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Brooke Mueller -- Mandatory Drug Test In 4 Hours

4/15/2011 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has 4 hours to resurface ... because TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's ex has been scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 PM TONIGHT ... and her child custody arrangement hangs in the balance.

Brooke Mueller Drug Test

As we first reported, Charlie and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement earlier this year.

Several of Brooke's friends tell us ... they fear Brooke has fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared.

FYI -- if Brooke blows off the drug test, the testing facility will report it as a dirty test by default.

Story developing ...


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What are you crazy?!?! You blame charlie cause this chick is a drug addict?!?! R u on drugs too?!?! Do you blame the father of the kids who were MURDERED by their MOTHER 2 days ago when she drove them into the Hudson river in New York, only 1 was able to escape?? DO u blame him for her actions too? When a man snaps and does something crazy everyone wants to throw the book at him...never do we say...what a poor person..poor guy someone should have helped him before it got too wants him 2 burn in hell.... Your nuts, noone is ever responsible for their own actions anymore....your probably a lousy parent too...passing the buck on to the next guy....TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELVES...dont blame others...Charlie was giving brook 50k a months on top of MILLIONS in a settlement...and she couldnt stay sober....if MILLIONS of dollars isnt enough for you to get sober....THEN NOTHING IS!!!!!!!

1250 days ago


@et2011 Charlie has been using since before Farris Buller was out. He never has stopped and thats bull**** he blames anyone for something he does himself.

1250 days ago


Well hopefully her mom will get custody...

1250 days ago


the poor kids...neither parent should be lucky enough to have them until they honestly get their act together.

1250 days ago


Let Denise have custody. Brooke's mother seems in denial, Charlie is 5150 & can't even take care of a dog. Denise seems to be the best one even tho they're not her kids.

1250 days ago


Thank god those kids are too young to understand all this.

1250 days ago


This woman loves attention too much to disappear. Just tell her where the TMZ camera is gonna be and she'll show up!

1250 days ago


Who would have thought the goddesses would be the better parents for these two children. Why doesn't Martin Sheen or a relative from that side step up.

1250 days ago


The most fit parent for all the kids? Denise Richards. I mean, look at our CHOICES!

1250 days ago


She will lose the kids, its a given.

1250 days ago


haha, Radaronline has the better story...

""Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's soon-to-be-ex-wife, allegedly bought cocaine at a street corner in gang-infested neighborhood of Inglewood, Calif., Thursday, several sources told

The troubled mother of Sheen's 2-year-old twins paid $150 for an 8-ball of crack cocaine, a neighborhood drug dealer told ROL.

Moments earlier, she tried to hock an expensive watch in a pawnshop, Inglewood Jewelry and Loan, across Market Street.

"Man, I ain't never seen some **** like that, a cute a** white b**** looking for some candy on these streets," said a man who identified himself as T-Mac.

He recognized Mueller on a photo that didn't identify her by name. He seemed to have no clue about her relationship with the former Two and a Half Men star.

"I was posted up across the street from the pawn shop and, when she got into her Benz, she asked me if I knew where she could get a bump," T-Mac added. "At first, I thought she was po-po, you feel me, but she told me she just wanted to get high. So I went for it.

"We got in her ride, bent a corner, and I hooked her a** up with 8-ball for a buck fifty and told her if she liked it, to come see me again."

Mueller indeed drives a black Mercedes S-Class, which she was given as part of a pre-divorce settlement.

Friend's of the oft-rehabbed Florida native Mueller's believe she is on a world-class bender since Tuesday night.

"Brooke is having a full-fledged crack relapse," said a source close to Mueller. "Her lawyer has been trying to reach her, to no avail. Brooke has 3-4 friends that are big-time party animals, and they came over the her Los Feliz mansion, picked her up, and she hasn't been seen since."

Brooke's mom, Palm Beach, Fla., socialite Moira Fiore, has been taking care of the boys since Tuesday.

Both Mueller and Sheen are supposed to be randomly tested three times a month. If either fails, each could lose custody of sons Max and Bob.

Neither Sheen's attorney, Mark Gross, nor Mueller's attorney, Lori Howe, returned calls for comment.""

1250 days ago


by looking at that video they showed of her in the pawn shop...the bitch was whacked outta her mind.........shes just as bad as charlie.........low life druggie bitch with kids!

1249 days ago


They better watch her when she pees. She may be sneaking in someone elses...

1249 days ago


What Charlie and Brooke are about to discover is that ANYONE can tell a story about what these two have done and nobody would question it.

Charlie hangs out with dealers, hookers and porn stars and Brooke hangs out with pretty much the same. ANYONE can come up with any kind of statement and there is no way to prove it but more importantly, either Charlie or Brooke can or will question it because they are so f-cked up.

Whatever happens from this point out is just a free for all. Charlie is f-cked and Brooke is an unfit mother with a bad habit. Who is going to believe anything they say.

The state should take away their kids and write off these two for dead.

1249 days ago


I hope she hasn't fallen off the wagon. If so the kids will be the losers either way (hell they may be losers even if she hasn't fallen off).

In the past I've viewed her as the lessor of 2 evils.....

1249 days ago
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