TMZ Live: The Head Shave Bet - Locks of Luck, Gents!

4/14/2011 3:00 PM PDT
The wager is on .... and come Monday, the marker is due ... will Charles shave Harvey's assistant's wavy locks ... or will Harvey's assistant, Tyler, take the scissors to Charles' beloved dreads?!?! Oh, it's happening folks ... we're just waiting on the baseball score that'll determine the outcome ... stay tuned. Dum, dum, dummmm.

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(0:55) Yeah ... Prince von Ahole says he's gonna have a kid.
(1:50) Two soaps were canceled -- and Shevonne is devastated. No really ... she's devastated ... and we have the video to prove it.
(5:10) Kobe Bryant's $100k fine -- too much or too little?
(8:10) Breaking news -- Charlie's attorney Marty Singer is calling BS on Warner Bros! Singer says Sheen HAS been in talks to come back to "Two and a Half Men."
(12:10) Major argument breaks out -- were Harvey's comments about our staff insults ... or compliments?
(15:30) Harvey breaks down what he said ... person by person.
(19:05) Max thinks the staff made Harvey ... not the other way around.
(24:50) How did the paparazzi who sued Sean Penn afford a big-time lawyer?
(28:10) Twitter questions ... about "Pop Salad", the abuse Harvey takes from the staff, Wayne Rooney vs. Kobe Bryant, and the awesome TMZ Bus Tour!
(36:10) Is Zsa Zsa Gabor too old to be a mom ... legally?
(39:30) Tyler just made a HUGE BET with Charles ... if the Orioles beat the Yankees ... Charles has to cut off one of his dreads.  But ... if they lose ... Tyler shaves his head.