something? The only difference is that Lohan has enough money to buy it without being concerned. If I can pay markup, so can Lohan. If I can refrain from stealing, so can Lohan.

1253 days ago


Nicole Hervey tells us that she is a Brit so maybe shoplifting laws are different across the pond?

1253 days ago


Nicole, are you even an American citizen? If not, then don't pontificate to us about shoplifting.

1253 days ago



You your saying Lyndsay is a Bully?
Wow I always just thought of her as a skanky thief.

1253 days ago



Your "Bully" definition sounds a lot like you, MIlo

1253 days ago

john smith    

Bash you can't use words like responsibilities, consequences, prerequisite, abdication(I have to google that one) you have to dumb it down for them so they can understand.

1253 days ago

john smith    

Bash, It's Cameron Diaz

1253 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Isn't Cameron the name that Michael Jr is using now? John Smith is kinda pretty, are you dating Drew Carey? You go girl!

1253 days ago


This wont work in court. Nice try though. TMZ are you kidding me? This arguement will last all of about 10 minutes in court, and yeah she will go down with a FELONY.

1253 days ago


Lyndsay is a person who

*has never learned to accept responsibility for HER behavior
*wants to enjoy the benefits of living in the adult world, but who is unable and unwilling to accept the responsibilities that are a prerequisite for being part of the adult world.
*abdicates and denies responsibility for HER behavior and its consequences (abdication and denial are common features of Lyndsay)
*is unable and unwilling to recognize the effect of HER behavior on others
*does not want to know of any other way of behaving
*is unwilling to recognize that there could be better ways of behaving.


1253 days ago
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