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Brooke Mueller:

I Will NOT

Take a Drug Test!

4/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just refused to submit to a drug test ... TMZ has learned.

As we have been reporting, multiple sources tell us Brooke has fallen off the wagon and has been out of control over the last few days.  We posted a surveillance video from an Inglewood pawn shop yesterday showing a very jumpy Brooke trying to pawn a watch and a stereo.

Under her custody settlement agreement with Charlie Sheen, Brooke is required to submit to drug testing.  A test was scheduled for 6 PM PDT today.  We're told the people conducting the test came to her home but Brooke's lawyer -- Ron Rale -- who was present, told them she would not take the test.

Under the settlement, a refusal is considered a dirty test.

It's unclear what Charlie and his lawyer will do now.


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How is that reality show with Paris working out for you Brooke...did the cameras go with you to Inglewood?

Frankly I don't find her pretty, too witchy looking.

1230 days ago


Sad :( I hope those boys grow up alright.

1230 days ago


Please leave me alone I have a Master's degree in counseling I don't need your assistance. I am speaking to Carlos.

1230 days ago


Those poor twins are genetic failures. Never had a f'n chance.

Save the children, spay or neuter a drug addict today.

1230 days ago


P!mp Down! P!mp Down!

1230 days ago

Deb Colorado    

Derek...All true. And I love my brother and that is why I intervened. Will not apologize for that. Was worth it too. He is doing well.

1230 days ago

January Jonez    

Deb Colorado 29 minutes ago:

We are all responsible for our lives and the choices we make. Has nothing to do with any gender. I don't judge her either. She obviously has an addiction problem and needs to get help. I only hope the best for her and Charlie as well. Those kids deserve the best from both of their parents. Addiction is an insideous thing and a disease. What is more important to these folks...their drugs or their kids. They have to make the choice to get help and stay drug free for the rest of their lives for those babies or lose them.


Excellent analysis..And very thoughtful -

1230 days ago



Well said. Both you and Deb understand the suffering addict.
Much respect.:)

1230 days ago


Deb, shut your face. You will speak only when I grant you permission.

1230 days ago


JS.... WOW... way to care about the children's welfare and spoken like a true enabler!!! I would truly like to see this woman get help and straighten her life out, but you seem to be more concerned about her suffering the loss of her children, than the children's own safety and welfare. Dear Lord, your statement; " even if she smoked crack every breathing minute she was gone, it does not constitute having her children taken away " shows a total lack of understanding in regard to the responsibilities associated with good parenting. This woman is obviously making terrible choices in her life, choices that are detrimental to her, as well as to her children. A good parent simply doesn't drop the children off with Grandma and disappear for days. Do you not understand the emotional suffering these children are put through at the hands of both of their parents? Maybe you should take a moment to consider the fear and loneliness children of substance abusers feel and how it will affect them for the rest of their lives. Then, weigh the needs of the fragile young lives of these children against the abilities of their thoughtless, self-absorbed, drug & alcohol dependent parent's ability to nuture them as healthy loving parents. Personally, I don't believe either parent is drug or alcohol free, nor do I feel either parent shows the loving compassion and understanding required to raise a healthy child. As such, I don't believe either parent should be allowed unsupervised visits with their children. Fact is, Charlie himself is victim of the way too liberal, unstructed, parenting of a self-obsessed, substance and relational abuser. It's time for people like you to stop viewing children as the " property " of unfit parents and understand the priority of good parenting and healthy children!!!

1230 days ago


What a ****ing douche handbag.

1230 days ago


This makes me so mad. I only have one ovary and suffer from infertility. I have one child, and I appreciate her everyday, and make sure that I am the best mom to her. I would do anything to make sure she lives a good life, I even served in Iraq to do that. Brooke has two awesome kids, and she only cares about herself. Everyone knows she guilty, and she is going to try to go around the drug test through lawyers, and those kids are going to have a crappy mom. This is freakin rediculous.

1230 days ago

Jim in Cali    

HAHA who's winning now Charlie haters?

Time to take the kids away from this coked out whore. Charlie and the goddesses can take of the children better than Brooke.

Do the right thing judge.

1230 days ago


Family, either Brooke's or Charlie's, needs to step up and take those children...legally...and then let Charlie and Brooke twist in the wind.

1230 days ago


Best questions; was she there?
Can lawyer speak for her if there.
Can lawyer speak for her if NOT there.

Anyone looking for her? She maybe missing to lawyer and family and friends.

1230 days ago
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