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'Idol' Finalist -- Saved By REAL Judge After Arrest

4/15/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Jacob Lusk threw himself at the mercy of a court back in November -- begging a judge to end his probation from a 2009 arrest so he could compete on "A.I." ... TMZ has learned.


It all started back in February 2009 -- when cops cited Jacob for riding on an L.A. metro train without buying a ticket. Jacob blew off his court hearing and an arrest warrant was issued.

Fast forward to Nov. 2010 -- a day after Jacob auditioned for "Idol" and got his golden ticket to Hollywood -- Lusk was pulled over for a traffic stop. The cop discovered the warrant and arrested him.

Jacob went to jail and then to court the next day and pled no contest to the train-hopping charge.  He was sentenced to 3 days in jail and 2 years probation.

Jacob served his time and then went back to court, telling the judge "Idol" wouldn't let him on the show if he was on probation.  After his emotional plea, the merciful judge terminated his probation.

Fun Fact -- On night one in the pokey, Jacob sang to 170 inmates, who liked it a lot.  Thing is, the guard wasn't a fan, screaming through the loud speaker, "This isn't a f**king singing contest."

Undaunted, we're told Lusk sang over the next day-and-a-half, preparing for "Idol."  And on his last day, Lusk sang a farewell song, and another guard went on the loud speaker and said it was "bad ass!"

UPDATE: Lusk tweeted this morning, "I've been through a whole lot more than folks would know in this lifetime...BUT GOD has KEPT ME...and I am so thankful! Be blessed!"


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1234 days ago


Not a fan of this overly dramatic singer. The judicial system worked and let's hope he stays out of trouble !! One thing for sure he needs to keep his comments to himself and not turn off the voters!!!

1234 days ago


I don't think Jacob got that sentence for skipping his hearing. I think he got it because he has an attitude problem. Like when he told 24 million people to look in the mirror if they don't vote for him. They didn't vote for him because he can't sing. I hope he goes home tomorrow night.

1234 days ago


This young man no body knows what he has been going through. Sometimes it take you to learn from your mistakes to get you in the right direction. I will say that his voice is outstanding and also his apperance. I watch American Idol ever Wednesday and Thursday everyone is great, but for some reason Jacob when he sings he sends chills through my body, and he also sings from his heart. Even if he don't win maybe God will be watching over him and make someone hear is voice. I wish them all good luck and may the best person win.

1234 days ago

dave r    

ya bunch of tards. it's the same as stealing. bet you wouldn't be crying to let him off if it was you he stole from. but he stole from the city and should have been locked up longer than 3 days.

1234 days ago


Love Jacob's style. Just surprised about the train thing. He was young and made a bad judgement error. Who hasn't made some mistakes in their lives.

Go Jacob!!!!

1234 days ago


ok...this makes sense....overcrowded justice system and why? 3 days for this? Lohan, Sheen, Hilton...slaps on the wrist. And they say money doesnt talk and all are treated equal. I call bull****.

1234 days ago


TMZ has turned into a freaking redneck site. Everytime there is a picture of a black person you can be sure the comments section will be filled with flat out racist comments. It usually starts out with someone saying "here we go, they'll play the race card" meanwhile the black race as a whole is condemned because of some bonehead. Why is it when a black person does something wrong it somehow has reflects on the black community as a whole. You'll get people saying, typical N*****, what do you expect from a monkey, they all do that, yet when a guy like Charlie Sheen, Lohan, Hilton f u c k up you don't say what do you expect from whites, they're all like that...crap.
If you dare mention this and you think it's unfair then you're "playing the race card" as opposed to trying to make a valid point. If you think I'm making this up take a look through this site, they proof is in plain sight.
Whamo, I could not agree with you more and the sad part is, TMZ allow racist comments to remain on their board.

1234 days ago


Whats the point of this story? This young man is trying to better himself with a music career & your smear campaign is to destroy his hopes & dreams. Shame on you TMZ!

1234 days ago


Jumping a turnstile is grounds for a citation and fine at best. Jail and probation??? That's insane.

It wasn't the original charge that got him a weekend in jail. It was his NO SHOW at court. THAT'S what gets you in trouble. You can't just decide to blow off your court date without consequences. Did he think they'd just drop the whole thing??

1234 days ago


Racist remarks not cool, don't lump a community of people in with the actions of one. With that said, there is something aboat Jacob that annoys me or perhaps it's his holy remarks he uses to set himself above and to passively judge others. I think he's better suited as a choir director...but america has gotten it wrong in the past. Although, if he wins he'll be a splash in the pan like the other recent winners.

1234 days ago


What a tranny this guy is.

1234 days ago

what a beautiful day     

While Jacob is not one of my favorites on IDOL.
The law was too harsh on him and should go after the real criminals like the rapist, murderers, druggies, ect....

Jacob WILL get record deals. Good luck buddy.

1234 days ago


Let me get this straight. He didn't pay for his train ride.
He doesn't show up to court the first time. Has no disregard
for the law except some phony playacted oh please judge I
didn't mean it cause I want to go on A.I. This type of
verdict is the reason young people think they can get
away with anything.

1234 days ago


BS! I never did believe that phony humility and holier-than-thou attitude. He's done.

1234 days ago
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