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Fashion Icon Bijan Pakzad Dies

4/16/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous designer Bijan Pakzad died today in Los Angeles, this according to reports.

He suffered a stroke Thursday night and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medial Center.

Jimmy Delshad, former two-time mayor of Beverly Hills, confirmed the news via Twitter: "It is with sadness in my heart that I share the terrible news of Bijan passing away. May he rest in peace."

Bijan was a legend in the fashion and perfume biz and designed clothes for movie stars and world leaders. His Rodeo Drive boutique is known as the most expensive store in the world.


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Shocking News!!! My true condolences to his immediate family. Last time I took several family members visiting from Canada by his store in B.H. the receptionists told us we can't go in, we need to have an appointment to come in, then I saw him in the background and I waved at him, he was nice enough to come and let us in; he was very hospiable and I think he was a very humble man. He was proud to be Iranian. And I am saddend by his departure. However, we will be celebrating the life he lived.

1286 days ago


بیژن پاکزاد روحت شاد ای افتخار ایران و ایرانی

1286 days ago


djdavis: You took the words right out of my mouth. Congrats on your post - it is the truth! Bijan was known as a narcissistic Iranian in Beverly Hills. For those who believe I am a bigot, you are entitled to your opinion. To another poster in connection with Bijan's passing, let me tell you that my family can buy and sell Bijan ten fold (he reportedly grossed $70M/yr.). I'm 57 and have been retired (on my own success) since 1990. He was allegedly associated with various criminal enterprises. I cannot confirm that other than the fact that I was stupid enough to pay $350 for a necktie from his Rodeo Dr. store. The City of Beverly Hills have finally put the brakes on these Iranians, which have ruined our beautiful city by building these "Persian McMansions". For all you American-Iranians in B.H. can you say "bakshis". Rodeo Drive in B.H. will no longer have to look at his yellow Rolls Royces which only confirms the egocentricity of this guy...

1286 days ago


A another slippery, slimey Persian conman and literal snake oil salesman who built his financial empire upon the Los Angeles idiocracy. Sadly, he couldn't take more of his Persian cretins with him. Bijan - you won't be able to use your cologne in hell.

1286 days ago

Persian girl    

very sad news :(((((((((((((((
all Iranian were proud of him sooooooo much :((((

what a pitty

1286 days ago


I personally witnessed an incident where while a person was waiting for a suit to be altered, an associate ran it across the street to the "Rodeo Collection" to be done.

If your name appears on his widow, actually a very impressive list with the only name missing is Idi Amin, this means that you received FREE CLOTHES there.

1286 days ago

Brett Charles Neubig    

A connoisseur of quality, perfection and universal design excellence, Bijan was a genius marketer of perception and image for his men's couture, haute jewelry and a spectrum of award-winning fragrances. His lofty eminence and multi-billion dollar empire as the peerless purveyor of elegance and affluence, was uniquely forged in 1976 on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, by just three words, ‘by appointment only’, offering him unprecedented access to the greatest wealth of the world. Bijan was a treasure of enormous admiration and remarkable creative brilliance. As my friend for over 20 years, Bijan was wise and voraciously charming, possessing the daring innovation of a true pioneer. Bijan originated the embodiment of ‘luxury’ ahead of the world that had not even begun to understand the precise essence of the tenet. Bijan was a powerful leader knowing that what makes greatness is starting something that lives on after you. - Brett Charles Neubig

1286 days ago


Rest in peace Bijan.and shame on people who cant tolerate success of someone.its not important where he is from,its important that he reached his goals.and you;re just loser and jealous of're nothing. have mental probelms. idiots :))))) we're proud of him.

1286 days ago


Fashion world lost a real legend.
As an Iranian, I will always be proud of him. God bless his peaceful soul.

1286 days ago


to that... : Persians assimilate you !

1286 days ago


Persians assimilate you !

1286 days ago


We are all shocked and sad.. You are always in our mind and people all around the world. A Persian legend. R.I.P

1286 days ago

Art Lewin    

Sad day in our FASHION industry. Once mentor me in my Bespoke Suit biz... YOU WILL BE MISSED..

Art Lewin

1286 days ago


What made bijan cool was that he DIDN'T assimilate ( or should I say assimulate?! would think that a person who makes a comment on this page about assimilation would know how to spell that word!!! It's obvious he hasn't ASSIMILATED to the english speaking culture here!) Bijan was a true 80's icon. Now the 80's might be know as the decade of greed ( though to me it seems like nowadays there's even more greed than back then!) but it was the decade that I and a lot of other people grew up in and it was a much happier and time than now.. and Bijan represented that. He didn't have the HERD mentality like everyone else! Bijan was like the persian Versace( who just in case people don't remember, also didn't assimilate nor change his style..!) All designer clothes are overpriced not just his, but that's just the fact of the fashion business. It doesn't matter whether or not his stuff was overpriced or not. the fact is that he was a talented designer who made clothes with the best quality.. and his store was so far from being tacky..His store is much more nicely decorated than and has nicer works of art hanging on his wall than many other stores in BH. ..And it took a lot of perseverance and courage to get to where he was...Speaking of greed and status,don't think that all people who nowadays who drive hybrids and talk about being eco-friendly are really doing it because they really care and not because it's the latest trend or status symbol!

1286 days ago

Tracy Murdock    

I am the mother of 2 of Bijan's children; Nicolas and Alexandra. I was sitting with Nicolas tonight reading all the messages of support online and Nicolas, touched by all the comments remarked on how much they are helping him. And so I felt compelled to leave my own comment. I want to thank all those who have left messages of love and for all of your condolences. They are very much appreciated and helping us in this time of great loss and sorrow. As far as the venomous ones, they speak volumes of the kind of person who authors them. Bijan was an extraordinary and talented man. He was honorable with a heart of gold and the most amazing father and friend for 30 years. My children have lost their father much too soon.

1286 days ago
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