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Lindsay Lohan -- Attempted Retail Robbery Victim!

4/15/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan faces grand theft felony charges for a necklace that we found out was marked up 300%!!!


TMZ has learned the necklace designer sold Kamofie & Co. the piece for $850 -- that price tag does not qualify for felony grand theft, which requires a value of $950 or more.

Kamofie was trying to sell the necklace to Lindsay for $2,500 bucks.

As we first reported, we're told Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will argue the D.A. should only be allowed to charge her client with a misdemeanor because of the value of the necklace.

But even if Holley loses that argument, Kamofie's owner -- who we're told will be testifying at Lindsay's preliminary hearing -- is going to have a PR problem for the mark-up and for selling the surveillance video and shopping a book deal.



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john smith    

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1193 days ago


john yea good book i also read wilderness. i went to see his grave in paris that stue looks alot bigger then it is. i have a poster i bought three years later, and i can see in red my name ANDY. thats my claim to fame have only met 3 celebs. and spit on bret micheals at a poison concert in Germany

1193 days ago


DUIna 25 minutes ago

its a felany to h8 lindsay and me and ali u people r horible and ul get wot u desrve

Good morning DUIna dear !!!

How's that homeschooling of Lindz, Ali and Cody working out for you????

I'm sure you are the best teacher ever...... You are sooooo literate and intelligent.

I'm sure you are giving them a better education than they would ever get in the public schools..... uh huh.....

1193 days ago


FUTMZ morning buddy coachella is in Cali

1193 days ago


but it is one big party the cops dont mess with you. i got to northern cali for reggae on the river and its the same way one big party.

1193 days ago


"andyconda 4 minutes ago
but it is one big party the cops dont mess with you. i got to northern cali for reggae on the river and its the same way one big party."


But Lindsay isn't just another strange face in the crowd. She's an easy target for anyone who wants to make trouble for her or a name for themselves Her "Q factor" now is now 80% name recognition and overwhelmingly negative. Lindsay can truly trust no one. Not her parents. Not the authorities. Not the public. Not her friends. Not even medical institutions like Betty Ford Clinic. Everyone has been out to use her from a very young age and no one who matters has ever been honest with her about anything. you haters have no idea what it's like to walk a day in Lindsay's world. It must suck. If any of you had to deal with her life you would be off on a crack binge like Brooke Mueller. Who are you to judge? To demand she act like a role model? And even bitch and whine that she gives "recovering" drug addicts like youself a bad image (yeah i'm looking at you Suze)! lmfao

1193 days ago


She's going to be one helluva mess, more so, come Friday.

1193 days ago


puckett you are dead right she should trust no body. that is sad but she did it to her self sorry she screwed up so many times. beer run

1193 days ago


That hasn't A thing to do with They can sell there merchandise for what ever the Market will bare !

1193 days ago


Puckett, discussing Davey Boy's terminal illness yesterday: "Well it turns out that lifetime was shorter then he thought it was going to be... rut roh!"

That's a direct quote from your archive.

You can run, but you can't hide from the pure lowlife filth that you are.
Call me a liar again, spin that, you worthless piece of horsedung.

1193 days ago


"Bye... but i can't say i'll miss you given the crap you've been spewing on TMZ."

1193 days ago


Come on, TMZ. Use your noggins. Do you know ANYTHING at all about commerce? Or the judicial system? When a person is arrested for theft, the value of the item is based on what it is sold for, not what the distributor or the boutique paid for it. DUH. Everyone who sells things marks them up. If I steal a car from a dealership, the value they place on what I stole is based on the sticker price, NOT the cost of producing the item.

TMZ, you should stop while you are ahead. Otherwise you just end up looking like idiots.

1193 days ago


Not how it works but of course you trolls know this. You people at TMZ are so transparent.

1193 days ago


Stealing is Stealing..But it sounds like a few people think it is OK to steal, let the next guy pay. I thought the offer was for less to buy it along with the Ring she was going to buy. She had to walk off with it and not bother returning it,then lied about taking it.
I have bought from that store before, but because I am not a celebrity, I had to pay for it. If I did not like the price I had a choice to pay for it or leave. She choose the 3rd Choice.
Who out there would like to be in the shoes of the Store owner to have someone steal from you, no matter how famous they were..

1193 days ago


lets go Mets

cycle III

1193 days ago
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