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Brooke Mueller -- Mandatory Drug Test In 4 Hours

4/15/2011 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller has 4 hours to resurface ... because TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's ex has been scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 PM TONIGHT ... and her child custody arrangement hangs in the balance.

Brooke Mueller Drug Test

As we first reported, Charlie and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement earlier this year.

Several of Brooke's friends tell us ... they fear Brooke has fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared.

FYI -- if Brooke blows off the drug test, the testing facility will report it as a dirty test by default.

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AJLind about an hour ago *** This is good. She is no mother. And her enabler - er, I mean her mother - is no mother either with spawn like Brooke. Now I'm going to Marino's Ristorante for Pasta Vongole and I don't have to pawn a watch or stereo to go. ***

You watch too much pasta paradise on food network.

1289 days ago


whoops meant pasta paradise on travel channel ajlind

1289 days ago


Hasn't Lindsay taught us that testing dirty means nothing?.. even when on probation a dirty test is just a dirty test.. no real consequences. Or is that just when it comes to Lindsay's dirty tests?

1289 days ago


Radar has posted an interview with a crack dealer in Inglewood who claims to have sold her an 8ball outside the pawn shop.

Maybe she's on her way to Coachella to party.

1289 days ago


they need to give Charlie a random mandatory crazy test and see if he passes that

1289 days ago


Just Sad.

1289 days ago


Someone needs to take her babies and keep them until she wakes up and get clean. Where is her mother or father-in-law?

1289 days ago


Too bad Martin Sheen and his wife haven't stepped up and in to get custody of those children. Quite frankly, they'd be better off with Martin or even one of Charlie's siblings than these crackpots.

1289 days ago


If what I have been reading on ROL is true(why don't you have that story TMZ)Brooke is a done deal. There would be no way she would show up at 6PM with clean urine and if she did they would know the urine is not hers.

I find it so strange we would have a blow by blow account of what she Inglewood in a pawn shop, who she bought drugs from, how much she bought, what time she bought them and even the name of the dope dealer who got it for her. Since when do dope dealers identify themselves?

I know she was a druggie but I thought Brooke was really trying to get herself together for the sake of her kids. I wonder if Charlie or one of his bimbos harass Brooke to the point that it drove her act this reckless?

Oh well, Brooke blew it big time. I just hope Charlie don't get the boys either.

1289 days ago


In that other article, her mom says she knows where she is so she'll probably show last minute. Maybe she's taking a nap.

1289 days ago


D (less than a minute ago)

In my day we called it passed out. Its cool that you are looking at the situation positively though. I really hope she doesn't lose her boys.

1289 days ago


I see Charlie has his "yes" men/women on here trying to make us believe Charlie is the better parent. For all of us who have been following Charlie since day one those comments are falling on deaf ears.

We are not saying Brooke is the best parent but WE SURE AS HELL KNOW CHARLIE IS NOT. LOL.

1289 days ago


GET OVER IT about an hour ago

BEFORE you all go on talking trash....lets remember this is the same crazy woman who made up claims that charlie hit her and was on drugs in order to have police go into his home at the wee hours and take his kids away....the same woman who told everyone how she was sober and charlie was an addict...well charlie has kept up with his drug tests and well as not only CREATING his own employment with this show...but by also showing up sober and doing his entire routine...(wether you think it was good or not is irrevelent), the man is out going across the country making his own money out of nothing....if thats not a GOOD parent..then Im not sure what is...he provides everything to those kids


Exactly. Charlie is keeping his end of the custody bargain. Now let's get Brooke to prove that so is she.
Brooke Mueller is a woman who lost credibilty for me when she decided to fly to Bahamas with Charlie after he supposedly abused her and tried to kill her with a knife.



So where is the proof that he was beating up MANY WOMEN? LOL!
And YES, Denise is far from credible as well, considering she was defending her "abuser" on TV.

1289 days ago


Derek 4 minutes ago

I love seeing these selfish gold digging bitches get what's coming to them.

You stupid suckers are still believing all the lies she told about Charlie, even when it's right in front of your face that she is an out of control, lying addict.

Is it that hard for you neofeminist sexist bitches to accept that THE MAN is right and cares for his family and THE WOMAN is a selfish lying tramp who cares only about herself and loves drugs more than her children?


They believe not only THEM, but everything that gossip sites write, without waiting for some sort of FACTS.
And seriously...who in their right mind would believe someone like Capri Anderson The New York Hooker? LMAO!

1289 days ago


Googie about an hour ago

Let Denise have custody. Brooke's mother seems in denial, Charlie is 5150 & can't even take care of a dog. Denise seems to be the best one even tho they're not her kids.


Good grief...LMAO!!!!

1289 days ago
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