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Brooke Mueller -- Mandatory Drug Test In 4 Hours

4/15/2011 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has 4 hours to resurface ... because TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's ex has been scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 PM TONIGHT ... and her child custody arrangement hangs in the balance.

Brooke Mueller Drug Test

As we first reported, Charlie and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement earlier this year.

Several of Brooke's friends tell us ... they fear Brooke has fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared.

FYI -- if Brooke blows off the drug test, the testing facility will report it as a dirty test by default.

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If she tests dirty, knowing full well random drug tests can be taken at any time, she deserves to lose the priveledge of being around her kids.

1290 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

They should have been on her doorstep the second they heard about her pawn shop visit. Chances are whatever garbage was in her system will be out by the time they take the test, with the exception of the herbal garbage which takes 30 days. The kids will probably end up being raised by their grandparents.

1290 days ago


Weird!!..f dem both!

1290 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Way to go Charlie. I bet you have been making so many threats to her indirectly that now she is on the edge. Charlie I hope you are happy that you are helping destroy her life. I feel bad for Bob and Max maybe they should live with Denise. Denise holds it all really well with Sam and Lola.

1290 days ago


All she needs to do is get the person pissing for Charlie on his rigged u.a ..

California Child Protective Services

Please get some stable/permanent loving caring custodians for these warlock children and save them from the cycle of abuse and ultimate Ruin...

1290 days ago


BEFORE you all go on talking trash....lets remember this is the same crazy woman who made up claims that charlie hit her and was on drugs in order to have police go into his home at the wee hours and take his kids away....the same woman who told everyone how she was sober and charlie was an addict...well charlie has kept up with his drug tests and well as not only CREATING his own employment with this show...but by also showing up sober and doing his entire routine...(wether you think it was good or not is irrevelent), the man is out going across the country making his own money out of nothing....if thats not a GOOD parent..then Im not sure what is...he provides everything to those kids

1290 days ago


Sad. Always hits the kids. When is Sheen due for his.

1290 days ago


@ andy...Brooke Mueller was an addict BEFORE getting with Charlie Sheen!!! & it was after they hooked up that HE fell off the wagon....who are you & her going to blame this latest binge by her??? Her nor her mother deserve to have those kids & yes I say give both her & Charlie hair tests!!!

1290 days ago


Hello Chaz ,

Great Job in here last week

1 down ???? to GO....

1290 days ago


andy 11 minutes ago

Brooke probably became an addict from "second hand inhalation" while being associated with Charlie. Those poor kids don't have a realistic chance with either of these two. NICE . . .


From stories I have read online she has been an addict since she was in her teens, and has been sent to rehab more than once. So I don't think that is Charlie's fault.

1290 days ago


So far, this is not looking good for Brooke.

1290 days ago



Lets also remember Charlie has been doing this **** for over 30 years now and has beat MANY women and has done the same thing to all his EX's. Denise ring a bell? let me guess she is lieing too.

As for Charlie... he has had one drug test so big deal. He also got Dr's to write him scripts like everyone else in Hollywood. So he just takes aderal and oxy rather than coke now. Big deal.. **** if a Dr ok's it he can smoke weed and pass a drug test.

Sorry Charlie is not drug free and not any better with those kids than her or her mom. The state would yank the kids from both of them if they didn't have the money they have to fight it.

1290 days ago


How long does it take to get a bladder transplant?

1290 days ago


lol she's gonna wait till the last second, testing herself repeatedly, hoping she can still meet the deadline.

Well played Charlie. You gave her enough rope to hang herself and by the looks of it she's done just that. Now get Marty Singer on the case and get your kids back, full custody! :)

1290 days ago


who dat 11 minutes ago
mike is an near idiot. Every time he speaks, his arms flail around like his feeble mind is frustrated. Stop putting him on cam, we don't want him.

I like Mike so you do not speak for me. Was there a vote somewhere that I missed?

1290 days ago
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