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'Idol' Finalist -- Saved By REAL Judge After Arrest

4/15/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Jacob Lusk threw himself at the mercy of a court back in November -- begging a judge to end his probation from a 2009 arrest so he could compete on "A.I." ... TMZ has learned.


It all started back in February 2009 -- when cops cited Jacob for riding on an L.A. metro train without buying a ticket. Jacob blew off his court hearing and an arrest warrant was issued.

Fast forward to Nov. 2010 -- a day after Jacob auditioned for "Idol" and got his golden ticket to Hollywood -- Lusk was pulled over for a traffic stop. The cop discovered the warrant and arrested him.

Jacob went to jail and then to court the next day and pled no contest to the train-hopping charge.  He was sentenced to 3 days in jail and 2 years probation.

Jacob served his time and then went back to court, telling the judge "Idol" wouldn't let him on the show if he was on probation.  After his emotional plea, the merciful judge terminated his probation.

Fun Fact -- On night one in the pokey, Jacob sang to 170 inmates, who liked it a lot.  Thing is, the guard wasn't a fan, screaming through the loud speaker, "This isn't a f**king singing contest."

Undaunted, we're told Lusk sang over the next day-and-a-half, preparing for "Idol."  And on his last day, Lusk sang a farewell song, and another guard went on the loud speaker and said it was "bad ass!"

UPDATE: Lusk tweeted this morning, "I've been through a whole lot more than folks would know in this lifetime...BUT GOD has KEPT ME...and I am so thankful! Be blessed!"


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Sociopaths are Sad    

All these people complaining about "justice": The justice is that loser Lohan, Sheen, etc...all had HIGH PRICED LAWYERS who took care of it for them. In addition, the celeb losers spent A LOT OF TIME IN COURT to try and get rid of the charges. So TIME & MONEY = not having to spend any time in jail. But only sometimes - if you are lucky. Sounds pretty fair to me.

Look at it another way: If given the chance to get 50k and live an extra 3 months of your life and all you had to do in exchange was spend 3 days in jail and some probation...would you do it? I think most people would. Celebs really aren't very smart...just narcissistic.

1256 days ago


the point isn't him getting a raw deal and having to spend time in jail...the point is - this is a guy whose "moral fiber" didn't want him to sing a Marvin Gaye song yet he feels it's hunky dory to STEAL a train ride and SKIP a court appearance. If you don't have money to take the train - walk. If you don't show up for a court appearance - spend time in jail.

1256 days ago

Clone Wars    

How this guy continues on amazes me. What a terrible voice. Too bad rod stewart went home last night.

1256 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

this guy sings too annoying and he does his mouth like bubba gump.

1256 days ago


Just another LA thug.

1256 days ago

Melissa Dilan    

Well, I would certainly look back at his history. Was that the first time he had been cited? Was that the first time he had been arrested? Is this a pattern he had been drawing through the past several years? That's how we can get a better picture of this to my understading. So did the judge really terminate his probation because of American Idol, because he didn't have any history, or because he thought it was actually too much? There are so many things to look at. Good day!

1256 days ago


WTF really three days in jail and 2yrs probation for not having a ticket on the subway??? REALLY??? Arrest for THAT, jail for THAT?? Considering all the bullsheet that the likes of Lindsay and Charlie do and this poor kid is actually arrested and served 3 days in jail.. plus a 2yr probation for not having a subway ticket. So disgusted right now at our legal system, if you are rich or well connected you can do whatever you want.

1256 days ago


Jacob presents himself as morally superior - ie. he couldn't perform "Let's Get It On" because it "wasn't him" yet, he could pelvic thrust over top during "Man In The Mirror" - how uncool and phony is that? Paul is a mini Rod Stewart and lovable, but the majority of the voting public are probably too young to really appreciate him. Just get Stephano outta there already - seems like a nice kid, but so does NOT have IT. Haley needs to go - seems to try too hard while performing yet, has an I don't give a s*** attitude when she's finished (plus Pia would love it after that catty grin when she lost!) Casey Abrams is just nothing short of genius and made THE most ballsy move ever on AI this week - SO true to himself, but again, the younger voters probably don't appreciate him enough. Top three (hopefully) James in third spot - he's great, but an America that seems to look for perfection might not be able to get past the tics. Scotty - he's good enough, that segment of voters that "overvote" will probably keep him at number two. Lauren is just terrific. Think she appeals to an across the board group. Plus, Miley Cyrus (who pales in comparison - Jimmy was SO right) is ready to shed her Hanna Montana persona (and seems SO ungrateful for it - without it, she would still be in a holler somewhere). Lauren is young enough to step right into the role - cute as a button, great name, sings beautifully and definitely has IT.

1256 days ago


Holy crap! I bet they threw the book at him because he is black. If it had been a white chick or white guy, they probably would have had a fine or something...and before people start bitching about the race card, I am white; I just find the discrepancy in the justice system to be glaring sometimes.

1256 days ago


Jesus Christ. You Americans throw people in jails for nothing.

1256 days ago


SO WHAT?????????!!!!!!!!!!???????

1256 days ago


Everytime I see that annoying guy I think of Professor Klumps Mom " Hercules Hercules Hurcules"

1256 days ago


Nothing better than a good prison story to start my day!

1256 days ago


We know where his votes come from.

1256 days ago


all you fn idiots are not actually reading the story! he was not arrested for skipping out on a train fare, he was given a summons!!! get it? he was arrested for a warrant for not paying his fine and not showing up to court!!! get it? automatic warrant issued for arrest!!! get it now?

1256 days ago
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